November 2012

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We would encourage everyone to become a POCA member, if you aren't already a member.  Your membership in the national club helps fund your local chapter.  You can download a membership application at  Please help our club grow.


Please read the meeting notes for information on the Christmas Party.


Doughnuts & Coffee with Mitch

in Martel

October 27th


Since the Abarth was now in our possession, we decided to make the drive up to Martel and attend the Doughnuts & Coffee with Mitch.  We needed to put some break-in miles on the car.  The weather was beautiful for a drive in the Foothills.  We arrived at the restoration shop at 9 am to find the small swap meet already in progress.  We signed in, in order to get future e-mails of events, got some coffee, and then went to check out the swap meet items.  The swap meet was aimed at someone doing a hot rod project.  Then we walked around to view the cars of the other doughnut eaters.  There were about 50-60 cars.  Our Abarth was probable the newest car there, while the oldest was a model A Ford.  There were a couple of car clubs that used the site as a meeting place before going on a drive or to breakfast.  One club was the Packard Club.  This is some thing that the Capital Panteras could do in the future, maybe next spring.  While we were walking around the cars and motorcycles, we received a call from Garry and Sue Choate.  They were checking to see if we were going to Martel.  They decided to make the drive up to Martel from their house just down the hill, in Wilton.  About an hour later they arrived.  They were in the Pantera since it turned out to be the reliable car!  The DeLorean had a dead battery and was not recharging quickly enough.  Their Pantera garnered a few people curious about the marque.  Sue graciously answered questions and even handed out some POCA fliers.


Garry & Sue's Pantera


Soon it was time for a more proper breakfast, so we headed over to Mel & Faye's Diner in Jackson.  We got to order off the senior menu (I do love a good deal) and enjoyed our meal.  This place was very busy, but we had good food and service.   It also has plenty of parking.  After our meal, we were off to break-in the Abarth while Garry & Sue checked out some of the area roads for a future drive with Sue's uncle and his Prowler.


EuroSunday, Sacramento

The Pavilions

October 28th


We were on a roll with the new car this weekend.  We decided to go to EuroSunday in Sacramento.  We arrived at 8 am to be directed to prime parking.  While we were not the only Italian car there we were the newest and garnered a lot of attention.  We were asked to start it up a couple of times due to its throaty sound.  There were a total of between 60 to 70 cars at the event.  There were a number of American cars that showed up at the event.  While they were well restored, I feel that they should have been asked to park around the edge of the Euro-cars, not mixed in with them.  Space got tight and at one point and a double-parked convertible Cadillac blocked us in!  Not cool at all.  There were no Capitol Panteras at the October EuroSunday, but we did meet Mark Masterson who has #6923.  We gave him information about CP.  Maybe he will make it to a meeting.  We had thought that we would hook up with some CP members and go to breakfast, but that was not to be that day.  At the end of the gathering we ran an errand to Elk Grove to drop off blankets for Project Linus and then continued south to Lodi to have a late breakfast at local diner there, the Hollywood Cafe.  It has a fifties hot rod diner decor.  This is a good local place that has been around since we were kids growing up in Lodi.  Again we were able to order from their large senior menu and get another great bargain meal.


Our Abarth had numerous requests to start it up to hear the exhaust.


Sunday Brunch

 at the Grand Island Manson

November 4th


The weather was wonderful once again for the autumn brunch run to the Grand Island Manson.  Several attendees arrived at our house, in Rio Vista, prior to the drive up to the brunch.  Merry & Steve Dalcino, Mike & Nancy Haney and Lamar Fairchild.  Our new Fiat Abarth led two Panteras and Lamar's Mustang through the Delta to the Grand Island Mansion.  We arrived to be greeted by John, Rick, & Sue & Garry.  Lamar's friend Janette also met us there.  Soon we were joined by Henry, but were missing John & Sue as we went in to be seated for our 11 am reservation.  I called John to ask if they were coming and he said that they were almost there.  A few minutes late we received a call form John asking where the Brunch was?  He was at the Ryde Hotel and discovered the rest of us were not.  Jim directed John to the Mansion and they soon joined us for brunch.  All fifteen of us filled up a very long table.  The food and the service was very good.  After brunch some people did the self guided tour of the Mansion and the rest of us ended up in the parking lot.  The Fiat was again a center of attention.  We were still working on break-in miles that Sunday.  Since the Mansion has paved their lower parking lot, you can no longer park in front of the house for the formerly great photo op.  But there is more parking and two easy exits out of the lower parking lot.  Once again it was a great day made possible because we own a Pantera, even if we did not drive the Pantera that day.


John's beautiful Pantera wasn't the star of the day!


Summary of the November 2012 Capitol Panteras Meeting

 by Rick Carlile


The November meeting had three newly purchased club cars in the parking lot at Mimi’s so there was a drawing for “Driving for Gas Money”.  Lamar in his Rousch Mustang, Ken in his Mini, and Jim & Emilia in their brand spanking new baby Fiat Abarth were in the running, with Jim & Emilia winning the coveted $10 Grand Prize.  May good fortune continue to rain down on the Seiferlings for their 10-year unprecedented presidency of the Capitol Panteras.  Also in attendance at this month’s meeting were George Potiris (our club’s newly elected by having his name pulled out of a hat “virtual” President), John & Sue McNamee, Don Gagnon, Paul Bowden, John Worsley, and yours truly, Rick Carlile (stepping up to the plate to fulfill my commitment to serve as “acting” President for one meeting during the course of this year).  Since we’re having our Club Christmas party there will be no December Club meeting.  So, the next Club meeting will be in January 2013 and will be somebody else’s turn “in the barrel” to be acting President.  And making his first appearance in about three years was Chris Difani to give us an update on the progress of his Pantera rebuilding project.  Chris says he expects to have his Pantera up and running and able to participate with the Club at events by early next year.


Ken & Judy's new Mini and Jim & Emilia's new Abarth


Treasurer McNamee reported that the Club is solvent, I mean REALLY solvent.  We currently have a cash balance somewhere north of $1600.  There was no Club raffle at this month’s meeting. 


We also had a new member, Ron Southern, attending his first Capitol Panteras meeting.  Ron lives in Sonoma and made the drive all the way to Sacramento to the meeting to check us out.  Hopefully, we’ll be seeing him and his Pantera regularly at our club events next year.  Ron owns the 1973 YELLOW (the only correct color) Pantera #4744 that was originally purchased from the Lincoln Mercury dealership in Concord.  It was subsequently bought by a shoe store owner in 1975 and then finally acquired by Ron in 1976.  The car had been sitting for awhile and Ron decided to do some minor maintenance, got underneath, one thing led to another, and now he’s got a nice long list of items to complete before he feels the car is reliable and roadworthy once again.  Does this process sound familiar to anybody else out there?  Anyway, Ron is a remarkably dedicated (addicted?) diehard Pantera owner and even has a tattoo of his Pantera on his upper right arm to prove it.  Anybody care to try and up the ante on that one?  He also was a Bondurant driving instructor, raced in the 24 Hours of Daytona and Sebring.  So, if you’re planning to attend the 2013 POCA Fun Run in Phoenix and take your car out on the track, Ron’s the man for some driving tips.


Now that's dedication to the marque!


Paul Bowden has graciously offered to have the Club Christmas party at his house.  The theme for the party is “Food from Modena”.  Very exciting!!!  His sister, Colleen, will be preparing authentic Modena Italian main course dishes.  So, don’t miss this one, folks.  Please contact Jim & Emilia to RSVP and let them know whether you’ll be bringing either an appetizer or a dessert.  The price of admission will be $10/person collected at the door.  Bring correct currency.  No Euros, please.


Paul’s address, in West Sacramento, will be sent to all that RSVP.

Arrive at 6 PM, dinner at 7PM.

Bring your own wine/beer.


For our time honored tradition of a gift exchange the theme this year will also be “Modena” (i.e. Italian / Italian car). Suggested price for the gift is about $20 and gift-wrapped with the givers name inside. This is a rather challenging narrow window of shopping opportunity, so don’t try to make you gift purchase at the last minute.  Worsley, this means YOU.  “Bullitt” was NOT filmed in Modena.  :-)  We’re all delighted in Paul’s enthusiasm for hosting the club Christmas party.  There are still some of us that remember the infamous club Christmas party at Joe LoBue’s that featured a holiday theme of big screen porn and Boston Market meatloaf.  My wife never fails to bring this to my attention each year as the date for the Club Christmas party approaches.


The list of those who RSVP'd at the meeting: Emilia & Jim, Garry & Sue, Steve & Merry, John & Sue, Rick & Marcia, Don & Kathy, John W., Lamar & ? , Paul, George.  Everyone else who plans to attend needs to RSVP to Jim at  We need a head count as soon as possible for food quantity planning.


So, that’s a wrap on the November Club meeting.  Other than that, we’ll start working on the club 2013 events calendar in January.  So, start thinking about anything you’d like to add to the list.  Better still, don’t be a part of the 47%.  Step up and plan a club event for 2013!!!  Remember, “All of us are better than any of us.”


Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter


If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth".



Capitol Panteras Events in Red


Nov 25    Euro Sunday, Sacramento @ The Pavilions


Dec 1     Capitol Panteras Christmas Party at the home of Paul Bowden, in West Sacramento.

Dec 7     PCNC Christmas Party


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.


Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras

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