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August Newsletter 2015


Festa Italiana

August 2, 2015

By Emilia Seiferling


It’s the first weekend in August, so it must be Festa Italiana time!  Our numbers were way down this year with only John and Jim representing the Capitol Panteras.  Rick is usually a Festa regular but had a family wedding in Washington State.  We’ll give Rick a pass, but what happened to the rest of the Capitol Panteras?  I hope that they ask us back next year so that we can redeem our club.


John & Beth, with John’s brother, and Jim & I all enjoyed the day at the Festa.  The weather was wonderful and there was plenty of shade under the big tent.  We were given free drink tickets, to keep us all fully hydrated.  We browsed the various booths and sampled the different food offerings.  The folk dancers and the music added to the festive atmosphere.  One of the Festa sponsors was Maggiano’s Little Italy.  Beth and I both want to try the restaurant.  We thought it could be nice to have the Capitol Pantera Christmas party there.  It seemed like a good fit; an Italian restaurant and an Italian car club.  Their catering menu looks really good as well, so that could be an option as well for our club holiday party, if it is held in a member’s home.



Jim & John representing Capitol Panteras


The Visitor

August 3, 2015

By Jim Seiferling


It was a quiet evening for Emilia and I when the door bell rang.  I answered the door and a gentleman said “you’re going to think I’m crazy but I own a Pantera”.  He introduced himself as Mark Evans from Pennsylvania.  His daughter had recently moved to Rio Vista and while driving around town she saw our Pantera in our carport and told her dad that there was a Pantera in Rio Vista.  Mark was here visiting and being a Pantera guy he just had to stop and say hello.  We went out to our car and I gave him the grand tour while he was taking notes on the modifications on our car.  After a lot of chatting, Mark, his daughter, and grandson walked back to her house less than a mile up the hill.  It was another fun experience only because we own a Pantera.



Jim and Mark


Meeting Notes


The August meeting of Capitol Panteras was held at Mimi’s. We had 10 attending.  Those attending were: John McNamee, Rick Carlile, Duane & Darice Harlan, Jim & Emilia Seiferling, John & Beth Drago, Ken Montgomery, and Bayani Panis.  We had 2 Panteras (John Drago and Rick Carlile) and John’s Ferrari in the parking lot.  The “Driving for Gas Money” was won by Rick.  We did have a raffle, with an auto parts store gift card as the prize.  John Drago won the gift card.


President John reminded everyone about the Serrano Concourse October 4th.  This year De Tomaso will be a special display.  Next year DeTomaso will be the featured marque, so we need a good showing of Panteras for the Concourse.  John wants everyone to go online and register as soon as possible  As a registered car you will receive coffee & rolls in the morning, lunch, and maybe a chair.  You will need to be there by 8 AM.  There is also the option of pre-staging your car on Saturday.


We received the monthly member report from Judy McCartney and noticed a new name on the list.  It was Jack Wild in Elk Grove.  We welcome Jack and hope he makes it to one of our future monthly meetings.  Rick Carlile regaled us with a fun story.  It seems that Mike Drew will be upgrading his Air Force security clearance up to “Top Secret” and put Rick’s name down as a reference.  Rick will be visited shortly by a federal agent to get the true story on Mike.  You can just imagine how Rick went on; “what was Mike thinking to list me as a character reference”.  He had everyone at the table laughing for quite a while.  I’m sure that Rick will give Mike a fine review.


Emilia suggested that we set a date for the Christmas party.  After a little discussion, we decided it would be Sunday, December 6, at 5 PM.  Emilia will look into having it a Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant, in the Arden Fair Mall.  If someone would volunteer their house, we could have all the food catered by Maggiano’s, thus relieving the hosting person of the cooking task.


2015 Events Calendar


Aug 13        TrefFUN @  Lions Gate Hotel and Restaurant, McClelland AFB

Aug 13       "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.

Aug 15       Concorso Italiano,

Aug 13-16   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca (Featured Marque is; Shelby GT350 Mustang – 50th anniversary)

Aug 17       Dreams & Drivers, @ Sharif’s Jewelry, Folsom 9 -11:30am

Aug 23       EuroSunday, Sacramento @ Foreign Autohaus, 4630 Post St, El Dorado Hills, CA

Aug 23       2015 Capitol Concour's d'Elegance


Sept 8        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

                 (Nominations for club officers)

Sept 12      Italy on Wheels; Murer House and Gardens, Folsom

Sept 17      Dreams & Drivers, MIKUNI SUSHI, 1565 Eureka Rd, Roseville

Sept 20      Dreams & Drivers, Coffee Hangar @ 5411 Luce Ave, McClellan CA

Sept 27      EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Oct 2-3       CSRG Vintage Races @ Sonoma

Oct 4          Serrano Concourse, with a special section for deTomaso's

Oct 10        21st Annual Car Show, Rio Vista

                   Chairman, Jim (lunch at Foster's Big Horn)


Oct10        Fall Classic, open track, Shelby Club @

Oct 11       Italian Car Show, Alameda.

                 A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct 13       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

                 (Elections of club officers)

Oct 17?     Car Show, Mustangs Plus, Stockton

Oct 18       Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Oct 25       EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Oct 30       CSRG Vintage Races @ Thunderhill


Nov 10      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Nov 15      Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Nov 22      Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec 6       Capitol Panteras Christmas Party, 5 PM, Location to be Determined.  If you would like to host the party, contact Jim.


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras

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