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April 2019 Newsletter


Blackhawk Museum Events

“The Goodwood Story”

Danville Community Band

Indigenous Reptiles of California

By Jim & Emilia Seiferling

All of these lectures are free, included with your Blackhawk Museum membership.


The first lecture in the Blackhawk Museum speaker series 2019 was the History of Goodwood.  The speaker was Harry Sherrard.  Harry has a 30 year association with Goodwood and was also a demonstration driver for Aston Martin.  He presented the entire history of Goodwood, starting in the year 1697.  Goodwood was also a RAF base in WWII and is now know for the Goodwood Revival and the Festival of Speed.


The Danville Community Band has been putting on concerts at Blackhawk for a number of years.  As in their name, members are from many different professions, not with music.  This concert theme was music from the movies and was very enjoyable.


The last talk was on “Indigenous Reptiles of California”.  The speaker was Ken McCloud. He is an expert in herpetology, starting from a very young age.  He is one of the foremost experts in this field in the United States, and has lectured for federal agencies, medical staffs, and as a teacher at the California Academy of Sciences and Steinhart Aquarium in Golden Gate Park.  He also brought live “critters” that the audience could handle.  The bottom line was; don’t touch them if you don’t know what you’re doing!



PCNC Pizza Lunch

March 30, 2019



This was the first nice clear day in a number of weeks and boy was everyone out on the freeways!  It didn’t help that this was the same day as the Good Guys Car Show in Pleasanton, with cars backed up for miles in the right lane.  Our normal exit off 680 at Mission Blvd to 880 was also backed up about a mile, so we aborted that exit and zig zagged on Scott Creek Rd over to the 880 freeway.  No problem and almost as quick as taking Mission Blvd without big traffic.  We arrived at Giovanni’s Pizzeria with 7 Panteras lined up on building wall.  We moved inside to the large private room in the restaurant.  At that point it was about half full, 20 people.  We seated ourselves next to a couple of PCNC members that we had not met before, Jeff and Dave. We had a lunch of pizza and salad and a special birthday cannoli, in honor or PCNC member Bret Santos.  By the time lunch had ended the room was full, with about 40 persons present.  We waited for a short business meeting to happen but it never occurred.  We expected to hear comments about the change in time and day for the monthly club meeting.  This Saturday noon meeting was an experiment to see if it might booster attendance since there is less traffic to get to the meeting and easier parking at the meeting.  In our view both of these goals were met.  It will be interesting to see how PCNC proceeds with this topic.  At the end of the meal, the group moved outside to the “car show” which now numbered 12 Panteras.  One of the Panteras present was #7114, our old Pantera, which now is cared for by Steve Liebenow.  Steve told Jim that it was only the second outing since he started freshening up the car,  Steve has gone through brakes, A/C, and installed the Corvette seats I included with the car, in place of the Recaro’s.  There’s still a number of “niggly” things do work on, but none that affect the road ability of the car.







7114, Steve, & Jim



April 9th Meeting Notes


This was our first meeting of 2019, with a rather meager attendance.  Those present were John & Beth Drago, George Potiris, Ken Montgomery, Rick Carlile, and Jim & Emilia Seiferling.  We had lots of talk about various subjects ranging from Burning Man to stories about Junior Wilson.  Rick regaled us about teaching his 12 year old grandson to drive (in a big empty parking lot).


Emilia gave a report on the PCNC pizza party, on Saturday March 30th at noon, in Sunnyvale.  They also have attendance problems at their evening meetings.  Rush hour traffic is a major problem, with both PCNC and Capitol Panteras.  With that in mind, we decided to change our May meeting to Saturday May 11th.  We will meet at the Strings parking lot (off Bradshaw) then caravan to Plymouth.  There we’ll have lunch at Marlene & Glen’s Diner (at the intersection of Hwy 49 & Shenandoah Rd) and wine tasting at Prospect Cellars on Main Street.  After Emilia and I got home and looked at a map, it makes sense for us to drive directly to Plymouth.  Therefore anyone in the east bay or west of us can meet at our house in Rio Vista and then we’ll caravan to Plymouth.  The distance from Rio Vista is 65 miles and about 1 hour 15 minutes.  The distance from Strings to Plymouth is 32 miles and 42 minutes.  Jim will collect an RSVP list for both departures from Strings and Rio Vista.  We don’t want to leave anyone behind, to travel solo.  Please RSVP, with your meeting point, as soon as you can.  The Strings meet up time is 10 AM.  The Rio Vista meet up time is 9:45 AM.  Departure is very shortly there after.


2019 Events Calendar

Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


To Aug 5            California Auto Museum; “Micro Cars”


April 14              Dreams & Drivers @ Exotic Motorsports Garage, West Sacramento

April 18              Cobra Museum movie night, Martinez

April 21               Dreams & Drivers @ Diamond Autosport, Sacramento

April 28              EuroSunday, Sacramento @ Fountains at Roseville

April 12-14        CSRG @ Sonoma

April 21              Dreams & Drivers @ Diamond Autosport, Sacramento

April 27              Speaker @ The Blackhawk; “Lewis and Clark Expedition”


May 3                Dreams & Drivers

May 3-5            CSRG @  Thunderhill

May 11              Capitol Panteras caravan to Plymouth.  This is the May meeting.

May 16              Dreams & Drivers, @ Barnburner, Rocklin

May 18              Speaker @ The Blackhawk, “Unearthing Ancient China: Stories about Terra Cotta Warriors and Beyond”

May 18-19        Shelby Club Spring Sprint @ Thunderhill

May 19              All British Car Show, Dixon Fairgrounds

May 19              Dreams & Drivers, New York Life, Elk Grove

May 26              EuroSunday, Sacramento @

May 30-June 2 Sonoma Speed Festival @ Sonoma Raceway

May 31              Cobra Museum movie night, Martinez


June 1         Speaker @ The Blackhawk, “The Transcontinental Railroad and the Chinese Workers”

June 5-9    POCA Fun Rally @ Reno

June 11     Capitol Panteras meeting at Strings

June 13     Dreams & Drivers, Beach Hut Deli, El Dorado Hills

June 23     EuroSunday, Sacramento @

June 23     Dreams & Drivers, Red Hawk Casino, Placerville


July 7          Dreams & Drivers, Niello Maserati, Sacramento

July 9        Capitol Panteras meeting at Strings

July 14      Shelby Club Picnic @ Cobra Museum, Martinez

July 21      Dreams & Drivers, Dutch Brothers Coffee, Granite Bay

July 25      Cobra Museum movie night, Martinez

July 28      EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Aug 3-4        Festa Italiana, Sacramento,

Aug 4           Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Budelli

Aug 3-4       Shelby Club Mini Nats @

Aug 10-11   Monterey Pre-Union, Laguna Seca

Aug 13        Capitol Panteras meeting at Strings

Aug 11        Dreams & Drivers, Milagro Centre, Carmichael

Aug 22        "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon. 

Aug 17        Concorso Italiano (Diamond Anniversary for DeTomaso)

Aug 15-18   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca

Aug 18        Pebble Beach Concours

Aug 25        EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Sept 10     Capitol Panteras meeting at Strings

                  (Nominations for club officers)

Sept 15    Dreams & Drivers, Arliegh Cigar Lounge, Folsom

Sept 22    EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Oct 4-6    CSRG Vintage Races @ Sonoma

Oct 6        Serrano Concourse

Oct 5?      California Auto Museum Car Cruise, Fulton Ave, Sacramento

Oct 5-6     Fall Classic, open track, Shelby Club @ Thunderhill

Oct 8       Capitol Panteras meeting at Strings

                 (Elections of club officers)

Oct 12      22nd Annual Car Show, Rio Vista

Oct 13       Italian Car Show, Alameda.

                  A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct ?        Car Show, Mustangs Plus, Stockton

Oct 24     Cobra Museum movie night, Martinez

Oct 27     EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Nov 1-3    CSRG Vintage Races @ Thunderhill

Nov 8        Cobra Museum movie night, Martinez

Nov 12    Capitol Panteras meeting at Strings

Nov 24     Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec ?       Capitol Panteras Christmas Party

Dec 7        Speaker @ The Blackhawk, “Brooklands”



Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras



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