July 2011

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Concours Raduno

July 12, 2011

By Emilia Seiferling


Jim and I made the drive up to Sacramento in the truck, so we were relegated to the "Back Forty" parking at The Pavilions.  (We do hope to have "Jim's Cat" up and running for the Festa Italiana.)  We arrived about 6:45 PM to find the parking lot on the Fair Oaks Blvd. side of The Pavilions fairly full of collector cars.  They were mixed with many "regular" vehicles, since the shopping center was open for business.  This is unlike EuroSunday, because when EuroSunday meets all the shops are closed other than the coffee shop.


We did manage to meet up with all the Capitol Pantera members that were there except for John McNamee.  We never did see John, but his Pantera was there.  Since there was free food for those who drove their club cars, Jim and I were the only ones who needed to go to dinner.  So after making the rounds, we headed out to dinner. 


Next month the Capitol Pantera meeting will be back at Mimi's.



Bruce and Garry's Panteras, with the Ariel Atom


Portland Historics Report


We received the following email from TVR racer Rick Carlile.  We'll be looking forward to the full story at the next meeting, August 9th.


Sorry I missed the gathering tonight.  Marcia and I just got back late last night from the Portland Historics.  Car ran great.  I didnít hit anybody and nobody hit me.  Although, there was a collision involving a Triumph Spitfire and an Alpha GTA that came within inches of taking me out.  Rick.


Summary of the July 2011 Capitol Panteras Meeting


The July meeting had five Panteras and a DeLorean in the parking lot at the Raduno gathering at The Pavilions in Fair Oaks.John McNamee, Garry & Sue Choate, Bruce & Mia Maddox, Don Gagnon, Jeff Bundelli drove their Panteras and Ken Montgomery was there in his DeLorean.†† We did not hold the drawing for "Driving for Gas $"since we really did not have a meeting.Those also attending the gathering, but not is their Club car: Jim & Emilia and John Worsley.


The meeting basically amounted to walking about looking at the various cars, talking with the Capital Pantera members that were there and having a munch and a drink.  There was free food for those who drove their Club cars.


The Club won a great number of prizes at the POCA Fun Rally in Reno, about $700 worth of Pantera specific parts (almost all from Steve Wilkinson)!.After some discussion, we decided, instead of raffling these off, they would be offered to paid up club members at half of the retail price.Rick, Don, Jim, and John M. all took home parts.This added much more to our treasury than having a raffle.We now have over $1,000 in the bank, including raffle prize money and the previous balance.We still have in inventory; 1 shift gate, L&R door striker assemblies, weather stripping for both doors, and an unknown strip of molded weather-stripping.This last piece has us baffled.We tried to match it on both Rickís and Johnís Panteras, but couldnít.I think weíll need either Rick Moseley or Mike Drew to ID this part.If you are a paid up Capitol Panteras member (i.e. POCA dues paid) and would like any of the remaining items at Ĺ retail price, email Jim with your request.He will then tell you the price.First come, first served.


August 6th will be the 3rd annual Car Cruise in Sacramento, sponsored by the California Automotive Museum.The price is normally $39 per car, but since Capitol Panteras is a museum member you will get a $5 discount.


Emilia had planned a "Breakfast and Drive in the Delta" during the summer in July.Jim and I now have a conflict for the date, Saturday, July 23, so there will be no event on July 23.A new date will be set if there is enough interest to do the breakfast and drive in the Delta.The topic will be discussed at the August Capitol Panteras meeting, which will be back at Mimi's. 


Festa Italiana is set for August 6 & 7.  The Panteras have again been invited to be part of the Italian Automobile display on Sunday, August 7.  I assume that we will meet up at Mimi's parking lot in the morning and then caravan over to the Festa, which is just a few miles away.  The exact time will be sent out in a separate e-mail.  This is a fun event and your Pantera gets you in for free, with some drink tickets!  We hope to have our car up and running for the event.  If your plan to attend, please let Jim know then Jim can give Chairman Jeff a number of how many cars to expect on Sunday.



Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter


If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth".



                                2011 EVENTS CALENDAR

Capitol Panteras Events in Red



                   Capitol Panteras member, Rick Carlile, will be racing his TVR in the CSRG Series.

           Rick has been accepted to race at the Sonoma Historic 

                   Motorsports Festival, but was not selected for the Monterey Historics.


July 23       Breakfast and Drive in the Delta - Chair- Emilia-Cancelled

July 24          EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Aug 5-6       Mini Nats @ Infineon.  Shelby Club

Aug 6           Festa Italiana, Sacramento,

Aug 7          Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman- Jeff Budelli

Aug 9          Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Aug 18         "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.

Aug 19         Concorso Italiano,

Aug 19-21   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca 

Aug 28         EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Sept 10 or 24  3rd Annual Placerville Run.  Chairman-Lamar Fairchild

Sept 13      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Sept 25      EuroSunday

Sept 30-Oct 2  CSRG Vintage Races @ Infineon


Oct 8         20th Annual Car Show, Rio Vista - Chairman- Jim ( lunch at Foster's Big Horn)

Oct 9          Italian Car Show, Alameda.  A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct 11       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Oct 14-16  Rennsport Reunion IV (Porsche), Laguna Seca.  1st time on the west coast.

Oct 15-16  Fall Classic, open track at Thunderhill.  Shelby Club.

Oct 22        Jackson Wine and Lunch Tour - Chair - Kathy Gagnon

Oct 22        Car Show, Mustangs Plus, Stockton.

Oct 23        EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Oct 28††††††† California Auto Museum Dinner, with Dennis Gage.$75/each.

Oct 28-30  CSRG Vintage Races @ Thunderhill


Nov ?        Capitol Pantera Brunch @ Ryde Hotel.  Chairman- John Worsley.

Nov 8        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Nov 27       Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec ??     Capitol Panteras Christmas Party; hosts Garry & Sue Choate.


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.


Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Co-Presidents, Capitol Panteras
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#7114 [JIMS CAT]

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