March 2008
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EuroSunday Blackhawk, February 17th.

by Emilia Seiferling


We decided to check out this first EuroSunday at the Blackhawk Plaza in Danville.  Jim had sent out some e-mail notices to make the East Bay and South Bay Pantera people aware of this show.   Our drive from Rio Vista to Danville was about the same as our drive to the Sacramento EuroSunday. The drive to Sacramento is a prettier drive due to being a less urban route.  We entered the Blackhawk Plaza to find an empty parking lot where we had expected to see the cars. It was a cold and foggy morning so the place really looked deserted.  A drive around the complex eventually lead to the correct parking area.  A couple of Panteras were already parked so we joined them. Bob Benson and Rich Boschert had arrived a few minutes ahead of us.  In a few more minutes we were told we needed to move over to the other side of the row to free up short term parking for the Starbucks.  We did this and then had to re-park in order to back into the spaces, as that was the desired arrangement.  All the shuffling done, we were in the prime spot right across from the Starbucks.  The group of three Panteras was eventually joined by four more Panteras: Gary Choate, Linda & Randy Welch, Lee Ferrell, and Trevor & Jill (we didn't get their last name).  Peter Kovacs and his brother-in-law also joined the group, but Peter was in his street legal drag Vega.  Barry Hosier showed up without his Pantera, which is down for repairs. All the cars ended up in the same area of the display, except for Peter who was off to the side.  The attendance for a first time event was very good.  I didn't count the exact number, but multiplying the number of cars per row by the number of filled rows gave approximately 120 cars.  The cars seemed to be more high end than Sacramento.  There were BMW, Mercedes, Ferraris-including a Daytona, MG's, a Nobel, a DB5 Aston Martin, and a NSX.  There were even two DeLoreans. We enjoyed the conversation over coffee. Lee was the only one, of the Panteras, to go on the drive that followed the display.  It was on his way home to do the drive. The rest of the group decided to go to brunch locally.  Randy and Linda led the way to a near by Max's Dinner.  The eight who went to brunch were joined by Todd Glyer and 3 of his friends.  Todd was in his 1966 Sunbeam Tiger and his friends were in Ferraris.  All three were red.  Todd had a hard time understanding that the display started so early and was over so early.  We told him that was just the way EuroSunday works, so you could be off to do other things the rest of the day.  We all enjoyed our meals at Max's and then we were off on a drive to Concannon Winery in Livermore.  PCNC members Merry & Steve Dalcino had wanted to join us at EuroSunday, but were pouring at the Chocolate & Wine event at the winery.  They invited us over to the Winery and arranged to have the tasting fee comped for the group!  They also got permission for us to do a photo shoot with the cars in an area not open to the public.  After the tasting and photo op everyone headed out.  Some went back to Blackhawk to tour the Museum, most headed home by various routes.  We took Vasco road through the hills to Brentwood and home to Rio Vista on Highway 160.  The weather was beautiful by that time in the afternoon.  It was another fun day because we have a Pantera! 



How'd that NSX get in there?



At Concannon Winery



Confessions of a Road Racer

by John McNamee

Over the last 20 years I have hundreds of hours road racing my Porsche at places like Laguna Seca, Willow Springs, Sears Point, and Thunderhill.  I had sold my first race car and took a little break from traveling up and down California until....Rick Carlile, Carl Stein and Rick Moseley were having a test day at Thunderhill and mentioned to me to bring out the Pantera.  Well the adrenaline started pumping and the memory of the sweet smell of race gas and brakes filled my senses, so off to the racetrack.
Well that started the process all over again....I had taken the Pantera out one more time on the track and decided that I should get back into driving one more time.  So rather beating up the Pantera, I bought another Porsche and converted it to a track car.  I have since hooked up with several track racing clubs and now instruct for the various clubs.  (It is kind of a scam...I get to run my car free when I instruct.  Always a racer on a budget).
In high school I was a hot rodder in Southern Cal racing up and down Whittier Blvd, with the likes of the LA Street Racers and various car clubs.  It was nothing to be at a stoplight, rev the engine and look over at the car in the next lane, and the race was on.  Got tired of breaking things and constantly repairing the beast, so I sold it, and bought stock Cougar with power everything and just cruised around.
Years later I came across a 65 K code Mustang and started an 8-year restoration.  Finally got the car finished and had a blast doing burn outs like the old high school days.  Showed my son how to lay rubber and speed shift.  But nowadays you can't go cruising and go drag racing on the streets.  I'm a big proponent of "doing it on the track."  We read to many stories of street races that end in tragedy.
We live very close to Sacramento Raceway, where they have Wednesday night drags.  So I think cool, lets take the Mustang out to the track.  I have a friend drive the Mustang and I drove the Pantera.  We take turns dragging the Mustang having a blast.  I have never been to a drag strip and have NO experience driving there.  I was watching the 3 yellow lights blink down and when the green light lit up I would punch it.  My computer reaction time was in full seconds.  The owner of the racetrack, who is a friend of mine, saw what a slug I was on the start.  He jumps in the car tells me to get in the other side and watch him take a run.  He explains when the 3rd yellow light blinks nail it, because the time your brain reacts to the Christmas tree and the 4th light is already green.  With that help I was able to get my reaction time down to .03, not bad.
Like I said I had also driven the Pantera to the raceway....well I though lets try it on the track.
Fired up the bad boy and proceeded to the starting line.  Needless to say everyone was looking at the Pantera enter the line.  As usual, most people have never seen such a car and were curious.  My turn to stage, got ready, 3 yellow lights, nail it and have a little wheel spin and have good run.  Repeated the process 2 more times, what a blast.
A couple of weeks later I took the Pantera out to the drag strip again.  Gave rides to several friends who came out to watch, and again had a blast.  My confession is that drag racing was fun, the event only takes 15 second or less.  If you mess up on the start, the race is over.   While road racing if you blow a turn you can make it up on the next turn and get back into thick of things.  I thought I would never lower myself to drag race after the many years of road racing, but nothing feels more cool that nailing the throttle, breaking the tires loose and just keep the foot to the floor until you pass the finish line.


You might be a Pantera owner if;

Paraphrased or directly copied from,
"You Might Be A Redneck If This Is The Biggest Book You've Ever Read" by Jeff Foxworthy.

-People driving directly behind you become faint and dizzy.

-Your car makes noises mechanics have never heard before.

-You can identify your friends by the sounds of their mufflers.


-Starting your car involves popping the rear deck lid.

-You can tell your car is low on oil by looking at the garage floor.

-You work on your car when there's nothing wrong with it.


Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to   to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth".
Meeting Notes March 11, 2008
The weather was cool but clear.  The result was 4 Panteras at the meeting, Lamar, Terry, Rick, and John M. !  The other cars that were eligible for the "Driving for Gas $" were Nancy Haney (Alfa), Henry (Porsche), and John W. (Bricklin). The winner of the "Driving for Gas $" raffle was Nancy.  Others in attendance, but in their daily drivers were:  Ken Montgomery, Jim & Emilia Seiferling.   The raffle winner was Terry.   He took home a $20 Kragen gift card.
We have the brunch run this Sunday, March 16 to the Western Railway Museum, on Highway 12 between Rio Vista and Fairfield.  We will meet for brunch/early lunch at 10 AM at Shelby's, located at the stoplight on Highway 12 in Rio Vista.  We hope to be in the "Dog House" at Shelby's, which is their "semi-private room".  If you are not one of the first 10-12 people to arrive, you will not be in the Dog House and will have to eat in the regular part of the restaurant!  We will caravan to the Railway Museum, via the back roads, after brunch.  Please RSVP to Jim at .  We need to know who will be joining us for Brunch and who might be joining us at the Museum.
Terry Morofsky told us of two possible options for Brunch after the EuroSunday on April 13, when DeTomaso is the featured marque. (Along with DeLorean and Bricklin) The final choice for brunch will be made dependant on the final head count.  The preliminary head count of those who are planning to attend is at a minimum of 15 people, just from those present at the meeting.  Lets have a good showing of Panteras and Mangustas at this EuroSunday Plus.  Would you please RSVP to Jim at . Jim will pass the totals on to Terry.
Rick Carlile will be the host the annual CP tech session at his shop.  It is set for Saturday, April 19 at 9:30 AM.  We will call out for piazza since the BBQ has headed for the dump!
CP treasurer, John McNamee, has renewed the club membership in the Towe Auto Museum.  That means that you can gain free entrance to the Museum when you show your POCA membership card.  John has also renewed our CP membership in the Association of California Car Clubs.  You can check out the ACCC web site at  for current bills related to the collector car hobby in the California legislature.  
Concorso Italiano is supposed to happen this year in August, but the exact location has still not been determined.  The gossip at the meeting had it slated for the Bayonet Golf Course just down the road from last year's location.   PCNC will be again be doing their gathering at the Los Laurels Lodge.
Note that the EuroSunday, for this month only, has been moved to Saturday, because Sunday is Easter.
March 16  Western Railway Museum - Brunch in Rio Vista @ 10 AM,
                   at Shelby's Coffee Shop,  Hwy 12 at the signal light.
March 22   EuroSaturday, @ The Pavilions
March 29   SCCA Races @ Sears Point.  Carl Stein will be racing the Mangusta@ 1:50 PM on Saturday and 9:55 AM and 3:40 PM on Sunday. 
April 4-6     CSRG at Sears Point. 
April 8       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
April 12     Shelby Club, Spring Sprint at Thunderhill 
April 13    Special EuroSunday Plus, @ The Pavilions, featuring deTomaso cars. 
                   Brunch/Lunch following, at Terry Morofsky's home in Folsom.
April 19    Tech session at Rick Carlisle shop
April 26     Car Show at Mustangs Plus, in Stockton
April 27     EuroSunday, @ The Sacramento, Pavilions
April  30    POCA convention-Las Vegas
to May 4
May 11      EuroSunday Plus, Davis, Featured makes are all British origin cars
May 13     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
May 25      EuroSunday, Davis
May or June  Over night Road Trip - Chairman Mike Drew
May 31 to  Wine Country Classic, Sears Point
June 1   
June         Reno-Tahoe Panteras Fun Rally - Probably not going to happen this year
June 8       EuroSunday Plus, @ The Pavilions.  Featured make is Ferrari / Maserati
                   We will leave from EuroSunday for Brunch at Thunder Valley
                   Thunder Valley Brunch Run
                  John Worsley will be in charge
June 10   Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
June          Car Show in Arnold
June         Shriners Hospitals Concours d'Elegance, Mather Field, Rancho Cordova
June 22    EuroSunday, Pavilions
July 4-13   LeMans Tour - France
July 5-6    Shelby Club at Sears Point. 
July 8       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
July 13      EuroSunday Plus, It's A Grind in Elk Grove. Featured make are Ford (GT, Saleen, Mustang GT, etc)
July 27      EuroSunday, It's A Grind in Elk Grove
Aug  2-3    Festa Italiana, Sacramento,
Aug 3       Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Bundelli
Aug 10      EuroSunday Plus, Roseville.  Featured makes are Vettes and Vipers
Aug 12     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Aug 14     "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.
Aug 15      Concorso Italiano,
Aug 15-17   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca 
Aug  15-17  Minden Car Show
Aug 22-24  Historic Grand Prix, Sears Point.
Aug 24      EuroSunday, Roseville.
Aug 29-Sept 1   Shelby Club, Mini Nats, Thunderhill
Aug 30-Sept 1   SCCA Races @ Sears Point. 
                            Carl Stein will be racing the Mangusta. 
Sept 7     Fun Ford Sunday 
Sept 7     Chico Concours
Sept       Joint Brunch with Reno - Tahoe Panteras
Sept        Shelby Club, Mini Nats XXIV, Infineon 
Sept 9     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Sept 14   EuroSunday Plus, Pavilions.  Featured makes are Fiat, and Alfa Romeo
Sept 28   EuroSunday, Pavilions.
Oct 5        Italian Car Show , Alameda.  A benefit for Special Olympics 
                 No entry fee for exhibitors, no pre-registration required, good food!   :-))
Oct 5        Concourse at Serrano
Oct 11-12  CSRG Charity Challenge, Sears Point. 
Oct 11     17th Annual Car Show, Rio Vista (yes, it will be held this year).  Chairman, Jim
                 (lunch at Foster's Big Horn)
Oct 12      EuroSunday Plus, Pavilions. Featured makes are (Ducati, BMW, Triumph, MV Augusta, Aprilia, etc)
Oct 14     Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Oct 18     Car Show at Mustangs Plus, in Stockton
Oct 26      EuroSunday, It's A Grind Coffee in Elk Grove
Nov 9        EuroSunday Plus,@ The Pavilions. Featured makes are Lamborghini and Audi
Nov 11    Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Nov 23      EuroSunday, @ The Pavilions.
Nov            Road Trip to the Coast
Dec.         Capitol Panteras Christmas Party  - Host position is open
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Panteras #1575 & #7114