April 2004
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Carl's new Mangusta
Story by Rick Moseley
Photos by John Worsley
This racing off-season found my Ferrari in for paint and Carl Stein's 66 Shelby prepped Trans AM car out for new headers.  We spent a few weekends finishing suspension updates on Carl's Pantera and found we had a bit of time on our hands.  So Carl decided we needed to start making some effort to find a motor for his other Trans AM racer, the 1984 Trans Am Champion Tom Gloy 7-Eleven Capri.  We made a trip to Livermore to drop off the motor we thought would be freshened only to find out it was toast.  So the search was on to find a new motor or at least parts of a motor.  Our search took us from Tom Dupart and Gary Roys, on the Detomaso forum, to Huffaker Engineering and many points in between.  This wasn't going to be easy.  One afternoon in mid March Carl called and spoke to another racer friend on the east coast.  Chris told Carl about a motor that may be available in Southern California and asked if we were anywhere near area code 530.  We are and asked him for a city, he said Auburn.   Chris was looking to buy a Trans AM Mustang driven in last year's events by George Nolte and asked if we would go check it out for him.  We agreed and headed out a few mornings later for Margraf Racing in Auburn, CA.   We arrived and were greeted by Bill Margraf himself and shown to the car.   Bill is the nicest guy and has the cleanest race shop you have ever seen.  Even the Bridgeport mill looked like it had a fresh coat wax.  In the middle of the shop sat the Mustang bodied Huffaker chassis we had come to see...  BUT, it was flanked on either side by something we had not expected, not one but both of the Qvale Mangustas that Kjell Qvale had commissioned for the 2000 Trans AM season to coincide with the launch of the Mangusta street cars. .  One car was built for and driven by Kjell's son Bruce and the other one Brian Simo drove to the 2000 Trans AM championship in its Tommy Bahama paint scheme.  Now between us we've seen used race cars before but these were not your normal used race cars.  These were in top condition and they were all for sale.  We looked the Mustang over for Chris but we really looked over the ex-Brian Simo Mangusta.  We left there knowing there was about to be an attack of fiscal insanity.  A few days later, the call was made and the deal was struck.  The 2000 Trans AM champion Qvale Mangusta, Huffaker chassis 99 001 was going to be in the hands of deTomaso enthusiasts, fitting.   The car was announced to the Capitol Pantera members at our April meeting and made its track debut with Carl Stein at the wheel this past weekend.   We had some issues getting the car ready to go out on the track on Friday, but a round of brake bleeding and some carburetor adjustments and she went out for her first laps.  Carl has not stopped smiling since....  neither have I.
Meeting Notes  April 13, 2004
We had 10 people at Mimi's for the April meeting of the Capitol Panteras. The group welcomed Richard Yasumoto, of Sacramento, and Danny Schacht, of Antioch,  as our newest paid POCA members. That brings our paid POCA  membership to 16. As the weather improves, we hope that the attendance improves as well.
Plans for the Brunch Run to Thunder Valley Casino are now set for Sunday, June 13.   We do know that the time for brunch will be at 11AM, when the Restaurant first opens.  The buffet is $16.99.  It is reported to be a wonderful buffet. There is a discount for those 55 and over.  John has arranged preferred parking for our group.  We will be the first car group to have a function at the casino!  We will meet at the Mimi's parking lot at 9:30 AM, leaving no later than 10 AM,  to caravan to Thunder Valley. Please mark your calendar now!
Treasurer John McNamee still needs to collect the annual $10 fee from those members who have not paid to help support our website. Please pay John at the next meeting.   Remember that this fee was voted on when we voted to establish our Capitol Pantera website.  Web master Ken is still looking for club car photos for the website.  You can e-mail photos to Ken.
John McNamee reminded members that  Derby Day is on May 1, 2004.  The deadline for participation in the event is April 24, 2004. The event car show is limited to the first 50 cars. John reminded us that we should dress properly for this event.  Polo shirts and khakis are preferred dress of the day.  You need to be there at 10:30 AM for set up.  The event opens at noon.  Jim and I have already sent in our entry form.  Money raised at the event helps to support; Ronald McDonald House Charities, Sierra Adoption Services, and WIND Youth Center and Shelter.  This is an excellent event to attend and support.   Contact John M. for more details.
More of Jim & Emilia's Automotive Adventures.
As promised in every CP newsletter, we are reporting on our latest automotive adventure. 
We were in Southern California recently for the California Dental Association convention, in Anaheim.  We were able to combine business with pleasure on this trip.  Our automotive adventure actually started at Hertz  when we tried to pick up our rental car.  We walked up to space #252 to find a station wagon!  Needless to say we walked back to the office to see what had caused the mix up.  We explained that the station wagon was not to our liking.  They then offered us an SUV.  We again said that was not acceptable.  Their final offer was a Crown Victoria, so we took it.  It was an experience to drive such a land yacht for the weekend.  So now that Jim had a car, he could begin his shopping Friday.  While Emilia was sitting through a dental lecture, Jim was parts shopping at Hall Pantera.  He was able to pick up the correct metric size bolts for our seatbelt bar.  While there he spent about a half hour talking with Gary Hall.  Our next automotive related outing was a trip to the Spectrum movie complex, in Irvine, to the IMAX theater to view the new release "NASCAR".  Parking at the Spectrum was an experience in itself.  It took at least a half hour to find a parking spot.  And it was at the opposite end of the complex from where we wanted to be!  The walk back to the theater was another 15 minutes.  One can only imagine how awful this parking situation would be at the Christmas season. The film is in 3D and 12,000 watts of digital sound.  This is a very well done documentary about NASCAR.   It runs just under one hour in length and is well worth a trip to the IMAX, in Sacramento, to catch this movie.  Two thumbs up!
On Saturday, we were up early to go to Huntington Beach for Donut Derelicts.  The threat of rain was enough to keep the number of cars attending low.  But we were pleased to find not one, but two Panteras among the cars in the parking lot.  Jim was wearing a Pantera shirt (always try to wear marquee clothing to something like this).  We introduced ourselves to the owner of a white 1973 Pantera and found out that both Panteras were owned by members of Team Pantera of Orange County.  We met Bill Wright, Rod Kunishige, and David Rudderow.  While speaking with these POCA members, Jim Kucera, President of Team Pantera of Orange County walked up to the group.  Jim had picture ID's for the guys going to Las Vegas.  The IDs had photos of them with their cars and names.  A very nice thought. The guys also had Team Pantera of Orange County business cards to hand out at car events.  Another good idea.  Maybe we can borrow both ideas for the Capitol Panteras?
Jim, Bill, Rod, & David
After Donut Derelicts, we were off to breakfast.  We skipped the donuts and coffee and went to breakfast in Huntington Beach at the Sugar Shack.  The place has been there since 1967. It is a bit of surf history and local color. The food was great, as was  the service.  People were even willing to sit under umbrellas, in the rain, to be at this place!  After breakfast, we were off to the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  There were several special exhibits at the museum: Hot Wheels, Land Speed Cars, and Cars of the Stars.   All the exhibits were very well done, but one we decided to include in this newsletter was a photo from the Cars of the Stars.  We saw the Elvis Pantera.  It was a yellow 1971  #1952 that he bought used, for $2400, for his then girl friend, Linda Thompson, in 1973.  You could still see two of the legendary bullet holes.  Elvis shot the car when it would not start (no way to treat a car, but understandable!  At least he didn't use a shotgun.).  The Pantera was right next to the 1968 Mustang that Steve McQueen drove in Bullet.  That was pretty much the extent of our automotive adventures in LA.  We then went to lunch at Cole's in downtown LA.  Cole's has been in business since 1908.  It is like walking into Cheers, in Boston. You walk down into a dark wood lined bar that serves food reminiscent of the old Sam's Hofbrau, at 17 and J Street, in Sacramento.  It is the originator of the French Dip Sandwich.  So of course, that is what we had for lunch. A good trip to "sunny" southern California, when it was raining back in Sacramento.
The "Bullet" Mustang and Elvis's Pantera
Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures.
April 21-25 - Las Vegas Fun Rally
May - Thunder Valley Brunch Run
May 1 - Kentucky Derby Day Car Show, near Wilton
May 11 - Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
May 14-16 - Nostalgia Rod & Custom Association show at Cal Expo
June 5-6 - Wine Country Classic Vintage Races, Sears Point
June 2-6 - Reno/Tahoe Pantera Fun Weekend-in Reno
June 8 - Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
June 13 - Shriner's Hospital Concours d'Elegance- Sacramento
June 18-20 - Shelby Mini Nats, Thunderhill
June 25-27 - 3rd annual "Ribs-N-Rods" at Cal Expo
July 13 - Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
July ?? - Hot Rods and Harleys Car Show - Lodi Lake
Aug 10 - Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
August 13 - Concorso Italiano, Monterey
August 13 -15 Monterey Historic Automobile Races
Sept 4-5 - Shelby Open Track, Sears Point
Sept 14 - Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
Oct 2 - Concours at Serrano, Gold River
Oct 9 - Rio Rendezvous Car Show - Rio Vista
Oct 12 - Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
Nov 9 - Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
Suggestions for other activities in the coming year include;
Blackhawk Museum in Danville
Golf/Lunch in Farmington - at JB Golf
Sporting Clays/Lunch at Birds Landing (near Rio Vista). 
Great Pantera back road getting there!!
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Pantera #1575