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May 2017 Newsletter



Blackhawk Museum, April 22

ďA History of Firearms, 1500 to 1900 and Colt RevolversĒ

Absolutely no car content, but it was held at the car museum

By Jim & Emilia Seiferling


The other half of the Blackhawk museum is devoted to the history of the American west.  This talk and hands-on presentation was great.  The presenter was Robert Jordan, a long collector of antique firearms, with an expertise in Colt firearms.  He has on loan, to the museum, a considerable amount of his large collection.  His talk started with the invention of gun powder by the Chinese and chronicled the development of firearms up to about 1900.  Mr. Jordanís knowledge was truly impressive.  As a bonus, after personally showing and talking about a particular firearm and its place in history, he had his helpers pass them around to the audience!  We must have handled close to a dozen of these old and rare firearms.  What stood out was the craftsmanship and physical weight of these old pistols; no lightweight composite construction then.    The funniest part was at the end of the talk when he mentioned the California law prohibiting magazines with more that 10 shots.  He then pulled out, from behind the podium, a 20 shot pin fired revolver made in Belgium/France in the mid 1800ís.  This firearm was almost the size of a coffee can.  It was also passed around to us to hold and exam.  What an opportunity this was to actually hold museum pieces, some with values over $10,000.  His two hour presentation went by very quickly and he had the depth of knowledge to probably talk the rest of the day.


Blackhawk Museum, May 14th

David Friedman, staff photographer for Shelby American, Inc.

By Jim & Emilia Seiferling


The staff at the Blackhawk have assembled a fantastic calendar of speakers this last year.  Once a year they do a car show of only Shelby cars.  This year there were 12 Cobras, plus 29 vintage GT-350/500ís and modern Shelby Mustangs.  Todayís speaker was Carol Shelbyís personal photographer.  He even had a darkroom in the Shelby shop!  He showed photographs starting from the very beginning of Shelbyís operation, in Los Angeles, in 1962.  Most of the photos he showed have never been published and were of the type documenting the operation rather than being ďartsyĒ.  When Shelby started doing the GT-350 conversions, they were still building race cars in the same shop.  At one point the mustangs just keep coming and coming; just like the old Lucy TV episode with her and Ethyl on the chocolate conveyor belt.  There were cars everywhere.  At some point, some of his negatives, in this early time period, were stolen from his file cabinets (he hinted that it was probably his roommate at the time).  He was able to find the person that he sold prints to, way back then, and had the prints scanned and saved.  They were shown here for the first time.  As part of event, they even had King Cobra T-10/2 on display inside the museum.  It you are a Shelby fanatic, you missed a great show.


Cobras on the Plaza


King Cobra, #T-10/2



Meeting Notes


President John called the meeting to order.  We had 14 people present.


1. POCA Monterey was discussed.  Capitol Panteras will be represented by several members.  There are about 250 signed up for the event.  I hope that one of the attendees will write up an article for the news letter. The club authorized $200 of raffle tickets to be purchased. Good luck to us!

2. There is $702 in the treasury, (until we win POCA raffle prizes).

3. Raffle was won by Steve.  It was a $20 gift card for OíReillyís.  Steve also won the driving for gas money, since he had the only Pantera in the parking lot.

4. Ken would like some new memberís car photos up on the website.  Thank you Rick for sending some photos.

5. Other comments and discussions:

There was a positive response about the reduced club meeting schedule (dark in the winter).

President John will continue to attempt to have a joint meeting with other car clubs in the area.

President John is a TV star!  He was featured on a recent episode of Judge Faith.  He won his case and

          collected $1700 that was due him.  Check out link;


2017 Events Calendar

June 13      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís

June 25      Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @ Red Hawk Casino

June 25      EuroSunday, Sacramento @ Palladio at Broadstone, Folsom

June 25      Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @ 1 Red Hawk Parkway, Placerville


July 11       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís

July 16       Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @ Dutch Bros. Coffee, 8663 Auburn Folsom Rd, Granite Bay

July 23       EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Aug 5-6     Festa Italiana, Sacramento,

Aug 6        Festa Italiana Car Display on Sunday - Chairman, Jeff Budelli

Aug 5-6     Shelby Club Mini Nats @

Aug 12-13   Monterey Pre-Union, Laguna Seca

Aug 8        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís

Aug 17      "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon. 

Aug 19      Concorso Italiano,

Aug 17-20   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca

Aug          Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Aug 27       EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Aug          2017 Capitol Concour's d'Elegance


Sept 12      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís

                  (Nominations for club officers)

Sept          Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Sept 23        Ironstone Concours díElegance, Murphys

Sept 24      EuroSunday, Sacramento @

Sept 29-Oct 1  CSRG Vintage Races @ Sonoma


Oct 1         Serrano Concourse

Oct 7        21st Annual Car Show, Rio Vista

                 Chairman, Jim (lunch at Foster's Big Horn)

Oct 7         9th Annual CAM Car Cruise, Fulton Ave, Sacramento

Oct 14-15    Fall Classic, open track, Shelby Club @ Thunderhill

Oct 8         Italian Car Show, Alameda.

                 A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct 10       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís

                 (Elections of club officers)

Oct           Car Show, Mustangs Plus, Stockton

Oct           Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Oct 22       EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Nov 3-5     CSRG Vintage Races @ Thunderhill

Nov 14      Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimiís

Nov           Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @

Nov 24      Shelby Club at Laguna Seca

Nov 26      Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec          Capitol Panteras Christmas Party


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras

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