February 2008
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EuroSunday Plus, January 13th.

by Emilia Seiferling

We decided to check out this first EuroSunday Plus, when a specific marque is honored by EuroSunday.  This first one honored BMW.  The BMW community was out in force.  There were at least 42 cars and 7 motorcycles at the Pavilions this very cold but clear Sunday morning.  Starbucks was the hot spot at the event.  I wore full thermals and that made it OK to be outside in that kind of weather.  We were one of only two Italian cars.  In fact there were only about 8-10 non-BMW cars in attendance!  We were curious to see what type of number would show for this type of EuroSunday.  DeTomaso is the featured marque on April 13.  If we can get one quarter of the turn out of the BMW's that would be great!  The DeTomaso's are more rare that the BMW's, so our numbers will be smaller.  But we would still like to have a good showing. Please mark your calendar now for this event! 

It had been a slower drive to Sacramento this Sunday morning.  We did get to sleep in a bit since EuroSunday Plus didn't start until 9 AM.  Rio Vista was only slightly overcast, but we could see a fog bank across the Sacramento River.  We thought we might get as far as Walnut Grove before we encountered the fog, but it found us in Isleton.  That resulted in a slow foggy drive up the River.  Jim had put the wipers back on the Pantera before we left home.  Good thing that he did!  It was a drippy fog, so we needed them.  The heater was not functioning, so we had condensation on the inside of the windshield that needed to be wiped constantly.  When we got to the freeway it became more of a high fog and normal speeds returned.

After the short presentation by the BMW Club president.  They were recruiting new members.  With the start of a detailing display by a vendor and a talk about the Euro 500 Rally , we decided to go to breakfast.  We had been joined by this time by John Worsley, without the Bricklin.  I overruled John who wanted Roxy's and went instead to a new place for Jim and I that was on our way to our next stop after EuroSunday Plus.  We went to Eggie's at the corner of Fulton & Arden.  We were lucky on our timing and got both parking and a table right away!  John is a regular there and he knows everyone on staff!  We enjoyed our meal and were then on our way to the "Bodies Revealed" show on Alta Arden, .  As we prepared to leave the parking lot we were asked questions about the Pantera.  It seems that the owner of the car that had just parked next to us, Grant, once had a Pantera in his family.  Grant described a black Pantera that the family had for 5 years, but sold before he was old enough to drive.  He said he had always wanted to get his own Pantera.  His son Berkeley, about 12 years old, had been eyeing the car before we came out of Eggies. We invited Grant to get his son and have him sit in the car.  Grant had a hard time believing that we truly meant the invitation.  He went into Eggie's and returned with his son.  Berkeley climbed into the driver's seat and was smiling from ear to ear!  We made that kid's day!  He'll have that memory for a long time.  Father and son left with a POCA flier and the Capitol Pantera web address.  Who knows, maybe we recruited a new CP member!  We finally got on our way to the Bodies Revealed show.  We had expected to find an empty parking lot at the exhibit, but instead found a full lot and had to hunt for a space!  The show was a bit expensive, $30 per person if you included the audio option, but it is a truly unique experience.  Their web site says that most people spent 1-1 1/2 hours at the display.  We were inside close to 2 hours.  I took a comparative anatomy class in college and dissected sharks, rats and cats.  In dental school, I had head & neck anatomy and dissected human cadavers.  This display was much better.  If you have a weak stomach, this display should be fine for you. The unique method used to preserve the bodies make them look almost like a wax model.  The fetus section is the section that may bother some people, but that area is off by itself and very well marked about the content so you can skip that area if you wish.  There are 4-6 docents at the exhibit to answer any additional question that you might have.  I was curious what qualified a person to be a docent.  I was told that all of them have a background in anatomy.

After our visit to the Bodies Revealed display, we were off to home.  Our drive home was under clear bright skies and was a beautiful trip on the Victory Highway (reference to the article in last months CP newsletter).

The Motoring Mouth

by Emilia Seiferling  

This was a slow month for articles for the newsletter. We are still waiting for several articles that have been promised.   So here is a brief summary of the various automotive related conversations that I overheard at the CP meeting.

Ken is looking to buy a used motor-home in the 30 foot range.

Rick is now a member of theTVR Club, both local and international.  He passed along the POCA article contest concept to the TVR Club President.  It was so well received that Rick is now committed to write an article for their newsletter.

John McNamee brokered the deal to sell Joe LaBue's Pantera to Glen Cramer.

Henry still needs to get his new air-conditioner installed in his Pantera.

Peter Kovacs, the new PCNC President, is making progress on his Pantera repair.  The car was damaged in an accident.

Lamar is concerned about his cooling system.  It need attention before the summer.

Rick received yet another bag of blankets from Emilia bound for Project Linus.  Rick has helped to deliver many, many blankets to this great charity.

Jim bought a set of the head light bumpers from Curt.  Jim wasn't lucky enough to win them in the raffle.

Jeff is trying to decide what to do to improve his front end handling.

John Worsley and Ken Montgomery are going to a Big event on the East Coast for Bricklins and DeLoreans this summer.  No they aren't driving their cars!  Go figure!

If I got any of this stuff wrong, sorry guys.  I listen to a lot of conversations at the CP meetings and I don't always completely understand the car talk that I hear.  But I think I do pretty good "for a girl".

Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to   to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth".
Meeting Notes February 12, 2008
 The weather didn't scare all the CP members.   There were 4 Panteras at the meeting:  Lamar, Jim, Curt Hall, & Jeff !  Those in attendance were:  Ken Montgomery, Jim & Emilia Seiferling, John Worsley, John McNamee , Rick Carlile, Peter Kovacs, Curt Hall, Henry Kirk, Jeff Budelli. The winner of the "Driving for Gas $" was PCNC member Curt Hall.  The raffle had several prizes.  The winners were:  Jim, a double winner, the $20 Kragen gift card and a Custom T-shirt donated by John McNamee.  Lamar won a set of head light bumpers donated by Curt Hall, and Rick Carlile won the second T-shirt. 
Jim reminded people that there will be a EuroSunday on Feb. 17 at Blackhawk Plaza in Danville.  This will be their first such gathering.  We will be going since from Rio Vista is the same distance there, as to the Pavilions in Sacramento.  Jim will send out some e-mails to POCA members in the East Bay. 
We have a brunch run on Sunday, March 16 to the Western Railway Museum, on Highway 12 between Rio Vista and Fairfield.  We will meet for brunch/early lunch at 10 AM at Shelby's, located at the stoplight on Highway 12 in Rio Vista.  We will reserve the "Dog House" at Shelby's, which is their "semi-private room".  If you are not one of the first 10-12 people to arrive, you will not be in the Dog House and will have to eat in the regular part of the restaurant!  We will caravan to the Railway Museum, via the back roads, after brunch.
Terry Morofsky was not at the meeting, but we plan to be at his house for Brunch after the EuroSunday on April 13, when DeTomaso is the featured marque.  We have heard from Terry since the meeting.  The party after EuroSunday is a go!  He would like a head count of those who are planning to attend.  Would you please RSVP as soon as possible to Jim  and he will pass the totals on to Terry.
Rick Carlile was at the meeting this month, and he would still love to host the annual CP tech session at his shop.  It is now officially on the CP calendar for Saturday, April 19 at 9:30 AM.  We will call out for piazza since the BBQ has headed for the dump!
The Thunder Valley Brunch Run will form up and leave from the June 8, EuroSunday Plus.  That is the second Sunday in June.  The exact departure time for brunch will be set closer to the date.
The CP will be renewing their club membership in the Towe Auto Museum.  That means that you can gain free entrance to the Museum when you show your POCA membership card.  The Museum has not yet put up the CP banner that we delivered in August of 2007.  Maybe this year with CP member Carl Stein on the Board, we will get our banner up on the Car Corral wall!  That would look really great.
Jeff has agreed to sign us up to be part of the Festa Italiana auto display on Sunday. This is in August.
Concorso Italiano is supposed to happen this year in August, but the exact location has still not been determined.  Peter said that PCNC will be again be doing their gathering at the Los Laurels Lodge.
We hope that other POCA chapter members will choose to join us when we have outings.  The more the merrier when you are driving your Panteras.  The new PCNC president Peter Kovacs has been to several CP meetings.  We hope that he and other PCNC members will join us when we hit the road or at Mimi's.  We also hope to get together with the Tahoe/ Reno group for brunch; we'll split the driving distance.
Feb 24      EuroSunday, @ Peets Coffee in Granite Bay 
March 9      EuroSunday Plus @ The Pavilions. Featured makes are Citroen and Vespa
March 11  Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
March 23   EuroSunday, @ The Pavilions
March 16  Western Railway Museum - Brunch in Rio Vista @ 10 AM,
                   at Shelby's Coffee Shop,  Hwy 12 at the signal light.
April 8       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
April 13    Special EuroSunday Plus, @ The Pavilions, featuring deTomaso cars. 
                   Brunch/Lunch following, at Terry Morofsky's home in Folsom.
April 19    Tech session at Rick Carlisle shop
April 27     EuroSunday, @ The Sacramento, Pavilions
April  30    POCA convention-Las Vegas
to May 4
May           Spring Sprint, open track at ??.  The Shelby Club. 
May 11      EuroSunday Plus, Davis, Featured makes are all British origin cars
May 13     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
May 25      EuroSunday, Davis
May or June  Over night Road Trip - Chairman Mike Drew
May 31 to  Wine Country Classic, Sears Point
June 1   
June         Reno-Tahoe Panteras Fun Rally - Probably not going to happen this year
June 8       EuroSunday Plus, @ The Pavilions.  Featured make is Ferrari / Maserati
                   We will leave from EuroSunday for Thunder Valley
                   Thunder Valley Brunch Run
                  John Worsley will be in charge
June 10   Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
June          Car Show in Arnold
June         Shriners Hospitals Concours d'Elegance, Mather Field, Rancho Cordova
June 22    EuroSunday, Pavilions
July 4-13   LeMans Tour - France
July 8       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
July 13      EuroSunday Plus, It's A Grind in Elk Grove. Featured make are Ford (GT, Saleen, Mustang GT, etc)
July 27      EuroSunday, It's A Grind in Elk Grove
Aug  2-3    Festa Italiana, Sacramento,
Aug 3       Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Bundelli
Aug 10      EuroSunday Plus, Roseville.  Featured makes are Vettes and Vipers
Aug 12     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Aug 14     "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.
Aug 15      Concorso Italiano,
Aug 15-17   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca 
Aug  15-17  Minden Car Show
Aug 24      EuroSunday, Roseville.
Sept 7     Fun Ford Sunday 
Sept 7     Chico Concours
Sept       Joint Brunch with Reno - Tahoe Panteras
Sept        Shelby Club, Mini Nats XXIV, Infineon 
Sept 9     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Sept 14   EuroSunday Plus, Pavilions.  Featured makes are Fiat, and Alfa Romeo
Sept 28   EuroSunday, Pavilions.
Oct 5        Italian Car Show , Alameda.  A benefit for Special Olympics 
                 No entry fee for exhibitors, no pre-registration required, good food!   :-))
Oct 5        Concourse at Serano
Oct 11     17th Annual Car Show, Rio Vista (yes, it will be held this year).  Chairman, Jim
                 (lunch at Foster's Big Horn)
Oct 12      EuroSunday Plus, Pavilions. Featured makes are (Ducati, BMW, Triumph, MV Augusta, Aprilia, etc)
Oct 14     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Oct           Fall Classic, open track at Thunderhill.  Shelby Club 
Oct 26      EuroSunday, It's A Grind Coffee in Elk Grove
Nov 9        EuroSunday Plus,@ The Pavilions. Featured makes are Lamborghini and Audi
Nov 11    Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Nov 23      EuroSunday, @ The Pavilions.
Nov            Road Trip to the Coast
Dec.         Capitol Panteras Christmas Party  - Host position is open
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.