April 2003
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We would encourage everyone to become a POCA member, if you aren't already a member.  Your membership in the national club helps fund your local chapter.  You can download a membership application at  Please help our club grow.
Pending state Senate Bill 708 repeals the current pro-hobbyist exemption for vehicles 30 years and older and replaces it with an exemption for vehicles that are 45 or more model years old commencing January 1, 2005.  Please email/write your state senator to get this bill defeated.  See the following links.
Ammended Bill
April 5 Tech Session
On Saturday,  April  5, Rick Carlile hosted a CP tech session.  There must be a whole lot of mechanically perfect Panteras out there, since the turn out was low for this tech session.  Guess that all club cars are running perfectly or don't run well enough to get to the session?   Either way, there was only  a small group to take advantage of Rick's hospitality and BBQ. This might be a reflection of the number of CP members who will be driving to Las Vegas at the end of the month.
April 6 - Solano College Car Exhibit
The threatening, windy, and cold weather affected the crowd at Solano College on Sunday afternoon.  Capitol Panteras was represented by Dennis Gacutan and Jim & Emilia Seiferling.  They were the only Italian cars present for the exhibit. We out numbered the domestic cars two to one!  We were provided a free Solano College hat and a thank you BBQ luncheon.  This was an open house for prospective students and parents.  The cars were to help draw the crowd to the center of the campus. The school will be doing this again in the future, but on alternating years, due to cost factors.

The April CP meeting was held out on the patio at Mimi's.  The weather was very pleasant.  So the time has come to try and bring the Panteras to the meeting.  The next meeting at Mimi's will be Tuesday, June 10.
The new Go Kart place, RPM, at Bradshaw & 50 will be the location of the May CP meeting on Tuesday, May 13, instead of Mimi's.  Rick  Moseley is working out the details of the evening.  The cost will be between $40-50 per person, maybe lower if Rick has enough interested people.  So get set to go karting in May!  Details to be e-mailed as they develop.
Rick Moseley brought, as his guest, his friend Ardis Bow.  She is a graphic designer .  She will be helping us with the development of the new club logo. Thank you, Ardis, for bringing order to our chaos. Those members not at the meeting missed the début of John McNamee's latest Pantera shirt.  It was a limited production run of two shirts.  John and Glenn Cramer were perfect models, straight from the pages of GQ, driving up in Glenn's Ferrari.  It would be a great shirt to wear in Las Vegas, Reno, or Monterey!  Hint Hint!
Jim & Emilia Seiferling will be representing CP at the POCA Fun Rally , Las Vegas.  This year will celebrate the 30 year anniversary of POCA.  Special attendee will be Tom Tjaarda.  There will be a big raffle at the Saturday night banquet.  I think every member should buy some tickets.  Let us know and we will buy them for you and arrange to get your prize home. 
The June 21 CP drive to Villa Tuscano Winery is developing into more than just a lunch outing!  We will be meeting at John McNamee's house at 11:30 am, then form a convoy to Villa Tuscano Winery.  Lunch will be about 12:30 pm.  Then we will be off on a tour to be worked out by John McNamee and Harley & Michelle Hubbell.   We will then return to John's home for a BBQ.  So everyone can start thinking about who will be the designated driver for the day.  Maybe a coin toss would be a fair system?  The winery will "cone off" parking for us.  So gas up the Pantera (or other go fast car) to be ready for the outing.
Concorso Italiano is approaching sooner than you realize. It should be a wonderful weekend of cars!  PCNC usually has a few rooms available at the Los Laurels Lodge for other Pantera people.  But the number is limited and is going fast.  Carl has the details on who to contact for room availability.  Contact Carl for details, .  We thank PCNC for their efforts in making this a great Pantera event!
The weekend at Bodega Bay has two couples, besides John Worsley, set to go.  There is space for more people.  Please contact John ASAP  for details and to reserve a spot.  September 12-13.  John has a lot of fun ideas for things to do that weekend.
Everyone is reminded to check out the links below for up coming events.  Most of the items were mentioned at length in earlier newsletters, so that you could mark your calendars early.  Those longer articles will not be reprinted in the current newsletters, only shorter reminders, updates or changes.
During the week of March 23rd., Emilia and I were in Beijing and Shanghai, China.  Traffic there was unbelievable!!  The drivers in New York and Boston are meek and conservative by comparison.  This was the only exotic car we saw for the entire week. It is a Mitsubishi 3000 GT. Guess that makes it a genuine "rice rocket". There is little or no opportunity to drive this car to its full potential.
April 23 -27 - POCA Las Vegas
May 13 - CP Meeting at RPM Go Kart Track.
May 31 - June 1- Wine Country Classic-Vintage Races-Sears Point
June 4-8 - Reno/Tahoe Pantera Fun Weekend-in Reno, at Harrah's. 
June 6-7 - Lost Coast Falcon Club Regional Meet @ The Radisson near Cal Expo (meet Mike Wilwerding)
June 8 - Shriner's Hospital Concours d'Elegance- Sacramento
June 15- PCNC -King of The Castle-Father's Day  at Ledson Winery, Sonoma
June 21 - CP Driving tour to Villa Tuscano Winery 
August 15 - Concorso Italiano
August 16-17 - Monterey Historic Races
August 29-31 - Shelby Mini-Nats-Sears Point
Sept 12-13- Bodega Bay Weekend - John Worsley , Chairman
Sept 21 - Chico - Concours d'Elegance
Suggestions for other activities in the coming year include;
Blackhawk Museum in Danville
Winchester Mystery House, w/DeLorean club.
Golf/Lunch in Farmington - at JB Golf
Sporting Clays/Lunch at Birds Landing (near Rio Vista).  Great Pantera back road getting there!!
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.  If you use the "reply" button, please delete all the text and photos below your message.  If you don't, a copy of the newsletter will be returned to us, thus making for a very long download time.  Help conserve internet bandwidth.  Thank you.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Pantera #1575