July 2009

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EuroSunday, Stockton, 6/21/09

by Emilia Seiferling

We had seen on the EuroSunday website that there was going to be a EuroSunday in Stockton, but we didn't realize that it was the first event to be held in Stockton.  The drive over to Stockton was an easy one for us. Total travel time from Rio Vista was about half an hour.  The round trip mileage from Rio Vista to Stockton was less than the mileage to just get us to EuroSunday-Sacramento!   We arrive at the Stone Creek Shopping Center on Pacific Avenue to find just a few cars.  This a recently remodeled shopping center.  It is easy to find and the parking area has trees.  After a few minutes there were12 cars for the inaugural EuroSunday-Stockton.  We were the only De Tomaso Pantera.  We placed our informational sheets on the car and then went over to Peet's Coffee for our morning fix.  There was a fair amount of traffic by the Pantera to read the window information.  We even ended up taking the tub out for people to see the engine/tranny configuration.  Other cars present included 2 Ferraris, a Lotus Elese, Austin Healy Sprite, and a number of BMW's.  This event is scheduled to happen in the third Sunday of the month, so the next one will be July 19.  The times are 8 AM -10 AM, and are the same as the Sacramento events.  The next event will include an optional drive somewhere in the area.  There was no drive scheduled for today.  The weather was nice and sunny so I got out my travel chair out of the tub and did a bit of crocheting while Jim inspected the other cars or informed people about the Pantera.  We heard the "I haven't seen one of these for years" and the" I remember when these first came out" stories.  I did a little PR work myself, for Project Linus, when people asked me what I was making

When the activity was over, we moved the car across the parking lot to the Boudin's Bakery and Restaurant for breakfast.  Some friends had told me that lunch was good there so we decided to try it for breakfast. The food was good and reasonably priced.  The service was fast and courteous.  Next time we know to order one breakfast and a side meat and share, in fact, I think we will try it again the next time we are in Stockton for the Astronomy Club meeting.  We went home with a fresh baked loaf of sour dough bread to use at dinner in a cheese fondue and salad dinner that night.  If any other Panteras make it to Stockton for EuroSunday in July, we can all go to breakfast at Boudin's.

This was yet another nice day that we had due to driving a Pantera.  It was especially nice since this was the first time that we had the Pantera out for a couple of months.  Jim is now feeling well enough to drive the car.  I had offered to drive to Stockton, maybe that offer was enough to make Jim feel up to driving the Pantera himself!

Tech Session at Mike Drew's Home, 7/12/09

by Jim Seiferling

This was not our usual tech session. One of our east bay area members, Kaizer Albino, passed away unexpectedly and his wife and son wanted to keep his Pantera.  The car is in pretty nice condition, but had the usual list of things to do, when time warranted.  Mike did an assessment and made up a project list that could be handled in our usual tech session environment.  The list had about a dozen tasks, and I'd say we did at least 7 of them.  Those in attendance were;  Kaizer Albino, Jr., Julian Kiff, Steve Dalcino, Paul Bowden, Trevor Fougere, Mark Tumbarello, Mike & Nancy Haney, Chuck Melton, and Barry Hosier (KE6GGI, yes another ham operator in our group!).  Lori Albino was kind enough to supply a great lunch for everyone, with an assortment of Quiznos sandwiches and chips.

Since I was the designated electrical guru on site, I was asked to replace both of the broken headlight limit switches, and get the headlight system working.  No problem, I thought.  Both of my Panteras have lay down radiators, so the switches could be replaced in 5 minutes.  Unfortunately Kaiser's car had the standard upright radiator and I discovered that it is impossible to put in one of the switch retaining screws, without pulling the radiator out of the car.  Mark Tumbarello and I tried to see if we could tip the radiator forward the 1 1/2 inches I needed, but that was not to be.  The radiator and fans are scheduled to be replaced in a few weeks, so this project was put on hold until the radiator was replaced and we could do both at the same time.

I didn't escape from tasks that easily.  With the help of Mike's pressure bleeder, I manned the caliper bleeder screws and we got that job knocked off quickly.  The rear deck lid latch needed replacing, and being the smallest person there (other than Nancy), I got the task of being stuffed above the ZF, with the lid closed, to mark the position of the new latch holes.  It wouldn't have been that bad, except the temperature that day was pushing 100 degrees and the car had been driven that day, so the engine and transmission were still radiating heat.  The CIA could use that technique when interrogating some of the bad guys!

Yes you can stuff a body in there.

Julian Kiff, from the Reno-Tahoe club, and Steve Dalcino pulled all four coilovers and removed the stock factory spring spacers.  The factory added these when they discovered the headlights were too low for USA regulations.  The suspension was never designed to this new height, so all cars, with the spacers still in place, have less than optimum suspension geometry.  Are yours still there?

Former Capitol Panteras member, Paul Bowen, probably had the worst job of "just pulling the starter and replacing it with a new one".  That "easy" job, took Paul about 6 hours, not because he didn't know how to do it, the car just fought back at every turn of the wrench!  I'm sure all of you that have personally worked on either your own Pantera or someone else's know the feeling.  I personally can certainly empathize with Paul.  Been there, done that!

We arrived at Mike's about 8:30, and he was just finishing working on the steering column.  Other tasks not mentioned above were to replace the upper rubber trim on the door window frames and replace one of the rear side marker lights.  I also looked at the ongoing starter problem with Mike's  Scirocco of doom.   I've probably forgotten something, as there were a lot of simultaneous projects going on the entire day.

Lots of elves everywhere.

We packed up about 3 PM, because I wanted to be home for a special short-wave broadcast, which happens only once a year at 5:01 PM.  There is a historic marine coast station, at Bolinas, that is allowed by the FCC to turn on their vintage transmitters once a year and broadcast, in Morse code, on the old marine frequencies.  Ten years ago, the Morse code coast stations were disbanded.  This is one of the few stations still in operating condition, thanks to the help of a group of volunteers.  The station is on the site Marconi setup in the early 1900's.  The original marine station was in the Palace Hotel, in San Francisco, and has the call letters of KPH (The K indicates the station is west of the Mississippi and PH for Palace Hotel).  Here is a link to a very nice article on the event.  It's one of the few technical newspaper articles I've seen that is 100% accurate, a rare occurrence these days; 

                        Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter

If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to   to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth"

Summary of the July 2009 Capitol Panteras Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Capitol Panteras found only three Club cars in the parking lot of Mimi's. The weather was very hot, so that may be the major excuse for not driving a club car.  Other reasons given were:  the car is in the shop, I don't have the left header on the motor, and I need a new wheel. So with three cars only, there was a mini competition for the "Driving for Gas Money" since only one was a Pantera.  The winner this month was John Worsley, who was competing against Ken Montgomery and Rick Carlile.  Those in attendance, but without their Club Car were: Jim & Emilia, John McNamee, Jeff Budelli, and soon to be member Dave McDougall.  Dave lives in Grass Valley.  He has a 1972 yellow Pantera.  Dave is no stranger to Panteras.  He owned one several years back and decided to get back into Panteras after he relocated to Grass Valley from Truckee.

The club meeting started with a short presentation by Joe Hensler.  Joe is on the Board of the California Automobile Museum.  Joe has a Pantera, but is not currently a POCA member!  He was here to promote and recruite Panteras for the up coming Museum fundraiser on Saturday, August 1.  He explained the display and cruise to the second display, show and awards area.  The event is limited to the first 200 cars to sign up.  You can get more details and sign up at   I also asked Joe what happen to our CP banner that was suppose to go up in the Club Corral area.  He will check into it.

Jeff and Dave won the raffle. They had a choice of shirts that were won with the CP raffle tickets at the recent POCA Reno Fun Rally. Jim came in third and won a piece of garage art.  There will be more raffle prizes from the Fun Run at next months CP meeting. Must be present at the next CP meeting for an opportunity to win.

The last of the annual passes for the California Automobile Museum were given to Jeff and Dave.  We received the passes, since CP is a supporter of the Museum. 

Jeff reminded us the Festa Italiano is August 1-2.  He is the auto display chairman and has CP scheduled for Sunday, August 2.  If you know of anyone with a unique Italian vehicle that might want to display it, please let Jeff know.  Those attending will meet at Mimi's at 10:15 AM and caravan over to the Festa at 10:30 AM.  If you will be attending, please RSVP to  so we can give Jeff a car count.  This is a fun display.  There is good Italian food, live entertainment, shade trees, and shopping.  When you display your Pantera you get in free and usually receive plenty of drink tickets to keep you refreshed.

Rick reported that he raced the TVR in the Portland Historic Race, July 10-12.  He had a great time and didn't break anything.

The group was read a letter from CP member Dennis about the car show at the Fountains in Roseville.  Dennis attended the July 3 show and was well received.  He was parked with about 8 NSXs and a Gallardo.  Dennis has spoken with the organizer and the CP Panteras are welcome anytime.  The next two dates are August 7 and September 4, both are Friday nights.  The group discussed attending as a group.  It was decided to try for the September date since August has the potential of being really busy as far as car events.  There is Monterey and Laguna Seca Historics, Sacramento Festa Italiano, and the California Automobile Museum Big Event to name just a few!  Please contact Dennis if you can make it in August.  We will get a head count for the September 4 display at the August CP meeting.

We also passed around information for other car shows being held in the area.  "Zoom Zoom Woof Woof" is a Classic car show to benefit Canine Companions for Independence, Sat. Sept. 5 in El Dorado Hills.  We also received information on "Cruzin' the Pines" Sept. 11-13, in Grass Valley.

We forgot to mention that Jim has been in comunication with Jim Nowlin, of the Reno-Tahoe Panteras, to set a date for our joint Brunch run.  The date will be Sunday, October 4.  No location has been decided on for the brunch, so if you have any suggestions for a place that is about equidistant for both of the groups let us know.

Also I spoke with John Worsely about the Thunder Valley Brunch run.  We decided to piggy -back off the EuroSunday event, on Sept. 27.  We will meet at EuroSunday, then proceed to Thunder Valley.  As of today, the location for that EuroSunday has not been posted on their website.

                                2009 EVENTS CALENDAR

Capitol Panteras Events in Red

July 19          EuroSunday, Stockton @ Peet's Coffee on Pacific Avenue

July 20          Concourse at the Presidio - San Francisco

July 26          EuroSunday, Sacramento @  The Towe Museum

Aug 1           The California Automobile Museum Big Event

Aug 1-2        Festa Italiana, Sacramento,

Aug  2         Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Budelli

Aug 9           EuroSunday Marques- BMW Bikes / BMW Cars / VW

Aug 11        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Aug 13       "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.

Aug 14         La Dolce Vita 

Aug 14        Concorso Italiano,

Aug 14-17  Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca 

Aug 22         EuroSunday, Sacramento @ to be determined

Aug 29-30    Summer Heat Open Track, Shelby Club at Sears Point 

Sept 4          Car Display at the Fountains in Roseville

Sept 8         Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Sept 13       EuroSunday Marques- Models Day

Sept 20       EuroSunday, Stockton @ Peet's Coffee on Pacific Avenue

Sept 27       EuroSunday @ to be determined

Sept  27     Bunch Run to Thunder Valley after EuroSunday, Chairman John

Oct 4           Joint Brunch with Reno/Tahoe Panteras

Oct  ?           Italian Car Show, Alameda.  A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct 10         18th Annual Car Show, Rio Vista - Chairman, Jim ( lunch at Foster's Big Horn)

Oct 11         EuroSunday Marques- Ford GT, Cobra, Mustangs

Oct 13         Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Oct 17-18    Fall Classic, open track at Thunder Hill.  Shelby Club.

Oct 25          EuroSunday, Sacramento @ 

Nov 8           EuroSunday Marques- NSX / GTR / Supra / ISF / pacific Rim

Nov 10       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Nov 22       Euro Sunday, Sacramento @

Dec. ?       Capitol Panteras Christmas Party -  Hosting duties available

Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.

Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Co-Presidents, Capitol Panteras
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