June 2005
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Towe Auto Museum Film - May 13, 2005
The evening of Friday the thirteenth was anything but unlucky for Jim and myself.  We had a sushi dinner at Mikuni's, in downtown Sacramento, then off to the movies.  Our ticket price of $10 each got us admission to the Town Auto Museum, and the showing of "Wings"(1928) accompanied by the mighty Wurlitzer theater organ.  Cold drinks and popcorn were available with free refills on the popcorn!  This month's movie was the Paramount Picture "Wings".  It was the first film to receive an Academy Award and the only silent film to also win an Academy Award.  The female lead was Clara Bow, and there was a 2 minute sequence with Gary Cooper, in his first film appearance.  The film had some special effects and used some photographic techniques that are commonly used today. The aerial dog fighting scenes were exciting and extraordinarily filmed.  The two hour and twenty minute film was over before you realized it.  The organ accompaniment was provided by Bob Salisbury.  Bob is a noted theater organist who is based on Santa Catalina Island, at the famous Avalon Ballroom.  The silent movies/organ accompaniment are done as a fund raiser for the Sierra Chapter of the American Theater Organ Society.  The Sierra Chapter maintains two organs in the Sacramento area.  These instruments, with guest artists, put on regular concerts that are open the public.
Before the film began, we toured the current exhibit at the Towe Museum. This time it was an exhibit of fire engines, "The History of Firefighting".  There were three beautifully restored engines, plus other fire related artifacts. There was a 1863 hand pumper from Connecticut, a 1874 horse drawn steam fire engine from Woodland,  a 1924 Chemical fire engine from Sacramento.
The "Car Club Cavalcade" had International Harvester as the featured marque.  Maybe we could have the Pantera as the featured marque in the future?
We also saw a car with a Grand Prix connection.  The museum has a 1914 Hupmobile Touring car once owned by driving great Phil Hill.
The next silent film at the Towe Auto Museum will be "The Garden of Eden"(1928) on July 15, 2005.  We hope to see you at  the movies!
This is the type of article that you will continue to get in the CP newsletter if no one else turns in articles about their automotive adventures!
Wine Country Classic Vintage Races
June 4, 2005
The weekend started the way most car weekends do, cleaning up the Pantera.  That is Jim's duty!  I packed the small ice chest with water and snacks.  With all that done Friday, we were ready to get up early Saturday to head over to Sears Point, excuse me Infinion, for the Wine Country Historic Races.  The weather was clear and promised not to be too hot on Saturday.  Traffic was light and moved right along.  It was like driving a slot car on Highway 37.  The Pantera is so low compared to the median barrier and the four foot high shrubs on the shoulder.  We arrived and were waved into the Shelby Corral, at turn 11.  Thank you Rick Carlile for arranging corral passes for us, and the Shelby club for inviting us orphaned Ford powered cars to join them.  We really enjoy the location on the green grass at turn 11.  You can have your lawn chairs and cooler and enjoy the activities.  From that location, the bathrooms are close (the indoor type for you ladies!), food, and drink are close, the pit area is close to view the cars!  How does the Shelby Club manage this every year?  We were parked next to Tom Galli, in his red Goose, and Steve Dalcinco in his red Pantera.  There was one more Pantera and a CAV GT40, both owned by Pat and Becky Dolan, that were in the corral.  The corral was full of Cobras, Mustangs, and Tigers.  It was quite a car show in it's own right!  Jim placed two informational sheets in the windows of the car.  One was a short history of the deTomaso Pantera and the other was a copy of the original Ford window sticker for the Pantera, from 1971.  Both of these sheets got a lot of interest from people. 
             Nice parking (thanks Shelby club)                      Jim & Tom enjoying the front row grass seating
After putting everything in place; info sheets, lawn chairs and a quick car dusting it was time for morning coffee.  So with coffee in hand, we set off to walk the pit area to see what we could find.  We located the garage area for CP member Carl Stein.  He was running his 1966 Trans Am Mustang.  He was assisted by CP member Rick Moseley.  While there we ran into PCNC/CP member Mike Drew.  We were off to walk the rest of the pit area with Mike, while Carl and Rick got the Mustang Trans Am ready for the next run.  The big new item at the event was the addition of Can Am and IMSA  race cars to the ranks of the racers!  They are wide, low, and loud!  They have a sound that is great.  We had not expected to see and hear them at the Vintage Races!  It was a very pleasant surprise!  The last time Jim saw them run, was in 1968 at Riverside. While the Sonoma location doesn't draw the numbers that the Monterey Vintage race does, in many ways it is better.  There are fewer people, there is a more relaxed atmosphere for the viewer, and best of all it is closer to home.  We were happy to bump into several PCNC members: Todd  Glyer, Steve Dalcinco, Darryl and Connie Johnson, Tom Galli, Mike Drew, as well as CP member Carl & Leslie Stein, Rick Moseley.  If there were others, we must have missed them.
We saw several automotive celebrities on Saturday.  We saw Vic Edelbrock, and Craig Jackson, of Barrett - Jackson, both running cars in the TransAm group.  Jackson was in the garage space next to Carl.  We are not sure but we think that Carl finished ahead of him.  Craig Jackson was running a Cuda, with Dan Gurney's name on the door. 
After walking the pit area, we headed back to the lawn chairs and watching the races.  I relaxed and worked on my crochet project part of the afternoon, while Jim and the guys walked the pit area in more detail than I needed.  They also visited a private shop at the track, with some very nice cars (see photo below).
O.K., who wins the contest for the Jack Rousch imitation?
While walking around the paddock, sharp eyed Rick Moseley saw a steering rack on an IMSA Monza that looked very familiar.  It was made by the same British company that made the Pantera racks, but had been modified in a very interesting way.  The top plate had been drilled and tapped for a grease zerk, thus confirming Rick's theory that the rack should really be greased, instead of filled with gear oil.  Note; this is a special grease for this application and not regular bearing grease.  See photo below.
The afternoon ended with a Group 9 race, Carl's group.  We know that he moved up several places, so we have to assume that he was happy with the results.  Sunday will be the final day of racing.  We wish him well.  We know that CP member, Rick Carlile will be at turn 11 cheering Carl.
It was an easy drive home for us.  Can you believe it, our Pantera was the car helping to get another car on the road after the races ended.  We gave a jump to the Sunbeam Tiger parked next to us.  Did you know that Tiger owners have the same emergency kit as the Pantera owners?  A cell phone and AAA-plus Towing.  On the way home, we passed the same Tiger at the side of the road.  We pulled over and backed up to see if we could help.  They said that it just died, no electrical power on anything, and they were ready to activate their emergency kit!
We ended our car outing day with dinner.  We had a couple of options, but decided on Jonesy's at the Napa Airport  just off the intersection of Highway 29 and Highway 12.  The restaurant is newly remodeled.  They really dressed the place up, but they didn't change the menu or the prices! This is a wonderful place for a meat eater, but lousy for a vegetarian.  We usually get the service for two.  It is a top sirloin, their special potatoes and Jonesy's house salad.  It was great.  We had steak and eggs for breakfast using the left over steak and the rest of it for dinner Sunday night.  The parking is plentiful(no problem with a car trailer, Carl), the prices are good and the service is great. This is a place worth the stop when heading home from the races or doing some wine tasting in the Napa valley!
Meeting Notes, June 14, 2005
We had 10 people at Mimi's for the June meeting of the Capitol Panteras. The weather was very nice this month so we had dinner on the patio.  There were four Panteras in the parking lot!  John Worsley joined us with his Bricklin and Ken Montgomery was in his DeLorean.   This good turn out of club cars was due to two things: the good summer weather and the challenge from Treasurer John to everyone to drive their club cars or face a $5 fine.  John did manage to collect the fine from two people who "forgot"!  The members at the meeting consisted of; Dennis Gacutan, Jim & Emilia Seiferling, John Worsley, Rick Carlile, Ken Montgomery, John McNamee, Terry Eriksen & girl friend Kathy, and Henry Kirk.  Next month will surely be the month for a larger number of club cars!  Treasurer John has repeated the challenge to everyone to bring their club car to the next meeting or face a $5 fine! He wishes to double the fine for yellow cars!
Club Treasurer, John McNamee, reported that the club is solvent with more money than we have had in a long time.  The recent reinstitution of the raffle and the fines for not driving your club car have resulted in more money for the treasury.  John also took orders for the new club logo shirts.  If you wish to order shirts with the new CP Logo, call or fax John with your selection of size, color and style.  He said the cost would depend on the type of shirt selected, but would be in the $16-30 range.  He said that he could have it to you at the next CP meeting, on July 12. 
John McNamee and Jeff Budelli had trouble with a date for the May Wine Run and BBQ.  The Fall date will not work due to soccer season for John.  So we will make sure to get a date on the calendar earlier for the event next year. 
The date for the Thunder Valley Casino Rally & Brunch is Sunday, June 26. The cost will be ~ $17 per person.  We will meet at the Mimi's parking lot at 10 AM.   We will then caravan to Thunder Valley for Brunch.  If you will be coming from the other direction, try to meet us at Thunder Valley for our 11 AM arrival.  John Worsley has arranged for special reserved parking at the Casino for the Club cars.  Please call John  at 916-481-8321 if you are able to join the group.  Right now we have Rick C., Henry and John W.  We need at least 5 cars for a descent showing.  Thank you John for setting this event up with the Casino.
Henry Kirk reported on the Reno-Tahoe Pantera Weekend.  He was able to go up for Saturday.  The Car Show was on the Plaza at Harrah's with about 25 cars. Henry was really lucky at the dinner on Saturday night.  He won four raffle prizes!  What a nice way for Henry to spend his 60th birthday.  Jim & I have enjoyed the Reno-Tahoe event in the past and we were disappointed to be unable to attend this year.  We hope to go next year.
The Capitol Panteras have been invited to join the Reno-Tahoe Panteras at a summer Brunch Run.  We discussed several dates and decided on Sunday, July 24.  We will drive up to the Truckee area and joint them at the Rainbow Lodge. At this time we have five cars for the drive; Henry, Jim, Rick C., Terry, John W.  As always if your club car is down for some reason, please feel free to join us anyway.  A final list and a meeting place for the start will be set at the next meeting.
John McNamee wanted everyone to know that "Crasharama" will be at the Roseville Fairgrounds on July 16.  The cost is $9 adults, $5 for children.  It starts at 10 AM and goes on for hours. 
Ken reported that the DeLorean Club will be going to the Winchester Mystery House, in San Jose, on either  October 29 or 30.  When the date firms up he will let us know.
Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures. This happened again this month! We can't be the only people who have automotive adventures!
June 26  - Thunder Valley Rally & Brunch, Chairman John Worsley. 916-481-8321
July  12 - Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
July 15 - Silent movie at the Towe Auto Museum
July 16 - Crasharama - Roseville Fairgrounds
July 24 - Brunch with The Reno - Tahoe Panteras, Rainbow Lodge Truckee
July 24 - Hot Rods and Harleys Car Show - Lodi Lake
Aug. 9 - Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Aug.19 - Concourso Italiano, Monterey
Aug. 20-21 - Monterey Historic Automobile Races
Sept ?? - Isleton Car Show
Sept 11 - Chico Concours d'Elegance
Sept 11 - Fun Ford Sunday, Solano County Fairgrounds
Sept. 13 - Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Sept 23-25 -  Shelby Club Mini Nats XXII, Sears Point
Oct 2 - Concours at Serrano, Gold River
Oct 8 - Rio Rendezvous Car show in Rio Vista, Chairman Jim 
Oct 9 - 18th Annual All Italian Car and Motorcycle Show - Alameda, Contact Jim Rogers, 805-924-0223
Oct 11 - Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Oct 15-16 - Shelby Club,  Fall Classic Open Track @ Thunderhill
Oct. 29 or 30 - Join DeLoreans at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose
Nov.  8 - Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Nov. ??   - Delta Brunch Run, Chairman Emilia & Jim
Dec. ??   - Capitol Panteras Christmas Party, Chairman Dennis
May ?? 06  -  Foothill Wine Country Tour & BBQ, Chairmen John McNamee. and Jeff Budelli
Suggestions for other activities in the coming year include;
Blackhawk Museum in Danville
Sporting Clays/Lunch at Birds Landing (near Rio Vista). 
Great Pantera back road getting there through the Montezuma Hills!!
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Pantera #1575