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August 2017 Newsletter


PCNC Visit to the Mozart Museum, July 22nd  

By Emilia & Jim Seiferling


We may not be Pantera owners anymore, but we are still POCA members.  So we were happy to have the opportunity to join the PCNC chapter to visit the Mozart Auto Museum in Mountain View.  This collection is not generally open to the public.  We arrived at the museum Saturday morning after an uneventful 1 ½ hour drive in the Abarth.  There were over 30 people in attendance with 15 Panteras and one Mangusta in the parking lot!  The parking lot could have been a car show all by itself.  In addition to the DeTomaso’s, other cars in the lot were a Ferrari, Cobra, BMW, Lamborghini, Fiat, Corvette, and a 1960s Chevrolet convertible.


Many of us missed the driveway, because the only marking from the street was a street number.  There were also no markings on the building.  Inside it was a different story; wow!  It rivaled the Blackhawk Museum, in Danville.  No expense was spared building this facility.    The Mozart collection is made up of 170 cars which are rotated to the display building, 70 at any given time.  All vehicles are operational.  The oldest on display this week was a 1907 Darracq.  The newest was a Porsche 912 Targa.  Two eras of automotive history were prominently displayed, brass era cars and mid 30’s luxury cars like Packard’s & Duisenberg’s.  Sorry, no photographs were allowed inside the building.


Jim talked to Steve Liebenow (the new caretaker of 7114) and was filled in on his current project of totally refurbishing the brake system.  With a bit of internet research, Steve was able to order complete rebuild kits (in the OEM Girling sealed bags) for the Pantera Girling brake calipers.  There are many places on the net that say to never totally disassemble the calipers, because the internal seals are unavailable, but Steve has proved them all wrong!  His biggest issue, so far, was getting Porterfield brake pads (should have been really easy!) that were dimensioned correctly and with the correct back side configuration.  After 3 exchanges he hopes to have a set that are built to Girling specifications!  After he’s done with the caliper and flex lines, the brakes will be back to factory original condition, after 43 years.


The second stop was just down the street at “The Corner Garage”.  This is a private social club for car enthusiasts and their cars.  The nondescript industrial park building housed all the aspects of a well appointed clubhouse, a garage and a storage area.  There was a mix of auto types; hot rods, sports cars, real vintage racers (driven by Borris Said, George Follmer, and Rusty Wallace), and other collector cars.  This facility is also not open to the general public.  I think our visit was to promote the club and possibly gain new members.  Lunch was provided by the social club and served on the patio.  Due to the hot weather, just about everyone gathered inside to enjoy the catered BBQ lunch.  We enjoyed seeing people that we had not seen for a while.  This reminded us of why we want to keep connected with the Pantera community.  We have met so many great people due to driving a Pantera.


Meeting Notes, August 8th

By Jim & Emilia Seiferling


We had 10 people at our August meeting.  Rick Carlile won the $10 driving for dollar prize and Carl Stein won both raffle prizes; Wilkinson Pantera floor mats and rubber muffler hangers (donated by Jim; recently found from his “left overs stashed around the house”).


Our September meeting will be at the California Auto Museum, 6pm.  The date is to be announced.  Pizza and sodas will be provided.


John, Rick, and George are planning to go to the Ironstone Concours on September 23rd.  Both John McNamee and John Drago were at the last Raduno.  John Drago may be selling his car.  George may do the museum sponsored city cruise on October 7th and he reported that he went to the Peterson Museum in LA.  It is well worth it for any car guy.  Jim & Emilia made a pitch for the speaker series at the Blackhawk Museum, in Danville.  Ron Southern brought some table lamps he made using old wheel hub assemblies from the Pantera.  They were very cool.


2017 Events Calendar



Sept ??      Capitol Panteras meeting at the California Auto Museum

                  (Nominations for club officers)

Sept           Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Sept 23       Ironstone Concours d’Elegance, Murphys

Sept 24       EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Sept 29-Oct 1  CSRG Vintage Races @ Sonoma


Oct 1         Serrano Concourse

Oct 7        21st Annual Car Show, Rio Vista

                 Chairman, Jim (lunch at Foster's Big Horn)

Oct 7         9th Annual CAM Car Cruise, Fulton Ave, Sacramento

Oct 14-15    Fall Classic, open track, Shelby Club @ Thunderhill

Oct 8         Italian Car Show, Alameda.

                 A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct 10       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi’s

                 (Elections of club officers)

Oct           Car Show, Mustangs Plus, Stockton

Oct           Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Oct 22       EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Nov 3-5     CSRG Vintage Races @ Thunderhill

Nov 14      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi’s

Nov           Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Nov 24      Shelby Club at Laguna Seca

Nov 26      Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec          Capitol Panteras Christmas Party

Dec 8       PCNC Christmas Party


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras



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