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June 2017 Newsletter


Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, June 2nd

By Jim Seiferling


We learned our lesson last year and left the Abarth home and took the Chevy truck with the automatic transmission since the drive home, after lunch, that year was awful.  From our experience last year we expected an easy drive to the track.  Not so this year!  It took at least 30 minutes to get trough Fairfield, in crawling semi-truck clogged traffic.  After that, it was smooth until the one lane merge on the west side of the highway 37 Vallejo Bridge.  That’s always a bit of a bottle neck, but we got through there in less than 5 minutes.  After parking and walking downhill to the pits, we spotted Terry Morofsky.  He is a crew member on a 1965 Corvette team, owned by his long time friend Larry Savio.  After talking with Terry and catching up with what we’ve done for the last year, we headed down the rows looking for Carl, but he was no where to be found.  It appears Carl passed on this year’s historics.  Rick was in Tennessee, visiting his father, so no TVR in the pits.  After making the pit rounds we went up to the bleachers and watched the groups through the Can Am group.  It was nice to get my ears recalibrated with these fantastic machines.  We left after that group, said good-by to Terry, and headed to Zio Fraedo’s, in Vallejo for a nice Italian lunch, overlooking the boat harbor.  After lunch we ran a couple of errands in Fairfield.  Traffic was already backed up on eastbound Hwy 80 at our exit on Travis Blvd.  After a couple of stops we were off to home.  It was a much better day, than last year and we look forward to the event next year.


The Next Caretaker

By Jim Seiferling


As some of you may know, I’ve issues with my heart rate, going unexpectedly from 60 beats/min to 180 in less than 10 seconds.  This is not an every day event, but has happened at least 3 times in the last couple of years.  It does require a “visit” to the ER, pronto.  This last time, they did a full angiogram and the good news is all my plumbing is just fine, even the stents that were put in by my cardiologist, 17 years ago (he’s still amazed at his “handy work”).  It’s kind of ironic that with my career in the electronics field, that it’s an electrical issue.  There is a procedure that can be done, but I told him I’d hold off until if or when it happens again.  Lamar had the same procedure done, more than once, to try and fix his irregular heart rate.


When I saw that Steve Liebenow was looking for a car “in boxes”, as a project, I contacted him to see if would be interested in my running Pantera.  That piqued his interest and Steve is now the new caretaker of # 7114.  He is the sixth owner of the car.  He is the perfect guy to be the next caretaker.  I unloaded boxes of parts collected in the last 16 years of Pantera ownership to him.  He also took my spare 351C engine, a pair of heads, the old headers & mufflers, and a radiator.  Between Howard Renshaw and my own records, we have a pretty good history of what has been done to #7114, since it was new.


I’d like to thank all those Pantera folks that have helped me.  I’d like to especially thank my cousin Rich for all the effort we put in to get the engine purring like a cat.  Emilia is retiring, June 30th, from her dental practice of 37 ½ years.  You haven’t got rid of us this easy.  There are too many great people in the Pantera community to simply walk away.  We’ll just fall into the category of Pantera supporters, like Ken Montgomery and John Worsley.  Since we have the Fiat Abarth, we are still qualified to attend Concorso and the All Italian show in Alameda.  We can also be “tail ender” on any Pantera driving events; either in the Abarth having fun or in the truck picking up parts that fall off of the cars ahead J.  We’ll continue with our positions as email distribution and newsletter editors.


I bet Steve got some “thumbs up” on his way home


POCA Fun Rally 2017, Monterey

By John McNamee


The sojourn began with leisurely 3 hour drive from Sacramento to Monterey, on Thursday June 1st.  The good thing was the car ran perfectly, no calls to AAA.  Second, no tickets; kept the speed just below supersonic.  It had been a few years since I visited Monterey with the Concours Italiano being the last car event.


Friday the 2nd, was the start of activities with the President's breakfast.  It was very interesting listening to the business of the club, and the dedicated volunteers that makes POCA the strong club that it is.  Very exciting things were discussed which will be out to the membership shortly.  Enough business let's drive!


The first run was the 17 mile drive lead by Dave and Linda Adler.  We cruised though the winding roads ending up stopping on the beach.  The weather was foggy, but it did not dampen the mood and comradely of the group.  



We left the beach and were off to the Pebble Beach Golf Course.  Here is a picture of what the 18th hole looks like without all the cars positioned around the course in August.



Our group was en route to meet up with the remaining Panteras that were heading directly to Big Sur for a delightful lunch on the deck.  The count was over 80 members enjoying the lunch.



After a filling lunch it was back to the Hyatt for the afternoon tech session.  Several vendors highlighted their new products and innovations. The questions were answered by the experts in the field and seemed to solve some problems.


Everyone was on their own for dinner, I ended up at TURN 12.  A great little restaurant with a great selection beers and automotive pictures and memorabilia, I was drooling on a print of a Porsche 917, it was little too big to hide under my jacket.....


Now for the Pantera started Saturday the 3rd with 20 Panteras showing up at the local Cars and Coffee of Seaside at 8am.  Met a lot of great local motor heads and made friends and had many people learning about Panteras.


10 o'clock was time to mount up and head to Laguna Seca.  Our group from Cars and Coffee basically were in a single file driving to Laguna getting several thumbs up along the way.  As we pulled in to Laguna we were escorted to the paddock with an area roped off for the Panteras.  After all were parked the number was 80 Panteras, it was a great sight.  Well, that was all fine and dandy, but the POCA leaders worked out a deal with SCCA, who was running an event that weekend.  We got to do 3 laps during the lunchtime break.  It had been about 15 years since I had raced at Laguna....brought back many memories.



After the laps around Laguna it was back to the Hyatt for the Pantera car show.  80 Panteras were in the Parking lot....oh, I should mention we had 2 Mangustas!  The membership was judging the incredible array of cars from your basic stock Pantera's to over the top customized machines.


The concluding buffet was great that night with the attendee's enjoying the evening.  The awards were given out to the deserving cars.  There were 2 comedians that attempted to entertain us...I had heard from someone "research and know your audience"; kind of some inappropriate material....


The auction was the highlight of the night; a lot of cool prizes were assembled.  The Capital Panteras won 2 clocks and a floor jack, which we will auctioned off or raffled at our future meetings.


The surprise for me was an award that the California Highway Panteras give out.  It is the Gary Powley Memorial President's Choice Award that Kent Snyder presented.  The award is simply Kent's personal preference of what car he likes.  Kent started off with, the car I choose is orange (there were 8 orange Panteras, I had color counted all the Panteras and the number one color was black by the way) and it license plate is BIG PESO, which was mine!  What a shock!!!



I will admit it was truly Pantera excess, but the people were the best part, and I am glad to have made some new friends and look forward to next year.


Meeting Notes


President John called the meeting to order.  We had 14 people present, with a special guest, Stephane Bergeron from Paris, brought by Mike and Lori Drew.  Stephane, an Air France pilot, spent his SF layover time working on Lori’s Pantera.  Ron Southern and Tom Leonard car pooled from Sonoma.


Most of people there had attended the Fun Rally, in Monterey.  Mike and Lori said it was a much more relaxed event, compared to previous rallies.  Since it was held on a non-car/race or golf weekend, traffic and restaurant availability were a non issue. John attended the president’s breakfast at the POCA rally and reported that the next Fun Rally could be either in Reno or Monterey.  Dealing with the hotels in Las Vegas has now become a real hassle, getting “nickeled and dimed” to death.  Reno will bend over backwards to have us there.


John announced that our next meeting will be on July 11th at the Raduno, at the Sienna restaurant, in El Dorado Hills from 6 to 8 PM.


The Concours at Ironstone is September 23rd.  A large contingent of Panteras is expected to attend.  We will piggy back off PCNC as they have attended this event for a number of years.


We have $505 in our treasury. The club’s Monterey raffle tickets produced 3 prizes, 2 Pantera clocks and a floor jack.  We put the jack up for auction and John took it home for a high bit of $40.  The clocks will be part of the regular monthly raffles in the future.


John will set up a date for a future meeting to be held at the Sacramento auto museum; probably in September or October.


Steve Christiansen won the $10 driving for dollars prize for the third month in a row.


Jim Nowlin won the grand prize at the POCA rally, a power steering conversion kit, worth around $1,500.  Way to go Jim!


2017 Events Calendar


June 25      Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @ Red Hawk Casino

June 25      EuroSunday, Sacramento @ Palladio at Broadstone, Folsom

June 25      Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @ 1 Red Hawk Parkway, Placerville


July 11       Capitol Panteras meeting at the Raduno, at Sienna Restaurant, 3909 Park Dr, El Dorado Hills

July 16       Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @ Dutch Bros. Coffee, 8663 Auburn Folsom Rd, Granite Bay

July 23       EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Aug 5-6     Festa Italiana, Sacramento,

Aug 6        Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Budelli

Aug 4-6     Shelby Club Mini Nats @ Sonoma

Aug 12-13   Monterey Pre-Union, Laguna Seca

Aug 8        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi’s

Aug 17      "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon. 

Aug 19      Concorso Italiano,

Aug 17-20   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca

Aug          Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Aug 27       EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Aug          2017 Capitol Concour's d'Elegance


Sept 12      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi’s

                  (Nominations for club officers)

Sept          Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Sept 23        Ironstone Concours d’Elegance, Murphys

Sept 24      EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Sept 29-Oct 1  CSRG Vintage Races @ Sonoma


Oct 1         Serrano Concourse

Oct 7        21st Annual Car Show, Rio Vista

                 Chairman, Jim (lunch at Foster's Big Horn)

Oct 7         9th Annual CAM Car Cruise, Fulton Ave, Sacramento

Oct 14-15    Fall Classic, open track, Shelby Club @ Thunderhill

Oct 8         Italian Car Show, Alameda.

                 A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct 10       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi’s

                 (Elections of club officers)

Oct           Car Show, Mustangs Plus, Stockton

Oct           Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Oct 22       EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Nov 3-5     CSRG Vintage Races @ Thunderhill

Nov 14      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi’s

Nov           Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Nov 24      Shelby Club at Laguna Seca

Nov 26      Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec          Capitol Panteras Christmas Party


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras



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