June 2003
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We would encourage everyone to become a POCA member, if you aren't already a member.  Your membership in the national club helps fund your local chapter.  You can download a membership application at  Please help our club grow.
We would like to welcome two new members to the Capitol Panteras chapter, Lawrence Bristol from Rocklin and Gregg Mowers from Paradise.  Thank you for joining POCA.  We now have 14 paid members.
Wine Country Classic Historic Races
We joined many other car enthusiasts at Sears Point on Saturday, May 31.  We wish to thank the Shelby Club for allowing the Panteras to park in their corral, at turn 11.  It was a great location, on the grass, near food, the pits, and port-o-potties. There were a total of six Panteras present that day.  Capitol Pantera members were Rick Carlile & friend Arnie and Jim & Emilia Seiferling.  PCNC members present were Bob Lucas, Terry Morofsky, Dennis Turrin, and Bob (don't know the last name).  The weather started out a bit cool, but warmed up to be a beautiful sunny day. It was the first sun burn of the season, despite the use of sun blocker and wearing a hat!
Nice parking spots, eh?
We walked the pit area to see if we could find CP member Carl Stein who was racing his 1966 Shelby Trans Am Mustang.  We found Carl hard at work on his car.  His wife Leslie told us of the events that lead to the car being up on jack stands and Carl underneath it.  Carl took a break to show us the broken parts and graphically describe what happened. The clutch exploded, at maximum RPM at speed, also breaking the flywheel and tearing off the mounting ears of the transmission case.  This required replacing everything from the flywheel aft, including the driveshaft U-joints.  After a long night and 400+ miles of driving for parts, Carl was able to get things back in running order, in part with the help of CP member Rick Mosley and other friends. So we were able to watch Carl run twice that day, with the Trans Am group.  We'll have to get a report from Carl on how he did on Sunday.  Hopefully nothing else broke and it was a fast run for him.
Carl, still able to smile 
In between Carl's heats, we toured the rest of the pit area, checked out the vendor booths, ate "fair fast food", inspected the Chrysler products on display, and even did a "test drive" of a Jeep Liberty to get the free T-shirt. It only came in one size, which makes a good loose sleeping shirt or tent , whichever you have a need for at the time.  At the end of the day, we headed out to dinner at Jonesy's, at the Napa Airport, then home to Rio Vista.
.The "Candy" Group 4 racing Pantera was there running hard, but will be sold soon.
Reno / Tahoe Pantera Fun Rally - June 4-8, 2003
We left home on Wednesday afternoon to arrive at Harrah's Reno ready to start the activities on Thursday morning. The Fun Rally hospitality room was open with a welcome packet and plenty of munchies and drinks. 
Thursday morning began with a choice of activities.  Option A:  Drive to Virginia City, tour the historic town and have lunch before going to Mallory's in Carson City for dyno testing in the afternoon. Option B:  Drive to Fernley and go to  the new Reno-Fernley Raceway for a introductory drive on the course, then proceed to Carson City for the dyno testing. We chose option B.  The course is very new and not officially open.  It is currently a one mile road course, with plans to eventually be a three mile course.  It was great sport to be able to drive this new race track.  Then it was off to Carson City and lunch at the Dyno shop. The results of the dyno testing ranged from 210 to 417 HP at the rear wheels. That evening we enjoyed a great buffet at the Silver Legacy and their comedy show.  It was an action packed first day!
Friday was another busy day.  We drove over to Lake Tahoe and boarded the M.S. Dixie for a two hour cruise.  It was a hat and sun blocker type day. It was a perfect day for being on the Lake.  After the cruise, we were off to Incline Village for a BBQ  at a private beach arranged by members of the Reno-Tahoe Panteras who had access to the grounds.  The food, conversation and views were wonderful.  It was nice to relax  for a few hours before heading back over the mountain to Reno.  That evening we were on our own in the Biggest Little City.  We opted for a lite dinner at Brew Brothers, in the El Dorado.  Then a stop in the hospitality room to chat and compare notes.
Saturday had the least amount of driving.  We were off to Breakfast at Pantera Parts Connection and the "Dust Bowl Concourse".  There was plenty of food and everyone got to vote for the various awards that would be presented at the banquet that evening.  Most people did some cleaning of their cars that morning, in preparation for the car display at Harrah's plaza in the afternoon.  At 1 PM we were staged for the display at Harrah's.  There were 19  Panteras, 1 Mangusta, and 1 DeTomaso Mini.  We shared the area with the Chili Cook Off and a live band.  It was a great location for the display.  There was everything near by -food , beverage, seating, entertainment and bathrooms.  Jim had the best location of the group!  He was the only one in the shade for the entire afternoon.  That evening was the closing dinner at Harrah's.  Their food service did a beautiful job.  The presentation and service was excellent.  We were seated at tables for eight, which made for great conversation.  We sat with three PCNC members and three Utah POCA members.  The awards for the "Concourse " were given out after dinner.  Our table got two awards, Oldest serial number by Russ Jacobson #1363?, (we would have come in second with #1575)  and Best Engine Tom Pillar, both from Utah.  The funniest award "Most Lived In" (which is less embarrassing than last years Foster Farm's Chicken Award) went to PCNC member Roger Sharp, but was picked up by his wife Pam.  She said it was her pillows, fans and water bottles (standard Pantera Passenger equipment) that won the award. The raffle was the final activity of the evening. We didn't win anything, but there were some very nice prizes.  After dinner everyone was off to the hospitality room one last time to end the evening.  Jim and Emilia were not the only CP members to attend , Henry Kirk and friend Karen came over on Friday night to join in the activities.  Karen did win a raffle prize! 
Breakfast at Pantera Parts Connection
On the plaza at Harrah's
We want to thank the Reno-Tahoe Panteras for all the time and effort that went into this event.  Special thanks to President Jim Nowlin and V.P. Bill Midtgard.    There were people from five states in attendance.  We hope to be able to attend the Fourth Annual Fun Rally next year!
River City SAAC Auto Show, June 4, 2003

John McNamee and I showed up with the only two Panteras at last night's River City SAAC Auto Show held at RPM Racing on Bradshaw.  So, in the Pantera Class the only choice was between yellow and white.  The overwhelming public opinion was yellow, of course......1st Place, baby!!!!  However, John DID show up with his newly completed red 65, K code Mustang.  Nice restoration job, but a little late.  We've still got his money from the Christmas bet!!!

Sorry, I forgot to take a camera, so no pictures.  My fault, I should have know better.

Rick Carlile
Ol' Yeller
71 Pantera
Notes from the June 10 Capitol Pantera Meeting
We welcomed Cindy and Dennis  Federighi, of Lockford.  Dennis is a new POCA member and is looking for a car to buy.  The paper work on Dennis has not yet been passed on to us from POCA.  He  will be paid member number 15 to the Capitol Panteras.  We are on an upward move in membership!
Treasurer John McNamee reported that he received money from POCA for four renewals of membership. They are still behind, so we should be receiving more funds as the POCA Membership Committee continues to get caught up after the change in Chairmanship, which occurred at the Las Vegas gathering.
The Wine Cruise to Amador County is a go. The date is Saturday, June 21. We will meet at 10 AM at the gazebo at the gate of Rancho Murrieta.  We will pick up directions there.  The basic trip is to go to one winery first, then lunch at ~12:30 Noon at Villa Tuscano Winery. (We will be ordering off their regular menu.)  Then off to a couple more winery stops, then back to John McNamee's house, in Rancho Murrieta for a BBQ.   We need to firm up the number of people attending  the BBQ. The cost of the BBQ will be based on the expenses  So if you missed the meeting, please contact Jim  or John M.  It's ok to join us mid-tour if you are not coming out of the Sacramento area.  John M. can give you the names of the other wineries that we will be visiting so that you can meet up with us. If your club car is out of commission, please join us anyway.
John Worsley has planned a busy weekend for the September 12-13 Bodega Bay trip. If you would like to join the fun, please contact John.
Ken reported that our web page needs input!  We would like everyone to work up a brief article about their personal car to be included in the members and their car section.  Don't be left out !
Ken also reported that the Deloreans are putting together a drive to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose in the end of October near Halloween.  Sounds like a fun outing.  Mark your calendar early!
The Reno-Tahoe Panteras hope to do at least one "Brunch Run" to the West side of the mountains this summer.  Once we have a date, we hope to be able to get a group of cars to drive east to meet them.  Keep reading the CP newsletter for details.  Or any of you have ideas for a drive that we could invite the RTP to join us please develop the plan and bring it to the next CP meeting.  That meeting will be July 8th at Mimi's.
You can still go to the PCNC meet at Ledson Winery in Sonoma.  You have to be there earlier than 10:30 AM on Sunday, June 15.  No cars will be staged after that time. 
Thank you Rick for the article for the CP newsletter.  Anyone else who would like to write an article about their car activities, please e-mail the article to Jim & Emilia.  That's the only way you will avoid reading more adventures of Jim & Emilia in every CP newsletter.

June 15- PCNC -King of The Castle-Father's Day  at Ledson Winery, Sonoma
June 21 - CP Driving tour to Villa Tuscano Winery 
July 8 -CP Meeting at Mimi's
July 27 - Hot Rods and Harleys Car Show - Lodi Lake
August 15 - Concorso Italiano
August 16-17 - Monterey Historic Races
August 29-31 - Shelby Mini-Nats-Sears Point
Sept 12-13- Bodega Bay Weekend - John Worsley , Chairman
Sept 21 - Chico - Concours d'Elegance
Oct 11 - Rio Rendezvous Car Show - Rio Vista
Oct    - Winchester Mystery House, w/DeLorean club.
Suggestions for other activities in the coming year include;
Blackhawk Museum in Danville
Golf/Lunch in Farmington - at JB Golf
Sporting Clays/Lunch at Birds Landing (near Rio Vista). 
Great Pantera back road getting there!!
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.  If you use the "reply" button, please delete all the text and photos below your message.  If you don't, a copy of the newsletter will be returned to us, thus making for a very long download time.  Help conserve internet bandwidth.  Thank you.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Pantera #1575