November 2009

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18th Annual Car Show, Rio Vista, 10/10/09

by Emilia Seiferling


What a treat it is to have a car show literally in our front yard.   Jim was up early to move the Pantera to the desired display area on Main Street.  The members of our local car club, The Delta Drifters, had been asked to park at the foot of Main Street.  That area would be the race track for the soap box derby that was scheduled to run after the close of the car show.  They wanted to be sure that they could count on the car owners moving their cars to make way for the soap box derby.  There were about 20 cars entered in the derby. Maybe some of those young drivers will some day drive a Pantera.


We had planned on coffee and doughnuts for any Pantera owners who made the drive over to Rio Vista for the show, but being none we had a hot full breakfast at home before going out to view the cars.  The weather was clear and crisp, only a light jacket being needed in the morning.  That changed to warm and clear in the afternoon.


The final tally for the car show was 237. The display extended up Main Street for five blocks to our house and a half block off several of the cross streets.  Main Street Rio Vista is a beautiful setting for a car show.  Since Main Street was beautified a couple of years ago, it really improved the display setting with trees and diagonal parking.  Jim counted four non-American cars.  We were the only Italian.  There was one British and two Japanese cars.  This is a low key car show.  The participants get to vote in about six categories, plus several special awards.  One of those special awards went to Jim.  He won the Mayor's Choice Award.  I later spoke to the Mayor to thank her for selecting Jim for the award.  She said that she loves sports cars.  She walked the display and had narrowed it down to the Pantera and a T-Bird.  She selected the Pantera since it looks so good even standing still. Our Mayor use to be a self described "motor cycle mama" when she and her husband were Harley riders.





It is not too early to mark your calendar for next year.  The show should be the second weekend in October.  I will once again make the offer to host Panteras for coffee and doughnuts. If the response is good, I may even offer to cook!


It was a great day to own and drive a Pantera.  Jim was a one man deTomaso information station.  Maybe some of you will join us next October, in Rio Vista, for the 19th Annual Car Show.



All Italian Car Show, Alameda, 10/11/09

by Emilia Seiferling


What a difference one day makes. Saturday the weather was great.  Sunday the weather was lousy.  We were up and on the road at 8 AM.  Our plan was to meet up with Mike and Nancy Haney at the Jack In the Box, at Red Top Road  at 8:30 AM.  That is a easy place for us to meet and get back on Highway 80 for the drive to Alameda.  The drive over to the meeting point was a slow go on Highway 12.  It was not the traffic, there was none.  It is the construction zone that Highway 12 has become.  There is a two year project to level out the dips and add a shoulder and lane dividers.  All this to make us "safer". It would have been nice to widen the road! So for now the road is very rough, and has the speed dropped to 35 mph in some places and most of it at 45 mph, as if the standard 55 mph was not slow enough.  The road is not that bad, you just need to pay attention to your driving.  Needless to say, we try to avoid going to Fairfield on Highway 12.  We go that way only if we have no other option.


Once our two car group was set, we were off to Alameda.  It was an easy drive with light traffic.  We arrived at the appointed location a bit after 9 AM.  We were not too surprised to find only a low number of cars already parked in the star pattern that they use. The weather was overcast, cold, and slightly breezy. As luck would have it we ended up parked behind the yellow Pantera of Mike Drew.  We parked and set up our coffee/tea and Danish breakfast area on the rear deck of the Pantera.  The hot beverages were greatly appreciated.  I had packed a change of clothes for the afternoon since in the past it has gotten pretty warm at the Alameda show.  But this time I was thinking of putting them on just to get more layers.  It was so unpleasant that if we had been by ourselves (i.e. no other Pantera people) we would have departed the show early, very early, to go home to some comfortable temperatures.  As it was both Nancy and I ended up spending part of the day seating in the cars to try and not freeze.


The hot drink deck was very popular.




Considering the weather, it was a real surprise that so many cars and motorcycles eventually showed up for this event.  The organizer estimated 150 cars.  I counted about 40 motorcycles.  There ended up being 14 Panteras at the display. That is quite a good showing.  Those attending were:Nancy & Mike Haney, Jim & Emilia Seiferling, Mike Drew, Kaiser Jr. & Lori Albino, Tom Galli, Lee Ferrell, Doug Abadie, Guy Delvecio & friend, Steve & Merry Dalcino, Gary & Sue Choate, Deana & Bob Lucas, Carl Shakelford and son, Trevor Fongere, Tony Blevins & wife and child, and Mike Nevins.


When it was time to depart, a large caravan of Panteras headed out for Pleasanton. Steve & Merry had invited those that could attend to drive to their place in Pleasanton, for some wine and food.  It was a pretty sight all those Pantera in the caravan.  Most of them were red so we were quite an attention getter as we made our way to Pleasanton.  Once there, it was time for wonderful food and wine plus lots of good conversation.  It was still cool in Pleasanton, but their backyard was sheltered and they even had a heater that was used to make it more pleasant to sit outside. Thank you Steve and Merry for hosting this fun get together.  Once again a good reason to drive your Pantera.


EuroSunday, Stockton, 10/18/09

by Emilia Seiferling


The third Sunday of the month means it's EuroSunday, Stockton.  We were on the road to Stockton at sunrise.  It was beautiful driving east at dawn.  The alto-cirrus clouds made for dramatic views of the Sierras, the Coastal range and Mount Diablo.  The drive east on Highway 12 is a completely different driving experience from the drive to the west.  There are no construction projects, no continuous double stripe, no lane dividing poles, and no 35-45 mph speed limits, so the drive to Stockton was quite pleasant.  But when we arrived at the Stone Creek shopping area we thought that we had the day wrong.  There was only one car there.  Since it was a BMW, we were not even sure that it was there for EuroSunday.  As we circled around the area an Austin Healey arrived and parked.  It was the correct day, the event just had lousy attendance.  There ended up being just four cars!  We got our morning coffee at Peet's.  It must be Fall because I was able to get a pumpkin spice latte.  We enjoyed talking with the other car owners and the few people who stopped to check out the cars.  After the event, the others went on a drive up in the foothills.  We opted to eat breakfast and then run several errands before we headed home.  One of our errands was to find a copy of "Popular Hot Rodding " magazine, the November 2009 issue.  There has an article about the Pantera written by the daughter of a friend of ours, Liz Miles.  We stopped at Barns & Noble didn't have the magazine.  But we scored when we stopped at Borders.  There may not have been a lot of cars at EuroSunday, but we still had a nice day and a good drive in the Pantera on a warm and sunny autumn day.


Big turnout?



                        Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter


If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to   to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth"


Summary of the November 2009 Capitol Panteras Meeting


The November meeting had two Panteras in the parking lot at Mimi's.  That gave great odds of wining the "Driving for Gas Money".  The two drivers were John McNamee and Bruce Maddox.  The winner was Bruce.  This was one of the first trips for his Pantera in a long time.  It looked really nice.  The rest of the group consisted of Jim & Emilia, Ken & Judy, John Worsley, Jeff Budelli, Lamar Fairchild, Rick Carlile, Mike & Nancy Haney.  It was Bruce's lucky day, because he also won the raffle.  The prize was a gift certificate at Kragen's.


The Club officers were "elected".  There will be no change in the leadership this year, but Bruce said he would be President after his kids leave home.  Target date is 2012.  Isn't that the date of the end of the world?


The only business was the CP Christmas party.  As of the start of the meeting, we had no host.   In the past Jim and I had offered to host, but we are having plumbing issues.  That meant that the possibility of a Rio Vista location is out for this year.  There was a brief discussion of going to a restaurant.  That was dismissed due to cost, possible low attendance, the lateness of setting it up, the need to dress up, and a lack of volunteers to set it all up.  John McNamee stepped up, once it was stated that the person who offers to host the party has the option of selecting the date, the time, and the food.  The date is Sunday, December 20.  Arrive at 5 PM, with dinner at 6.  We will have a theme for the gift exchange, Argentina.  There are several reasons for Argentina being selected; Alejandro deTomaso was from Argentina, it is the 50th anniversary of deTomaso 1959-2009, the flag of Argentina is the basis of the deTomaso logo along with the cattle brand of the deTomaso family.  To make it a bit easier, the theme will be extended to include South America and automobile.  So put on your thinking caps to come up with some interesting interpretations of the Argentina theme.  You may have to explain your reasoning at the party.  One present per person or per couple, it is your option.  It is more fun if everyone participates.  The cost of the party will be $10 per person.  The difference in cost will be made up by the club.  We will make this a BYOB party.  Everyone gets what they want for a beverage, if you have to bring it.   Please RSVP to as soon as possible.  If you do not have John's address, email me directly and I will send directions.


There will be no December CP meeting at Mimi's.  See you at the party on December 20 and the monthly meeting on January 12th.


                                2009 EVENTS CALENDAR

Capitol Panteras Events in Red


Nov 14       PCNC Tech Session at Mike Drew's

Nov 15       Euro Sunday, Stockton @ Stone Creek Shopping Center on Pacific Ave.

Nov 22       Euro Sunday, Sacramento @ ?


Dec 18       PCNC Christmas Party, Trader Vic's/Dinah's Garden Hotel, Palo Alto

Dec. 20     Capitol Panteras Christmas Party -  Hosted by John McNamee rsvp to


Jan 12       Meeting at Mimi's


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.


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