June 2006
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Towe Auto Museum, Silent Movie Night
by Emilia Seiferling
The Black Pirate (1926) starring Douglas Fairbanks was the most recent film presented by the Sierra Chapter of the American Theater Organ Society at the Towe Auto Museum.  My work schedule allowed us to leave a bit early for the Friday night movie, so we were able to go to dinner prior to the movie.  We decided to try a new restaurant to us, El Novillero on Franklin Blvd. at 18 Ave.  The restaurant is a very busy place.  It has two parking lots to serve its many diners.  We arrived at about 5:30 pm and were seated immediately.  We were seated at table for two on the upper balcony, as the bottom floor was almost full.  The menu is very large, but I knew that they were known for their carnitas, so it was fairly easy to decide on my entree. The service was fast and polite, our drinks arrived quickly, and the food shortly thereafter.  The carnitas platter was very good, but not quite as good as the same dish at Ernesto's.  Jim had the chicken mole, which was good, but not as good as Maria's here in Rio Vista.  The tortillas were the best that I had had in a very long time!  So all in all it was a good dining experience and worth a second visit to try some other menu items.  They were so efficient that we had plenty of time to travel to the Towe for the movie.
There was a pretty good crowd for the movie.  There was a church youth group of about 20 teenagers that came to the movie, with their parish priest.  It was their first time at the museum and the first time to view a silent movie with live music.  The movie was packed with swash-buckling action, sword fights, cannons, and walking the plank!  Of course the good guy saved the day and won the Princess.
We also got a chance to walk around the museum.  The featured Car Club was the Corvair Club.  That really makes me think that the Panteras should be the featured car club in January.  I have to call and get the details from the museum!  We were joined at the movie by CP member Chris Difani and friend Christine.  This was their first time at the Towe for a silent movie and enjoyed it so much they plan to attend the next one.
It was another good night at the movies, 1926 style. 
Foothill Wine Tour & BBQ
by Emilia & Jim Seiferling
The long awaited day for the Capitol Panteras Foothill Wine Tour came, along with the unwanted threat of rain!   No matter what the weather was we were not going it cancel this event.  We headed out early to the appointed meeting place of Bella Bru Coffee, in El Dorado Hills.  The drive from Rio Vista went very smoothly.  The river route was beautiful with no traffic and only a cloudy sky above.  Our Pantera loves cool weather.  The car ran just fine and at the end of a 190 mile day we averaged 16 miles per gallon.  The drive though Sacramento was speedy and we arrived at Bella Bru with plenty of time to spare.  We split a breakfast croissant with fruit and coffee.  While we enjoyed our coffee, we talked about what we might do if no one showed up for the Wine Tour.  We had received a couple of inquiries if the event was cancelled, because of the threatening weather.  No one had cancelled out on us, but Pantera owners don't like rain!  One by one people began to arrive.  Eventually everyone arrived on time.   They just arrived minus their Pantera's!  There were a variety of reasons for the change in cars; bad battery, bad brakes, in the paint shop, in the shop, all good excuses.  Only Dennis & Patty Gacutan and John Worsley drove their club cars.  This made our caravan to the wine country an odd mix;  Panteras(2), Mercedes(2), an Alfa(Nancy & Mike Haney), a Bricklin, and a Ford truck leading the way!  Those who made the drive were Emilia & Jim Seiferling, Patty & Dennis Gacutan, Sherry & Terry Morosky, Chris Difani and friend Christine, Mike & Nancy Haney, John Worsley, and Linda & Jeff Budelli.
Jeff had planned for three winery stops.  The first was Toogood Winery. 
It is located in a cave!  The wine was very good and many bottles were transported home.  Terry offered to carry any purchases in his Mercedes, as he knew that the wine would overheat in the Pantera's trunk!  The next stop was Mt. Aukum Winery.  This winery would have had a wonder view of the surrounding countryside had it not been for the rain clouds!  By this time, the rain had begun to fall!  Out came the umbrellas and coats!  We enjoy the wines and took a break to dine al-fresco on cheese, salami, and crackers that Chairmen Jeff had brought.  This was especially welcomed by those who had not eaten either at home or at the Bella Bru before the tour began.  The last stop was Villa Tuscano.  This winery has a beautiful plaza area, but by now it was a hard and steady rain.  There was no setting and enjoying the grounds.  This made the tasting room rather crowded.  The winery was hosting an early release party.  We were about the only people not part of that party.  The rainy weather really did thin or eliminate crowds this day.
Toogood Winery
The winery is under the green hill behind the cars.
Mt. Aukum Winery, snack time
In the clouds, with plenty of rain.  The Pantera's didn't dissolve in the rain!
After the stop at Villa Tuscano, we headed for the BBQ at the home of Chrissy & Glen Cramer.   The BBQ was catered by the Back Forty.  It was delivered shortly before we arrived. The food was great and no one had to cook!  We were joined for dinner by Sue & John McNamee.  The Cramer home is beautiful. Thank you Glen and Chrissy for hosting the group.    The day ended with a tour of Glen's second garage.  The Pantera was there, clean and dry.  The Lamborghini Gallardo was present, but the Mangusta is down at Steve Wilkinson's having work done on it.  Glen hopes to take both the Pantera and the Mangusta to Monterey this year. 
Final Stop at Glen's home for an indoor BBQ
It took two years to come up with a date that worked for the group, but it was worth the wait.  There are so many wineries in the area, we should try to do this again next year.  If the weather had cooperated, we would have had a good turn out of Panteras.  Let's think about doing this again next year! Thank you Jeff and Glen.
Reno Fun Rally
by Emilia & Jim Seiferling
Sorry to report that the Reno Fun Rally was cancelled this year.  We hope to be able to report on this event next year.  Jim and I were disappointed but look forward to next year's Reno Fun Rally.
Wine Country Classic
by Jim Seiferling
This year was a little different for us.  Normally Emilia joins me on this annual event, but she was in charge of a local charity event, with her Soroptimist club.  This opened up the right seat in the Pantera for my cousin Rich to join me.  He has been a hot rodder & drag racer for 50 years, but I believe this was his first sports car road race event.  We left Rio Vista Saturday morning and had an easy drive to Sear Point, thanks to the new Vallejo freeway bypass.  Upon arriving, I pulled the car into the Shelby coral, thanks to the efforts of Rick Carlile from our club and Louis Downs, of the Shelby club.  We had first class parking, on the grass, at the turn 11 hairpin.
We then proceeded to the garage area, where the Trans Am cars were stationed.  We found Carl's car there, still with the cover on it.  This turned out not to be a good sign.  Earlier that morning he took the car out and something either cracked in the block or head, or a gasket blew.  The engine oil pan was full of radiator water; event over!  It was later determined to be a loose bolt or stud in the head valve train, allowing water from the jacket to get into the valve rocker area and then into the engine oil pan.  After that disappointing news, Rich and I continued through the garage area.  Then we did the "museum shuffle" through the pit area.  The variety of cars at these historic events is really incredible.  There was everything from a three wheel car to Can Am series cars.  While walking down one of the pit rows, I spotted a modern sports car that I didn't immediately recognize.  I walked up to the front of the car to examine the badge.  It was a McLaren F1 street car!  Top speed is 240 miles per hour, only 100 were ever built.  It carried a $1 million plus price tag.  Here is a link with lots of photos of this supercar. 
While walking the pits, we stopped to look at an unusual Corvair powered kit car, called a Piranha.  They were having trouble with the carburetor and asked if anyone standing around knew anything about Holley carburetors.  I pointed to Rich and he began to clue them in on the workings of it.  At the very least, the vacuum port on the bottom of the carb had nothing plugged into it, thus a very big vacuum leak resulting in a very lean mixture.  It certainly appeared the owner didn't have a clue about the engine in his car!  After we went on our way, Rich said he didn't have the heart to tell him that the model Holley on that engine was not suited to a race engine.
After finishing the pit walk, it was time for a tri-tip sandwich at the BBQ vendor.  Since we are both non breakfast people, this was a much needed break.  After lunch we went back to the Pantera, pulled out the lawn chairs from the rear tub and enjoyed the sounds of the cars for the afternoon.  During the event I saw many Pantera folks,  Steve and Merry Dalcino were parked to our right with Tom Gali and his Mangusta next to them.  John Worsely was on my left, with his Bricklin.  Later in the afternoon, Darryl and Connie Johnson drove in with their newly modified Pantera.  That car drew quite a crowd.  Carl Stein and Rick Moseley were taking care of Carl's sick car.  Mike Drew was there talking to a Pantera/Mangusta owner, from the Napa area.  I never did talk to him, but I'm sure Mike filled him in on all the aspects of the local Pantera POCA chapters.  After the last group of cars ran on the track, the Trans Am group, Rich and I headed home.  It was another easy drive.  We even made it through Fairfield without being stopped by any of the lights.  Sometimes you're just lucky!
Meeting Notes, June 13, 2005
by Emilia Seiferling
The weather was good for the June meeting of the Capitol Panteras. There would have been a good showing of club cars except for the fact that the restaurant forgot to cone off spaces for us! Those  present were: Jeff Budelli, Emilia & Jim Seiferling, Ken Montgomery, John Worsley, Duane and Darice Harlan, Rick Carlile, Carl Stein, Rick  Moseley and friend Diane, Terry Morosky, and Dennis Gacutan.  There was no raffle since we were missing the Treasurer. 
The joint brunch with the Reno-Tahoe Panteras is set for Sunday, Sept. 24, 2006.  It will be in Nevada City at the Northern Queen Hotel.  Please mark your calendar now!
Chairman Jeff hopes to have a variety of Italian cars, in addition to Panteras, at the Festa Italiana.  It was decided  to do the display only on Sunday.  If you have any Italian car, for the show, please let Jeff know.  More details as we get closer to the date, August 6.
The Capitol Panteras could have a display at the Towe Auto Museum in January 2007.  We need a local club member (Sacramento area) to coordinate with the museum.  Duane said last month that  he was willing to display his car.  The club must contact the museum to set this up. So think about having your car on display in January.  Remember that the Nash Club was able to do this!  Who will chair this display?
John W. has the Thunder Valley Brunch Run set!  Mark your calendar for July 16, 2006.  We have a preliminary head count of: John W., Dennis & Patty, Duane & Darice, Ken & Judy, Jim & Emilia, Jeff & Linda, Rick & Marsha, Rick & Diane.  I assume we will meet at Mimi's then caravan to Thunder Valley.  E-mails will be sent with the exact times. As always, everyone is welcome, but it must be a club car to get the reserved parking at the Thunder Valley Casino. 
The July meeting, of the Capitol Panteras, will be in Old Roseville at the auto show that is held there every Tuesday during the summer.  Dennis has work out the details of where we will eat and the reserved parking.  The final details will be sent via e-mails. You can RSVP to Dennis at 
This should be a fun way to get out and drive the cars.
If you are planning to go to Monterey for the Concorso weekend, you need to act very quickly to get a room with either PI or PCNC.  There are maybe a couple of rooms available.  Maybe some of us can caravan over to Monterey?  We need to compare planned departure times at the August CP meeting.
Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth".
                                                 2006 EVENTS CALENDAR
July 11      Capitol Pantera meeting at the Roseville car show.
July 16      Thunder Valley Brunch Run @ noon - Chairman John W.
July            Hot Rods and Harleys Car Show - Lodi Lake
Aug. 6    Festa Italiana, Sacramento, Chairmen Jeff and George
Aug 8        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Aug 17      "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.
Aug 18        Concorso Italiano, "35 Years of the Pantera"
Aug 19-20  Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca
Sept. 12    Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Sept 22     Shelby Club, Mini Nats XXII, Infineon
Sept. 24    Joint Brunch Run with Reno-Tahoe Panteras
Oct. 19      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's     .
Oct 28-29  Shelby Club, Fall Classic 2006 Open Track, Thunderhill
Nov. 14     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Nov.           Delta Brunch Run, Chairman Emilia & Jim
Dec.          Capitol Panteras Christmas Party
Jan 2007  Capitol Panteras on display at the Towe Auto Museum
Suggestions for other activities in the coming year include;
Blackhawk Museum in Danville
Sporting Clays/Lunch at Birds Landing (near Rio Vista). 
Great Pantera back road getting there through the Montezuma Hills!!
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Pantera #1575