December 2009 / January 2010

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Tech Session at Mike's, Vacaville, 11/14/09

by Emilia Seiferling & Jim Seiferling


Emilia's perspective;

I had to set the alarm this Saturday morning to assure that we would be up and ready to go to the PCNC tech session at Mike Drew's garage.  But before we could leave we needed to get a worker started on the front windows of the house.  He was to be here at 8:30 AM to start working on repair/replacement of grout in this old houses windows.  At 8:50 AM, no worker, we left hoping he would show.  But we needed to show at the tech session, so we left.  We loaded up the truck with multiple tool boxes.  There was no way all of the stuff Jim wanted to take would fit in the Pantera.  Our drive to Vacaville was uneventful and we arrived at 9:30 AM to find Mike and some of the guys already working on the Pantera.  This would be the third work session on the Pantera of Lori Albino.  Jim immediately changed into his cold weather coveralls to get to work.  The weather was quite cool that morning, but it was dry in Vacaville.  I just as promptly went inside to get out of the cold.


Inside were Merry Dalcino, Sue Choate, and Lori working on the favors for the PCNC Christmas party.  I helped them finish up their task.  I was on a mission to get some items off my shopping list while in the "big city".  I told the Ladies I was going to the 99 Cent Store and Big Lots.  It turns out they were planning on going to the Vacaville outlets.  Since I was at the outlets just the Saturday before, I stayed with my less expensive shopping options. They made sure that the food was ready to go for lunch for the guys. Lori had prepared most of the food as a thank you for all the help with the car.  Sue and Merry had brought more homemade goodies to add to the feast! Everything looked so good, we decided to have an early lunch before we left to go shopping.  Breakfast goodies were already out in the garage.  About the time we were ready to leave Mike's, Mike and Nancy Haney arrived form Napa.  Mike stayed in the garage and Nancy joined the shoppers.  She opted to join the trip to the bargain shopping Mecca's with me.   Three or four hours later the ladies returned to find the guys still working.  They had be joined by several more "workers".  They did manage to take time to almost finish off the two coffee cakes and make big dent in the lunch goodies.  After the long hours shopping, we were ready to have some more food ourselves.  Lucky for me the PCNC ladies had made plenty.  Now it was really cold out in the garage and we would ask the passers by for progress  reports when they came in to get a drink or food.  The ladies spent their time chatting, making Christmas cards, crocheting.  This went on until about 7:30 PM when Jim's portion of the work had been tested and declared functional.  Jim & I then took off for home.  That seemed to be the time that most of the helpers headed for home.



Jim's Perspective;

I knew before hand what two of my jobs were going to be.  Number one was install two new microswitches for the headlight raising mechanism and install the air horns.  It turned out the radiator fan wiring was a mess, so that job got moved up the list.  It's always challenging to work on someone else's "wiring" with no documentation on what they did.  We ended up removing a couple of pounds of wire and returning the fan wiring to near stock configuration.  There is still an issue with one fan running all the time, but that will be solved at a future date.  The headlight circuit hadn't been operational in a long time.  It was also not wired correctly.  With the help of Bob Lucas and Mike Haney, we traced all the wiring down and eventually found that the headlight motor relay was partially operational and the motor was wired backwards.  Usually a relay will work or be totally dead, but this one pulled partially in, sometimes; thus confusing matters.  Luckily Mike had two stock relays in his parts stash and Mike Haney got the lovely job of replacing it.  These two "easy" jobs took about 10 hours to sort out.  The horns will be put on a future list.  The other guys drained the cooling system, removed the radiator and tubes and replaced every hose, the radiator, and the fans.  Also, Steve Dalcino replaced the flexible brake lines at each wheel.  I wasn't paying at lot of attention to the other guys projects, because I had a couple of large cans of worms to sort out.  It was certainly nice to see the headlights up and working and the radiator fans operational after a 10 hour session.  There are still three or four electrical issues remaining, but they should be much easier than the two we worked on today.


It must have been going well at this point, because everyone was smiling.



A message from Mark McWhinney

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PCNC Christmas Party, Palo Alto, 12/18/09

by Emilia Seiferling


Since the Capitol Pantera Christmas party was cancelled, due lack of interest, we were happy to be able to attend the PCNC Christmas party!  This is a great party.  You get to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant, Trader Vic's.  The party was attended by about 75 Pantera enthusiasts.  There is a raffle with big time prizes.  We donated a deTomaso colored afghan for the raffle as a target item.  We donated the afghan that had been made for the CP Christmas party gift exchange.  Sue Choate was the happy winner.  She had tried to win one of my deTomaso afghan in Reno at the POCA Fun Rally.  Sue won several great prizes at the party. The signed Shark's hockey stick was only one of her other prizes.  Thank you PCNC for letting Jim and I join in the fun.  I was being treated for a sinus infection at the time, so I wasn't at my best.  The medication ruined my taste buds and all red wine tasted awful to me so I was a cheap date. I would have been the designated driver if we hadn't stayed overnight at the host hotel!


Sue and Emilia at the PCNC Christmas Party


                        Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter


If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to   to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth"


Summary of the January 2010 Capitol Panteras Meeting


The January meeting had no Panteras in the parking lot at Mimi's.  The group consisted of Jim & Emilia, Ken , John Worsley, Rick, Duane & Darice.  There was no raffle or "driving for gas $" winners.


The only business was to set items for the 2010 CP calendar.  The entire year was discussed.  Please read over the 2010 calendar below to note all activities.  Several CP members stepped up for some future club activities:Jeff to head a drive May 1 to "Hot Rods & Harleys", Jeff also will lead a drive from a future EuroSunday at Granite Bay to Forest Hill for lunch,  Duane & Darice will host the CP Christmas Party on Dec. 4.  The Club would like to do a Brunch Run to one of the Foothill casinos, but we need someone to step up and arrange it.  We cannot do Thunder Valley due to their building project doing away with the preferred parking we enjoyed in the past.  The group is open to other activities, bring your ideas to the next CP meeting.


The photo shoot that Jim, Terry, and Dennis did last year is in a 2010 calendar.  Check out the July photo. 




                                2010 EVENTS CALENDAR

Capitol Panteras Events in Red


Jan 24        EuroSunday @ , Sacramento at The Pavilions


Feb 6          Sacramento Museum Day, The California Auto Museum is free that day.  "Born  to Ride

                    Motorcycles Past and Present" is the current show.

Feb  9        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Feb  7         PCNC Super Bowl Party, at Roger Sharp's home, Morgan Hill.

Feb 19-21  Autorama, Cal Expo

Feb 21         EuroSunday, Stockton @ Pacific Ave

Feb  28       EuroSunday, Sacramento @ The California Auto Museum


March  9     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

March 28     EuroSunday, Sacramento @


April  13      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

April             Tech session at Rick's office/shop   This is a go. Exact date to be set by Rick.

April  25       EuroSunday, Sacramento @


May 1           "Hot Rods & Harleys"Drive and picnic - Coloma.  Chairman Jeff

May              Spring Sprint, open track at ??.  The Shelby Club.

May  11        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

May  23        EuroSunday, Sacramento @


June 2-6     POCA Fun Rally, Reno

June 5-6        Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival , Sears Point

June  8        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

June              Car Show in Arnold - Ch. Duane

June 27        EuroSunday, Sacramento @


July 13        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

July 25          EuroSunday, Sacramento @

July 31          Festa Italiana, Sacramento,

Aug 7-8       Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Budelli

Aug 10        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Aug 12       "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.

Aug 13        Concorso Italiano,

Aug 13-15   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca 

Aug 22         EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Sept 14       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Sept 26        EuroSunday


Oct 12        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Oct 10         Italian Car Show, Alameda.  A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct             19th Annual Car Show, Rio Vista - Chairman, Jim ( lunch at Foster's Big Horn)

Oct              Fall Classic, open track at ??.  Shelby Club.

Oct 24         EuroSunday, Sacramento @ 


Nov 9        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Nov 28       Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec 4       Capitol Panteras Christmas Party Host- Duane & Darice


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.


Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Co-Presidents, Capitol Panteras
#1575 [JHSTBAD]
#7114 [JIMS CAT]

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