June 2008
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EuroSunday, May 25th.

by Emilia Seiferling

The fourth Sunday of May meant it was time for EuroSunday again.  That Sunday it was at "It's A Grind" in Elk Grove.  Capitol Panteras was represented by Jim (Pantera), John (Bricklin) and Henry (Cobra).  They were joined by former CP member and now PCNC member Paul (Pantera).  It was rather cold to start the morning, but clear and it did warm up by the time we left for breakfast.  Paul and Christine were committed to baby-sit Paul's niece, so they were unable to join us.  I wanted to try something different for breakfast.  Jim and I had had dinner at " Todo un Poco" a couple of months ago and really enjoyed the place.  The restaurant is located at 9080 Laguna Main Street in Elk Grove.  Their menu is an interesting mix of Mexican and Italian.  We had checked and found that they were open for Sunday Brunch, so that is where I wanted to go.  John was game to try it out, but Henry is a ham and eggs for breakfast guy and made a pitch for Marie Calendars.  I said that it was fine if he didn't want to join us, but Jim and I were going to try a different place in Elk Grove.  We  all met up in the large empty lot of the strip mall where Todo un Poco was located (I had to run an errand to the JoAnn's superstore in Elk Grove for yarn before brunch).  We entered the restaurant to find it virtually empty.  We were quickly greeted and seated at a table near a window.  Their menu was full of new and different brunch/lunch items.  Henry kept looking for ham and eggs!  We all told him he would have to broaden his horizons and try something different.  All of their entrees were less expensive than the famous $9 oatmeal at Roxy's, which is near the Pavilions.  I enjoyed my change of pace brunch and will return there another time to try lunch.  After we had completed our meal, we went to leave and found that Henry had a dead battery.  Jim diagnosed the problem and fixed it for Henry.  Both battery connections were loose, which didn't allow the alternator to charge the battery and once tightened it needed a jump to start.  It was an unusual sight to see a Pantera giving assistance to another car.  It is usually the Pantera that needs the help!  In the pasr we've also jump started a Sunbeam Tiger, using the Pantera.  Jim has had enough problems of his own over the past few years that he is now prepared to handle a large number of automotive problems!  Once that was done Henry was to drive straight home and put a charger on the battery. 

Great license rim on a Fiat Abarth

Wine Country Classic, May 31st.

by Emilia Seiferling

We were up early to get on the road to the Wine Country Classic at Sears Point.  The past few early morning drives to automotive events have been very pleasant, i.e. no traffic.  This time we get out on Highway 12 to find ourselves behind two very large trucks going eventually as fast as 30 miles per hour.  For those of you who have not driven Highway 12, we are now "safe" by making the entire road between Rio Vista and Fairfield a no-pass road except for two designated passing zones. So we resigned ourselves to a very slow trip.  We lucked out and were able to get by the trucks at the first passing zone!  The rest of our drive to Fairfield was traffic free.  Since we left home early we decided to stop for coffee at the McDonald's in Suisun City.  It is right next to Highway 12 with easy on/off. That was a interesting stop.  First there was this car lurking in the parking lot that acted like he was looking for an easy mark to rob!  He made me so suspicious that I stopped outside the restaurant and told Jim to go in alone to get our coffee.  He had pulled up very close to our car after we got out and began to walk over to the restaurant.  Once he noticed me, he drove off quickly out of the parking lot.  This was not a case for someone just wanting a closer look at a rare car, it was creepy!  Once in the McDonalds we were treated to the slowest and poorest service we had ever received in a McDonalds.  We moved up the line quickly only because several people in front of us got fed up and left the building!  Finally we got our coffee but they were out of both cream and sweetener!  The coffee was hot but that was about the only positive thing I can say.  Avoid this coffee stop in the future.  Once on the road on Highway 80 west we remembered the Jack in the Box on Red Top Road!  It has an easy on/off and have been fast and friendly in the past.  We have used this location as a meeting place when we have joined up with Mike and Nancy Haney for past drives.  We will use it as our future coffee stop. 

We arrived at Sears Point and made our way to the Shelby Corral.  This year the corral was located in the parking area near the north end of the main grandstand.  I prefer the old corral site, but that area is now a building site.  The good things about the new site are close to the grand stands, close to the bathrooms, close to food, and close to the wine/food tasting tent.  You just cannot sit by your car in your lawn chair on the grass and watch the races!  But this new site for the Shelby Corral was the best of the Club corrals and we thank them for allowing Panteras and Mangustas to join them.  Eventually the corral, which had space for 50 cars, was filled to 48 cars by our count.  The deTomaso people in the corral were: Merry & Steve Dalcino, Diane Dean & Tom Galli,  Jim & Emilia Seiferling,  Mike Nevins & son Matt, Chuck Banks & son Josh.  There were several other Pantera people at the races, but without their Club car; Connie & Darrel Johnson, Dena & Bob Lucas, and Bill Charlton.  There were several people who were racing, Todd Glyer & friend Christine and Bob Benson the crew for Todd's Lola.

The new Shelby Corral near turn #1

As usual we walked the pit areas, we cheered the racers, especial Todd, and enjoyed the event. We were invited to join the PCNC group for dinner in Novato, but it had been a long week leading up the races so we opted to head home.  We did stop for a bite to eat in Suisun City, at the Athena Grill.  As were drove up to the restaurant we set off the alarm in an SUV that was parked next to us.  That was fun to do! We usually only have that happen in a parking structure.   We enjoyed our Greek meal and headed home.  It was an early night for us after another fun day thanks to driving a Pantera!  We encourage you all to get out there and drive your cars.  Yes, gas is expense, you just have to think of it as part of your total entertainment cost.  We found out that our car ran just fine on the mid-range fuel for this trip. Be thankful that you are not buying race fuel. It  was $8.295 / gallon for the 114 octane fuel at the track.

A little different view of Todd's Lola T-160

EuroSunday Plus & Thunder Valley Brunch, June 8th.

by Emilia Seiferling

The EuroSundays are always an early morning for us.  This EuroSunday was no exception.  The drive north on Highway 160 was particularly beautiful.  There were so many shades of green to view this trip.  There was the green of the young corn plants, the green of the new growth of the grape vines, the green of the pear trees, the contrast of the freshly planted tomato plants and the brown soil.  All this plus the blue sky and the sun shining on the Sacramento River made for a very pretty drive in the Pantera.

We arrived at the Pavilions to an almost full parking area.  The featured marques of Ferrari and Maserati were out in force.  There was a good assortment of Ferrari's, from current models to 1960's classics.  A gentleman from Walnut Grove brought up his Maserati Bora.  We've run into each other at various car events for the last 5 years.  We were eventually joined by Terry Morofsky and Jeff Budelli in their Panteras, plus Henry in the Cobra, and John in the Bricklin.  The total number of cars in the event was over 60.  The weather was very pleasant for the show.  Unlike the last several EuroSunday gatherings I actually debated on whether to have a hot coffee drink or a cold coffee drink.  It was cool in the Starbuck's so the warm drink won this time.

A "survivor" D-Type Jaguar

With coffee in hand I returned to the car, got my crochet bag and went to sit in the sun on the patio out side of the Ruth Chris Steakhouse.  I could watch all the activity from my comfy spot.  Jim and the guys walked the displays, talked, and checked out everything automotive.  Soon it was time to head for theThunder Valley Casino for brunch.  John invited two Maserati people to join us.  That brought our number to 8.  It was a smooth drive to the Casino and we were given prime parking, in the shade, by the main entrance.  Jim did notice that the temperature on the Pantera was running hotter than usual.  It was steady but a little higher than normal.  So the guys discussed that and offered several good suggestions for Jim to check out before another trip in the car.  Thank you John for making the arrangements for the brunch drive.  Our timing was pretty good, the line was fairly short and we were seated quickly.  The buffet was very good as always.  The conversation was varied and active.  Soon it was time to head home to do all the other things that we all need to take care of on the weekend. We watched the tape of the Canada F1 race and I took a nap.  I managed to see the first several laps and then wake up for the final lap of the race. It was another good outing, thanks to driving a Pantera.

The Motoring Mouth

Some of the items discussed or overheard before and after the business meeting were:

Ken Montgomery is going to Pennsylvania for a large DeLorean event.  The Bricklin group will piggyback off their event, so John Worsley has already left for the gathering.

Rick Carlile is still waiting on parts for his TVR.

Carl Stein took a break from working on the racecar to attend a CP meeting.  He reported that Rick Moseley was injured in an accident at work.  He had a concussion and is still having some related vision problems.  We all wish him well and a speedy recovery.

John Worsley announced on Sunday, at the Thunder Valley Brunch, that he and Alice are going to be grand parents!

John McNamee is now "the fastest man in California" age 55-59 in the 100 and 200 meters sprints.   John is trying to get Henry to join him running.  Evidently Henry was a trackman in college at the University of Nevada.

Jim is driving a new truck.  After 25 years with the GMC diesel it was time to replace it.  He got a crew cab Chevy Colorado.  That is the first 4-passenger vehicle we have had since 1991.

Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to   to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth".
Meeting Notes June 10, 2008
The weather was perfect for a drive to the CP monthly meeting at Mimi's.  The result was 3 Panteras at the meeting, Rick Carlile, Henry Kirk, and Ken Forsyth!  The other car that were eligible for the "Driving for Gas $",$10,  was Ken Montgomery in his DeLorean.  The winner of the "Driving for Gas $" raffle was Ken.  Others in attendance, but in their daily drivers were: Jim & Emilia, Carl Stein, John McNamee.  We were not in the Pantera due to a heating issue that had come up on the Sunday drive to Thunder Valley.  The raffle, for a $20 gift card from Kragen, was won by Henry.  We netted $4 profit from the raffle!  This shows that CP is successfully functioning on the "Gomez Adams " business plan because we loss $6 for the evening, but had fun.
We went over the CP Schedule of events for the next few months.   
The August CP meeting will not be at Mimi's.  We will meet at "Concours Raduno", at the Masque Ristorante, in El Dorado Hills. 
The meeting time will be at 6 PM.  Details to be given at the July meeting and by e-mail.
Jeff is the Car Chairman for the Sacramento Festa Italiana, in August.  He has to arrange for all the Italian cars that will be on display. If you know any Italian car owners who might like to display their cars, please contact Jeff or us and we will pass the information on to him.  Jeff has already reserved Sunday, August 3 for the Panteras.  Please mark your calendar for this fun event! 
There is now a location for Concorso Italiano in Monterey.  It is at the Marina Airport.  The Pantera corral at Laguna Seca will be run by PCNC.  You can get your corral pass and event tickets now.  You can order on line at the PCNC website.  PCNC will also be doing a hotel at the Los Laurels Lodge in Carmel Valley.  You must be a POCA member to qualify for housing.  **At the time of the June meeting it was not known, but PI will be hosting hotel accommodations.  Rooms are limited, but available through PI. 
Since John Worsley was not at the June meeting, we have no update on his proposed summer brunch run to possibly the Ryde Hotel or the Grand Island Mansion.  Details will be discussed at the next CP meeting, at Mimi's.
                                2008 EVENTS CALENDAR
Capitol Panteras Events in Red
June 21    Car Show in Arnold 
June 22    EuroSunday, Pavilions
July 4-13   LeMans Tour - France
July 5-6    Shelby Club at Sears Point. 
July 8       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
July 13      EuroSunday Plus, It's A Grind in Elk Grove. Featured make are Ford (GT, Saleen, Mustang GT, etc)
July 27      EuroSunday, It's A Grind in Elk Grove
Aug  2-3    Festa Italiana, Sacramento,
Aug 3       Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Bundelli
Aug 10      EuroSunday Plus, Roseville.  Featured makes are Vettes and Vipers
Aug 12     Capitol Panteras meeting at Raduno in El Dorado Hill @ 6 PM.
Aug 14     "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.
Aug 15      Concorso Italiano,
Aug 15-17   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca 
Aug  15-17  Minden Car Show
Aug 22-24  Historic Grand Prix, Sears Point.
Aug 24      EuroSunday, Roseville.
Aug 29-Sept 1   Shelby Club, Mini Nats, Thunderhill
Aug 30-Sept 1   SCCA Races @ Sears Point. 
                            Carl Stein will be racing the Mangusta. 
Sept 3(Weds)  Sacramento Shelby Club car show.
Sept 7     Fun Ford Sunday 
Sept 7     Chico Concours
Sept 9     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Sept 14   EuroSunday Plus, Pavilions.  Featured makes are Fiat, and Alfa Romeo
Sept 21   Joint Brunch with Reno/Tahoe Panteras
Sept 27   Placerville Driving Tour; Capitol Panteras.  Chairman: Lamar
Sept 28   EuroSunday, Pavilions.    
Oct 5        Concourse at Serrano 
Oct 11-12  CSRG Charity Challenge, Sears Point. 
Oct 11     17th Annual Car Show, Rio Vista (yes, it will be held this year).  Chairman, Jim
                 (lunch at Foster's Big Horn)
Oct 12       Italian Car Show , Alameda.  A benefit for Special Olympics
                  No entry fee for exhibitors, no pre-registration required, good food!   :-))
Oct 12       EuroSunday Plus, Pavilions. Featured makes are (Ducati, BMW, Triumph, MV Augusta, Aprilia, etc)
Oct 14     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Oct 18     Car Show at Mustangs Plus, in Stockton
Oct 26      EuroSunday, It's A Grind Coffee in Elk Grove
Nov 9        EuroSunday Plus,@ The Pavilions. Featured makes are Lamborghini and Audi
Nov 11    Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Nov 23      EuroSunday, @ The Pavilions.
Nov            Road Trip to the Coast
Dec.         Capitol Panteras Christmas Party  - Host position is open
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Panteras #1575 & #7114