June 2010

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5th Annual Old Hangtown Car Show,

Sponsored by Placerville Lions Club, May 16th.

by Lamar Fairchild

After winning two awards last year including the CHP award for "the car most likely to outrun a CHP patrol car" and "Best Paint", I woke at 4:30 thinking, do I really want to go this year.  The 2nd alarm went off reminding me that I needed to move it if I wanted to beat the crowds and get the best spot in front of the bell tower and under a huge overhang to avoid the afternoon sun.  Officially the cars are let in at 6:30, so when I pulled in at 5:45, I was surprised to see my buddies already there holding the best four spots.  Mike quipped as he backed me in "what's the matter old man, did your rooster oversleep?  Mike is a former student of mine and owns Lightfoot Automotive and is my go to guy to keep my Pantera and my driving school Mustang running smooth.  He is a hell of a mechanic who races stock cars and builds street rods.  He brought his 1971 orange Camaro and Aaron, another former student, brought Mike's blue 1969 Chevelle.  Mike had both cars for sale and before the day was over he sold the Camero for $17,000.  The next day the car was in San Francisco being shipped to Australia.  The buyer never even drove it.


After dusting the cars, we headed for Mel's Diner for a great All American breakfast and some car war stories. One Aaron reminded me of, with glee, happened 20 years ago when he was a driving student in my 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT.  After dropping him off at home following his driving lesson, I rolled the Fiero into his ditch trying to back out and had to have a tow truck rescue me.  Drive as I say, not as I do (Ha).


It was a great day for the car show; 71 degrees and a little cloudy. I met a lot of former students and old friends but the high point was when a lady came up and introduced herself as the wife of the first owner of my Pantera. He sold it to me in 1991.  I had not met her when my son, Mark and I drove it in the Bay Area.  I knew that he had died shortly after that.  She said she is still amazed when he came home after delivering the car to Placerville with a huge bag filled with $5 & $10 dollar bills.  I had saved for 12 years after seeing my first Pantera in 1979.  We had a great visit and she left saying "I can't believe how beautiful the car is now".  It was stock and white originally. The show ended shortly after our visit and I drove away thinking how great it is to be a Pantera owner.


All British Car Show, Woodland, May 23rd.

by Emilia Seiferling


We had a very busy the day of the British Car Show.  We were up early that Saturday to be able to pack a bunch of events into a single day.  Our first stop that day was the North Hills Amateur Radio Swap Meet in Sacramento.  Jim and I are both Ham radio operators.  That means that the possibility of finding radio treasures at a swap meet is an enticement too great to miss.  The trouble with swap meets is that they all start too early!  That means that you start even earlier when you live 40 plus miles away!  While we didn't get to the meet at the crack of dawn, we did get there early enough to score some ARRL handbooks.  These are Jim's newest collectible.  He has been adding to his collection of handbooks since he revived his radio license a couple of years ago.  He now has 34, with the oldest being 1942.  These books have been printed annually since 1927.  After the "shopping" was completed it was time for breakfast.  We ate at the 49er  Cafe.  This is a truck stop just west of I-5, on I-80.  This is not a fancy place.  Actually it is a bit on the tacky side, but the food and the service are very good.


The next stop was in Woodland, at the All British Car Show.  We wanted to attend this show since we knew that CP member and Webmaster, Ken Montgomery, would be there with his DeLorean.  We parked and went over to the shiniest cars on the field.  There were 3 DeLoreans lined up, holding up the Irish contingent of the show.  They are hard to tell apart except for the custom license plates.  The kids at the show love these cars.  Ken was very gracious and lets kids sit in the car for mom and dad to take pictures.  That is something that we all should do in order to enthuse future "car guys".   While at the show we met up with two other CP members; John Worsley and Carl Stein.




Our final stop for the day was in Galt.  We attended Jim's cousin's 50th wedding anniversary party.  It was a BBQ by their pool.  No real car connection here, but it was nice to relax after a lot of driving.  It was a full, busy day but we managed to do it all.


Reno Fun Rally, June 2nd to the 6th

by Emilia Seiferling


The POCA Fun Rally was a mini vacation for us.  We had planned to drive the Pantera this year since last year we didn't.  Last year the car was fine but Jim was not.  He was suffering from a stomach lining infection and not up to driving the car and barely able to be a passenger.  This year Jim was fine and the car was not.  The Pantera was in need of a transplant of sorts.  It needs a new main battery cable.  Jim had ordered one, in plenty of time to put it in and test it, but the part never came.  When he called to check on why it had not arrived he was told it was back ordered and that they did not know when it might arrive.  This was after he was told that it was in stock when he ordered the cable assembly.  Now there was not enough time to build his own cable and install it.  The unseasonable weather added to the delays since Jim must do his entire repair and maintenance work in our carport of our 120-year-old house (pre cars).  So Wednesday morning off we drove in the truck.  One good thing is that you can pack without worrying about bulk.


Our first waypoint Wednesday was West Sacramento. We were to meet up with PCNC member Paul Bowden for a mini caravan to Reno.  Jim and Paul were to be the first shift for the Fun Rally arrival help session in the Circus Circus garage.  We arrived at Paul's a few minutes after 9 AM.  Since Paul lives in the south end of West Sacramento, we decided to take the ferry over to Ryer Island and come into West Sac via the island route, but we were delayed by the ferry.  We managed to arrive right as the ferry crew began their 20-minute meal break.  The ferry operates 24/7 with two breaks for meals, but we had forgotten about the morning break.  As we pulled up to Paul's place he was transferring his stuff into his Prius from the Pantera.  This is not a good sign.  He tells us that he was warming up the Pantera there was a puff of white smoke and a smell.  After a few minutes examining the engine bay the problem was found, a burnt wire.  No time to fix it now, so we were off in our two-vehicle caravan; a Chevy truck and a Prius.  The trip over to Reno on I-80 went very smoothly.  We stopped at the Cabela's, in Boomtown for lunch.  Their menu is very interesting, featuring a variety of wild game meats sandwiches and grilled bratwurst.  We gassed up the truck (Paul's Prius didn't need any gas) and arrived at the Circus Circus garage in time for the guys greet/tech shift.  It wasn't too long before someone needed technical assistance.  On one fellow's Pantera the second radiator fan was not running.  Jim traced the problem to the usual bad fuse connections at the fuse box.  The problem was fixed in 10 minutes and the owner was most grateful and impressed it could be fixed in such a short time.


Later Wednesday we went the POCA hospitality room and met with that evening's dinner companion, Orville Berg of Space City Panteras, in Houston.  We had arranged our dinner via the deTomaso forum a couple of weeks before the event.  We went to a new restaurant for us, Bavarian World, recommended by Judy DeRyke.   It was about 6 blocks from the hotel, easy parking, and reasonably priced.  The service was fun and the food was good.  What made this extra special was that Orville is a long time ham radio operator (K5VWW, since 1959), so we had a lot to talk about other than cars.  We hope to connect with other POCA members this way at the next POCA Fun Rally.


Day two. Thursday the driving events began.  We opted to do the wooden boat shop tour and lunch at Gar Woods restaurant.  We were treated to a tour led by the company president.  It is truly an art form to restore and maintain these boats. 


Lunch at Gar Woods was special.  It must have the best lake level view on Lake Tahoe.  Our lunch was good.  They called in extra help to handle a larger than usual lunch crowd on a Thursday.  I felt the restaurant was a bit pricey for what you got, but the view and the service made up for it.


After lunch there were three different hikes that you could go on.  Jim and I opted to drive back to Reno on a new road for us, North Shore Road (Hwy 267 to Truckee).  We then took a nap to prepare for the evening.  There was one mishap on the drive to Tahoe.  Pantera meets uninsured, no tags, suspended license driver.  The result was a mangled headlight bucket and scrapes across the entire nose.  Fortunately no one was hurt.

That evening we were on our own for dinner.  Since we had too much good food at lunch, and too many munchies and beverages at the hospitality room we were not very hungry and too lazy to go far.  We ended up at the Asian restaurant in the El Dorado.  The service, food and price were good.  The only bad thing was the lack of a frig in our room to take home the leftovers.


Day three.  Friday we opted for the drive to the Sierra Buttes.  The weather had been unseasonably cold and wet.  We decided to not try to bum a ride in an empty Pantera seat. No offense anyone who had a spare seat on that drive, but unfamiliar road, wet weather, unknown driver ability, and possible sand on the road from the snow removal crew added up in our mind to drive in the back of the pack in our truck.  We ended up in the back of the pack but not in our truck.  We were invited to ride with Reno-Tahoe Pantera members Gene and Norma Elliott.  They also had decided it was safer to drive their "modern" car this trip.  It was still a very spirited drive, since Gene has driven this road many times before.  We were also treated to a narration of the history of the area while on the drive.  We're not sure if any of the Panteras noticed the sign below.  It was an "interesting" road in the wet.


That sign should make you grip the steering wheel a bit tighter!


We had lunch at Bassetts Station, a small general store/cafe just off the road.   It was so small that most of the group missed the turn!  We had great burgers for lunch.  After lunch we continued up the road to the scenic look out for the Sierra Buttes.  We will have to go back another time to actually see the Buttes!


The Buttes were out there somewhere.


Later that afternoon, we were back at the hotel in time to get ready for the evenings activity.  We chose to do dinner and The Catch a Rising Star Comedy Show.  We had dinner at the Silver Legacy buffet with Barbara and Steve Murch.  Jim Murch had decided to do the Car Show at Summit Auto Parts.  Steve made the most of the Friday night King Crab Legs special.  All the food was good.  The comedy show was entertaining as always.  The host bantered with the audience, the music was fun and the comics were good.  The better of the two comics was one from San Francisco.  We had to go to Reno to enjoy a California comic.  He was very fast on his feet and funny interacting with the group.  He was a raising star.


Day four.  We attended the POCA Chapter President's breakfast.  Various topics were discussed and President Mark McWhinney brought the chapter presidents up to date on POCA matters.


We then walked over to the Pantera car show.  The total number of cars on display, 53, was down from last year.  The weather was great.  This was the first day that it wasn't cool or damp.  It was sunny and clear.



In an ironic sense, there was also a tow truck convention in town.  They had Virginia Street blocked off and had a tow truck display, with some of the largest tow trucks we've ever seen.  They were also doing precision towing exercises, backing up a car "on the hook" into coned off narrow slots.


Tow truck staged and ready for action!


After touring the cars we went to lunch at a place we had seen on the Food Networks', "Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives". We ate at the Gold 'N Silver Inn.  This place is the oldest family restaurant in Reno started in 1956.  It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We enjoyed a typical diner lunch, with friendly service and simple good eats.


The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring Reno.  We went to the May Museum.  It was only about a mile from the hotel.  We got the senior rate to enter and enjoyed learning about Wilbur D. May.  Mr. May was born into the May Department Store family.  He led a very adventurous life.  He ran away to join WW I, at age 16.  He became a world-class pilot.  He grew his family money by being out of the stock market before the 1929 crash occurred.  He was in government bonds at the time. He then rebought stocks at pennies on the dollar. That move enabled him to retire to the Reno area to bred horses and cattle on his ranch, the Double Diamond, and to travel and hunt around the world until his death at age 82, in 1980.  The entire time he was in Reno he was doing charitable work with orphans, without any public fanfare.  His foundation carries on that work to this day.  The museum and arboretum is a class act and should be put on your "to do" list for the next POCA Fun Rally.


The evening was spent at the POCA banquet.  We were seated with Capitol Panteras member Henry Kirk and friend Karen. Also joining us was the Pantera group from Fresno; Larry and Donna Finch, John and Susan Middleton and daughter Marisa. There were awards and speakers, the keynote by Santiago deTomaso, and then the POCA raffle.  Our table didn't win anything big in the raffle.  We only have one item to bring back to CP for a meeting raffle prize, but we all helped support POCA.  Maybe the Club tickets will win something next year.  Richard Stock won the deTomaso colored afghan, which I made for the raffle.  He put all his tickets in the afghan box again this year, but this year he won!  When Richard lost out on the afghan last year, I felt so bad for him that I made one for him.   I asked him why he wanted a second afghan.  He said he "needed a spare".  His dad, Larry, said Richard uses the afghan everyday!



The happy afghan winner


Sunday Morning   We said our farewells to those people still there at 10 AM and then headed home after coffee and donuts in the hospitality room.  The trip home on I-80 went very smoothly.  We stopped at In-N-Out for lunch.  A burger and fries always seems right for lunch on a road trip.  It was another good trip made possible because we own a Pantera, even if we weren't driving the Pantera this trip.  It's all the neat people, more than the cars, which make it fun.


                        Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter


If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth"


Summary of the June 2010 Capitol Panteras Meeting


The June meeting had two yellow Panteras, a Bricklin, and a Mustang in the parking lot at Mimi's!  The drivers were; Rick Carlile, Lamar Fairchild, Don Gagnon, & John Worsley.  John won the driving of gas $.  Others attending but not in a club car were; Jim & Emilia Seiferling, Lori Albino, Mike Drew, Darice & Duane Harlan, Don Gagnon, and Mike & Nancy Haney.  Don is the newest member of Capitol Panteras, owns a Pantera, and lives in Jackson.  Welcome Don!


The raffle this meeting brought in $40 for the club.  Thanks you to club Treasurer John who sent a Capitol Pantera hat for the raffle.  This is a limited edition hat that has only been available through being at the meeting and winning the raffle!  Our newest member Don won the hat.  The other raffle prize was a prize won by a CP member at the POCA Fun Rally in Reno.   Henry & Karen won a purse, from Cold Water Creek, and graciously donated it to be a club raffle prize, because we won nothing with our 65 club raffle tickets.  The winner of the purse was Nancy Haney.


The summertime outings for the Capital Panteras were updated.  Lamar has planned a drive in late September for the Placerville area.  He only needs to decide on a date for the drive.  John Worsley will plan a Brunch Run to the Grand Island Mansion in late October. This may be moved to early November since October already has a number of activities.  Nancy will be in charge of a drive toward the Coast in July.  She has several different "AutoZotica" routes from the past that she saved.  She will do a "test drive" to determine which route would be the best length for our group. The dates for each of these drives will be added to the Club calendar as soon as we receive them from the various drive leaders. 


Mike Drew gave a report on the Reno Fun Rally.  For those of you who were at the meeting, you can decide for yourself after reading my report on the Reno Fun Rally if we were all at the same event.


Rick told the group about his race weekend at the Sonoma Historics.  He's had problems with the oiling system not draining the oil from various parts of the engine, back to the pan.  He's made many modifications and is very close to getting it sorted out.  Up to this point, he's be unable to drive the car to it's potential because of the oiling issue.  The next couple of events will determine if he's made progress.  Good luck Rick!


                                2010 EVENTS CALENDAR

Capitol Panteras Events in Red


Notes:      Capitol Pantera member, Carl Stein, will be racing his Trans-Am Mangusta in the

                   SCC Road  Racing  Series.


                   Capitol Panteras member, Rick Carlile, will be racing his TVR in the CSRG Series.

           Rick has also applied to race at the Sonoma Historic 

                   Motorsports Festival and has been accepted in the Monterey Historics.


June 10-13   SCCA Road Racing @ Laguna Seca

June 19        Car Show in Arnold

June 27         EuroSunday, Sacramento @  Nello BMW, 8580 Laguna Grove Dr. Elk Grove, CA


July              Coast Drive led by Nancy Haney  - Date to be announced as soon as it is known

July 13        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

July 18          Concourse at the Presidio in San Francisco

July 23-25    SCCA Road Racing @ Thunderhill

July 25          EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Aug 7-8       Festa Italiana Sacramento - Pantera Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Budelli


Aug 10        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Aug 12       "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.

Aug 13        Concorso Italiano,

Aug 13-15   Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, Laguna Seca 

                      Rick will be racing his TVR.

Aug 22         EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Aug 27-29   SAAC 35 @ Infineon.  Shelby Club


Sept-Oct     Placerville area drive led by Lamar -Lamar will announce the date soon.

Sept 3-5      SCCA Road Racing @ Infineon

Sept 11       Zoom Zoom,  Woof Woof, El Dorado Hills, Town Center, 10 AM -3 PM

Sept 14       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Sept 24-26  SCCA Road Racing @ Thunderhill

Sept 26        EuroSunday


Oct 1-3        CSRG Road Racing @ Infineon

Oct 3           Concourse at Serano

Oct  9         19th Annual Car Show, Rio Vista - Hosts; Jim & Emilia ( lunch at Foster's Big Horn)

Oct 10         Italian Car Show, Alameda.  A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct 12        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's


Oct 15-17   SCCA Road Racing @ Laguna Seca

Oct 16-17   Fall Classic, open track at Thunderhill.  Shelby Club.

Oct 24         EuroSunday, Sacramento @ 

Oct 30-31   CSRG Road Racing @ Thunderhill


Nov 9        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Nov???    Brunch Run to Grand Island Mansion led by John Worsley- moved from Oct.

Nov 28       Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec 4 (Sat)  Capitol Panteras Christmas Party Hosts; Duane & Darice Harlin.



POCA Fun Rally XXX-  Exact date and location to be announced.  It is the Pantera's XL anniversary!


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.


Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Co-Presidents, Capitol Panteras
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#7114 [JIMS CAT]

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