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July Newsletter 2016


July Meeting Notes

By Jim Seiferling


The July meeting of Capitol Panteras was held at Mimiís. We had 9 people attending.  Those attending were; President John McNamee, Jim & Emilia Seiferling, Ken Montgomery, Jeff Budelli, Rick Carlile, John & Beth Drago, and new Pantera owner Ken Caldeira.  Rick drove his Pantera, so he automatically won the driving for dollars prize money.  We did do a raffle and Jim won a $20 gift card to AutoZone. The card was cashed in the next day for a new air filter for his truck. J


President John went over the club financial status.  After paying a few bills and memberships in the ACCC and the California Auto Museum, we have about $200 in the bank.  He noted that itís been awhile since heís received any membership kickback from POCA, so hopefully that will boost the bank account up a bit.


Jeff reported that we are on to display our cars at the Festa Italiano, Sunday August 7th.  Jeff will have his awesome Pantera there and we need some additional cars.  If you can participate please email Jim at; so we can arrange a meeting place and time to caravan to the Festa.


Rick reported on the vintage races he and Carl participated in at Sears Point (see last months newsletter).  Rick placed 20th in a field of 30 cars.  Because the group he normally races in was so large, he got bumped into a group with higher performing cars than his TVR.  Considering this handicap, he was satisfied with his performance.  He was unsure how Carl did, because when you are racing, you have very little free time to wander around.  Your car comes first on the priority list and Iím sure Carl will echo my comments.  The official timing results, for the Trans-Am group, showed Carl about 6 seconds behind the group 10 leader, Ken Epsman, in an AMC Javelin.  According to the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA), ďAs tradition dictates, the finishing positions are not a component at this eventĒ. Rick will be racing at the Monterey Historic Races in August.  Carl wonít be racing his historic Shelby Trans-AM at the event, but will be crewing for one of his friends.  John McNameeís brother, Mike, was racing a 1985 Buick Somerset (Skylark) and finished 8th out of 10 cars at Sonoma.  He is also listed as an entrant for Laguna Seca, in August, driving the same car.


President John said we all need to get our registrations completed for the Niello Concourse at Serrano, Sunday October 2nd.

All Pantera, Mangusta, Longchamp, Vallelunga, Deauville, and Innocenti owners are invited to attend the concours since DeTomaso is the featured marque.  There will be at least four classes of cars for the judging, with Steve Wilkinson as one of the judges.  Heís promised the organizers a big turnout for the event, so letís all go online and get registered.


New Pantera owner Ken Caldeira was at our meeting for the first time.  Welcome Ken!  I hope he was entertained by all the banter between Rick and John and contributions of others at the table.  Too bad Carl wasnít here; it would have been even crazier with wild racing stories!  I hope Ken has figured out weíre not like the Lamborghini club sitting around complaining about spending $16,000 to change their clutches (for real!).  For the Pantera group itís just get the word out to the group and pizza and beer will get the job done.


Ken and his wife picking up their ďnewĒ Pantera (#3891)

Photo from Mike Drew


2016 Events Calendar


July 24       EuroSunday, Sacramento @ Palladio Folsom, 430 Palladio Parkway, Folsom


Aug 7        Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Budelli

Aug 6-7     Shelby Club Mini Nats @ Sonoma

Aug 13-14 Monterey Pre-Union, Laguna Seca

Aug 9        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís

Aug 18     "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon. 

Aug 20      Concorso Italiano,

Aug 18-21 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca (Featured Marque is BMW Ė Celebrating its 100th Anniversary)

Aug          Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Aug 28     EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Aug          2016 Capitol Conour's d'Elegance


Sept 10      California Auto Museum Cruise Fest, Fulton Ave, Sacramento

Sept 13      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís

                  (Nominations for club officers)

Sept          Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Sept 25      EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Sept 30-Oct 2  CSRG Vintage Races @


Oct 2        Serrano Concourse, with 45 Years of deTomaso Pantera, as the marque

Oct 8        21st Annual Car Show, Rio Vista

                 Chairman, Jim (lunch at Foster's Big Horn)

Oct 9?       Italian Car Show, Alameda.

                 A benefit for Special Olympics - no entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct 11       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís (Elections of club officers)

Oct 15-16 Shelby Club, Fall Classic @ Thunderhill

Oct           Car Show, Mustangs Plus, Stockton

Oct           Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Oct 23       EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Oct 28-30  CSRG Vintage Races @ Thunderhill


Nov 14      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís

Nov           Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Nov 25      Shelby Club Laguna Bowl, @ Laguna Seca

Nov 27      Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec          Capitol Panteras Christmas Party


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras

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