November 2005
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Rio Rendezvous, Oct. 15, 2005
by Emilia Seiferling
It was a beautiful day in the Delta for the Rio Vista Bass Festival Rio Rendezvous Car Show.  The recently redone downtown area makes for a perfect venue for a car show by the river. (Plus we only had to drive two blocks from our  house!)  Once again we were the only Pantera in the show.  Maybe next year we will get someone to come and join us!  Even the offer of a free meal  at the Loins Club Pancake Breakfast did not increase the Pantera contingency.   There were a total of four foreign cars in this years show.  We were not the only Italian.  There was a 1937 Fiat that had been converted into a street rod!  Jim spoke with many people and answered many questions about the marque.  He was quite a PR guy for deTomaso.
The Pantera engine bay even makes babies take a look!
Delta Brunch Run, Oct. 23, 2005
by Emilia Seiferling
Yet another beautiful in the Delta, we are truly lucky weather wise for this now annual event. The destination for this years brunch was the River's Edge Cafe in Isleton, California.  For us that is just a short drive from Rio Vista to Isleton (5 Miles).  We were met by three cars at our house: Mike Drew & friend Julie, Tom Galli, Mike & Nancy Haney.  We then formed up in a mini-caravan to Isleton led by the Pantera and followed by the Cobra, the Mangusta, and the Alfa.  We arrived at the restaurant to find two red Panteras waiting for us; Dennis Turrin and Henry Kirk & friend Karen.  After the usual car talk, we went into the River's Edge Cafe for coffee and to wait for the Sacramento contingency to arrive.  That group included: Rick & Marsha Carlile, Carl & Leslie Stein, Jeff & Linda Budelli, John & Rene Wells, Paul Bowden and John Worseley.  We ended up lining the main street of Isleton with 10 exotic cars!
The Cafe did a wonderful job with the food.  They allowed us to order off either the breakfast or lunch menu.  This is a small mom and pop type place, so a group of 20 was a challenge for them!  But they kept the beverages full, so the leisurely pace allowed more time for conversation. Everyone reported that they enjoyed their meal.  I had the chicken meatloaf sandwich on foccotia bread, odd sounding but quite good.  Carl enjoyed the lamb sandwich, another usual item on the menu.   Nancy gave the bacon very high marks!  She wished that she had ordered more.  Rick & Marsha did order a second helping of the breakfast potatoes!
After brunch, the group went out for more car talk and examinations of the cars.  Marsha, Leslie & Dennis even managed to find something to buy in Isleton.  Most of the Sacramento group took the River route home.  Those that were headed to the West were taken on an escorted drive through the Montezuma Hills.  Jim lead the way on Montezuma Hills Road followed by Tom, Henry & Karen, Mike & Julie, Mike & Nancy.  It was a great Pantera trip on a country road.  We went past farm houses, sheep and windmills (the high tec type). We only saw two other vehicles the entire 20 miles! 
This is the fifth year that we have arranged a Fall Delta Brunch Run for the Capitol Panteras.  This may be our best attended yet.  We will plan another one for next year at yet another of the great restaurants that the Delta has to offer. Please plan to join us next year!
DeLorean Brunch & Tour of the Winchester Mystery House
October 30, 2005
by Emilia Seiferling
We decided to accept Ken Montgomery's invitation to join the NCDMC for a tour of the Winchester Mystery House.  We left early and had very light traffic for the trip over to San Jose.  We had lived in Santa Clara County in the early 70's, but had never been to the Winchester House.  We were the lone non-DeLorean in the line up at the reserved parking.  They had a good showing with eight DeLoreans lined up next to us.  Several NCDMC members came without their club cars, so the total was 25 people!  We walked one block over to The Flame Restaurant and had a nice brunch.  It was a very busy place for a Sunday in San Jose.  The tour at the Winchester house takes a bit over an hour and is limited in size due to some of the small rooms on the tour. The house has about 160 rooms and we saw most of them.  The place is so strange, that when you go into a "normal" room you are surprised.  The furniture that is present is not original, but is true to the period.  The weather was good, very clear for San Jose. (You could count all the telescope domes on Mount Hamilton!)  We did the walking tour of the Gardens after the main tour.  We also visited the Winchester Fire Arms Display.  Traffic was heavier on the way home and the Pantera handled it just fine!  We even got 17 mpg on this trip, averaging 75-80 MPH.  Thank you Ken for giving us another excuse to go for a drive in the Pantera! 
Chapter One: Jim's New Motor
by Emilia Seiferling
This is Chapter One of Jim's new motor for #1575.  I thought that I would chronicle the events.  It all started simply enough, with an e-mail from Rick Carlile about a 351 Cleveland for sale in the Shelby Club.  Rick wanted Jim to get the word out with our Pantera e-mail list.  After a couple of e-mails back and forth with Rick, Jim was in e-mail contact with the owner of the motor, Flynn Maloy.  Several more e-mails and Jim was ready to buy it.  He's been casually looking for a second running motor, so the one in the car could be disassembled and refurbished at a leisurely pace.  It does burn quite a bit of oil!  Flynn's motor has only 20,000 miles on a fresh rebuild and only 1,000 miles on the heads and burns or leaks zero oil.  All this happened on a Monday, which is my teaching day in San Francisco.  So when I arrived home,  Jim told me the nitty gritty on the 351.  After telling me the very reasonable asking price, my first response was why didn't you just buy it? (Good answer - right!)  Jim had the proper response.   He wanted to run it by me first.  We have been married a long time (almost 34 years) and always check with each other on bigger purchases of toys.  Flynn just wanted his motor to go to a good home and get used, so he was thrilled it would be transplanted into a Pantera.  He's planning on putting in an aluminum 408 stroker in the Mustang, so he could run open track events with the Shelby Club.  The following Saturday we were up to Sacramento to test drive the 1973 Mach One Mustang, that has said 351.  It was a successful test drive.  A hand shake later and it was a done deal!  Jim will be helping him remove the Cleveland in early November and bring it to its new home in Rio Vista.  After pulling the current motor, #1575 will be down for a number of months, to do maintenance items that can only be done with the engine out (fuel tank refurb & engine wiring cleanup).
To be Continued.
Meeting Notes, November 8, 2005
by Emilia Seiferling
We had 11 people at Mimi's for the November meeting of the Capitol Panteras. The weather was cool and threatening enough to keep all but Jim's Pantera at home.  Members at this month's meeting were: Jim & Emilia Seiferling, John Worsley, Jeff Budelli, Rick Carlile,  Henry Kirk, Carl Stein, Ken Montgomery, Dennis  Gaucatan, Duane & Darice Harlan.
Capitol Panteras is now in second place in the article contest at POCA!  Lets see if we can get a podium finish in this years contest. We need several other members to write articles that could end up in POCA publications.  This is worth some bragging rights and cash for the treasury! 
Dennis had a preferred weekend to host the CP Christmas Party.  After some discussion it was decided on Sunday, December 11, 2005.  Since Duane & Darice have not been to a CP Christmas Party, Dennis explained the Christmas Lights walking tour that we do as part of the party.  The party will start at  6 PM.  The cost  is $10/person. The club will pick up any additional costs for the party.  Please RSVP by Tuesday,Dec. 6 to  Everyone at the meeting said that they would be at the party, that means at least 16 members and guests. Dennis and Patty will work out the food for the evening.  Carl suggested Mexican.  While the food may be Mexican, the theme for the Gift exchange will be British, in honor of Lucas Electrical & Girling brakes.  That means that gifts for the exchange should have a British aspect to them (or Auto for those who can not think British).  A price of not more than $20 should be spend for the gift exchange.  As it was last year, this will be a "Pirate" gift exchange.  Anyone who wants to go home with a gift has to bring a gift for the exchange.
I forgot to mention at the meeting that Jim and I enjoyed the "scary" silent movie at the Towe Auto Museum.  The CP attendance was up 100%.  Rick Moseley and friend Diane showed up!  We will keep you posted on the next silent movie at the Towe.  The theater organ in the Towe is a show in itself and worth the trip.
There is no regular monthly meeting of CP in December.  We will be back at Mimi's on January 10, 2006.
Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures.
                                                 2005/2006 EVENTS CALENDAR
Dec. 11   - Capitol Panteras Christmas Party, Chairman Dennis
Jan.10 -    Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
Feb. 14    Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
March 14  Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
April 11    Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
May 9       Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
May ??,  -  Foothill Wine Country Tour & BBQ, Chairmen John McNamee. and Jeff Budelli
June 13     Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
July 11      Capitol Pantera meeting at Mimi's
Aug. ??  - Festa Italiana, Sacramento, Chairmen Jeff and George
Suggestions for other activities in the coming year include;
Blackhawk Museum in Danville
Sporting Clays/Lunch at Birds Landing (near Rio Vista). 
Great Pantera back road getting there through the Montezuma Hills!!
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Pantera #1575