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November 2019 Newsletter


Meeting Notes


There was no “formal meeting” this month; there was a group gathering at Rick’s shop. Rick provided pizza and those attending brought munchies salads, deserts and beverages.  For some people this was a first time visit to Rick’s garage.  It is the ideal “man cave” for a gear head.  We all thank Rick for hosting this event.  A good time was had by all who attended.


There was a brief discussion at the end about next year.  First everyone was reminded to sign up and pay for the Christmas party. The flier for the event is attached.  George offered to host a gathering at his house on a Saturday since the time to drive to a regular club meeting at rush hour on a weekday is so long. Our next meeting next year will be in April, date to be announced.


Several people used the app on their phones to compare travel time for the drive home.  George was 28 minutes, John McNamee was 42 minutes, and Jim won at 54 minutes.  Did anyone else have a longer drive time home?  These were all improved times over the drive, at rush hour, to get to the event!  Some people had drive times over 2 hours!  Is there any surprise that club attendance has been low the past couple of years. The weekend idea was well received.  Possible dates for weekend meetings will be investigated.  If anyone would like to host a gathering or arrange a drive and lunch event please contact President John.  This could be a remedy to driving in rush hour traffic and be fun at the same time.


The Christmas luncheon will be our final activity for this year.  The Capital Panteras will be dark until April 2020.  We hope to see many of you at the luncheon.  We would encourage you to make a day out of your drive to the Delta luncheon location in Isleton. You can explore the Isleton - Rio Vista area.  There are museums in Rio vista and Locke that can be visited.  There are also several  “artsy” shops in Rio Vista and Isleton.  Hopefully the weather will be crisp and bright in early December, and will be good weather for a drive in your Pantera.


Please see the attached Word file for our Christmas lunch information.







On January 1, 2020 (49 days from now) California Cap & Trade is going to cause gas taxes to go up by as much as 72 cents per gallon!

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2019 Events Calendar


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.


Nov 24     EuroSunday, Sacramento, 8 am @ California Automobile Museum, 2200 Front St


Dec 7       Capitol Panteras Christmas Party, 1pm lunch in Isleton

Dec 7       Speaker @ The Blackhawk Museum, “Brooklands”

Dec 14      PCNC Christmas Party


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras



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