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November Newsletter 2014


Only 4 weeks away!

Capitol Panteras Christmas Party

Saturday, December 13th, 6 PM

Blue Prynt Restaurant, in the Boardroom

815 11th St., between H and I Streets, Sacramento

Dedicated banquet staff, reasonable wine list or BYO with $10 corkage

~11 spaces in their parking lot and

 parking at the adjacent Sutter House Best Western parking garage


Gift Exchange Theme: The 70's

 Participation in the gift exchange is optional.  The price range per gift should be ~$20.


Cost; $25/per person.

Non-alcohol beverage included.

The club will pick up the balance of the final bill. What a deal !!!


Select one;

Mixed green salad, Spinach salad, Caesar salad, Soup


Select one;

King of New York Steak-~9 ounce choice cut strip loin served with blue cheese mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetable topped with a crown royal and king trumpet mushroom chasseur sauce.


Chicken Cordon Bleu~black forest ham and Swiss cheese stuffed chicken breast served with a basmati and wild rice pilaf accompanied by a Thai basil ratatouille.


Rainbow Trout~cilantro pest and panko crusted pan roasted trout, served with parmesan polenta and seasonal vegetables.


Select one;


Cheese Cake~sweet cream cheese cake with a graham cracker crust

Chocolate Decadence Cake~A flourless cake with Belgium chocolate.


Please email your choices directly to John McNamee at;  as soon as possible.  Please be timely as space at the restaurant is limited and if you delay there may not be "any room at the inn".


Dreams & Drivers Event

by Emilia Seiferling

photos by Ken Montgomery


It was a beautiful autumn day for the Dreams & Drivers event at Mikuni's in Elk Grove.  Each of the Dreams & Drivers event has a specific charity that is the recipient of the funds raised, at that days raffle.  This Sundays' event was Prostate cancer.  CP bought $100 in raffle tickets to help the cause.  We were fortunate to win four of the many raffle prizes.  These items will be used as raffle gifts at future CP meetings.


We arrived at 10:30 AM to a very full parking.  Shortly after, we were joined by Sue and Garry Choate each in their own car.  Sue was in her DeLorean and Garry in the Pantera.  Other CP members to arrive later included Ken & Judy Montgomery in the DeLorean and Sue & John McNamee in the Pantera.  The main reason for CP members to attend this specific D & D event was the return of the newly restored Bricklin of late CP member John Worsley.  As you recall, John had just begun the restoration of his 1975 Bricklin when he pasted away.  His wife, Alice, completed the restoration project following John's specific decisions on color and details.  The restored Bricklin was parked in the place of honor at the entrance to Mikuni's.  This car has to be the "best show Bricklin" in existence!  I told Alice that she should take the car on the car show circuit.  John must have been smiling down on the gathering of cars and people who were there to honor his memory and his beloved Bricklin.




John's famous greeting




Fresno Car Show

By Emilia Seiferling


We recently went on a road trip.  No not in the Pantera, at less than 15 mpg.  We took the Abarth and got 38 mpg while doing over 70 and being passed on Highway 99.  Our end destination for this trip was Delano, California.  Jim wanted to take some photos of the Voice of America (VOA) facility.  The government closed the VOA down several years ago and the GSA's plans are that it may soon be demolished.  There are only 4 transmitter sites in the USA, with two of them in California, Dixon and Delano.  They were established near the end of WW II, and are quite historical with antenna farms 1 x 1 miles in size (very impressive!).


While on our return drive north, we stopped in Fresno to attend the Second Annual Big Little Car Show.  The event, which was held at Fresno High School, drew over 100 cars.  We thought that we might see PCNC member Larry Finch there with his Pantera.  While Larry was nowhere to be found, we did view a small number of European cars among the many American cars.  The Ford powered Austin-Healey was Jim's favorite of the group.  I thought the GMC pickup was impressive.  For happening so late in the season, the weather was very good.  Maybe Larry will be there to represent the Pantera community next year.



Our first choices, if there isn't a Pantera at the show


Meeting Notes


The November Capitol Pantera meeting was held at Coco's. Those in attendance were: President John and Sue, newsletter editors Jim and Emilia, Sue & Garry Choate, Henry Kirk, Ken Montgomery, Ron Southern, Duane & Darice Harlan, Mike & Nancy Haney, and Mike & Lori Drew.  Both John and Duane had their Panteras in the parking lot, so we could hold the "Driving for Gas $" drawing.  The winner was President John, winning for two months straight.  The raffle was made up of a couple of items from the memorabilia collection of our late member John Worsley; two different Pantera books. The winners of the raffle were Henry Kirk and Mike Drew. 


Last month the membership discussed the possibility of making/ getting a POCA flier that could be handed out to possible new club members.  No progress has been made so far.  Editor Note: Possibly business cards could be printed with all the vital data on them.  CP members could give them to possible new club members.  Business cards would be less expensive and easier to carry and pass out.


Serrano Concourse 2015 will have a special deTomaso area thanks to President John's efforts.  John wants to have a good showing of Panteras at this event.  He has told the organizers that we can product 20 cars.  So please mark your calendar for October 4, 2015.  This is the first Sunday of October.


Duane thanked all those who had helped him work on his Pantera.


Please remember that the Christmas Party takes the place of our regular December club meeting at Coco's.  We will be back at Coco's on Tuesday, January 13.  We will be working on the CP calendar of events for 2015 at that meeting.  Put on your thinking caps to come up with some fun events for next year.


Rick Carlile sent an email to us that he was returning home from COTA (Circuit of the Americas).


Three weeks ago The US Vintage National Championship Races, at The Circuit of the Americas in Austin, was the pinnacle of my racing experience so far.  COTA is a 3.43 mile ribbon of the most pristine asphalt racing surface ever imaginable.  Because of the overall number of Groups scheduled to race, SVRA combined Group 3 (small bore) and Group 4 (large bore).  There were a total of 34 cars in the combined Group.  I finished 16th on a damp racing surface on Sunday morning and I don’t have “wet” tires.  There were racecars from all over the US and Canada in attendance.  Two weeks later I eagerly watched the Formula One races on TV and relived some of the experience.  Sort of.  My fastest lap time was 3:06 with a top speed of about 130 mph.  Formula One driver Nico Rosberg in his Mercedes set a new lap record of 1:36 and a top speed of 209 mph.  So, I have plenty of room for improvement!!!

Also, I just got accepted to race at the Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway next June.  Unfortunately, Marcia and I have already planned a trip to Europe.  Maybe next year…… L


Dear Rick Carlile:

We are pleased to invite you to the Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational to be held
June 10-14, 2015 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  We have officially accepted the following car(s) to compete at this event: 1969 TVR Vixen S2

The 2015 event will be utilizing the F1 road course as well as providing each entrant with one session on the legendary 2.5 mile oval.  We also plan to host another ProAm feature with 24 former Indianapolis 500 veterans.  Saturday night’s party will include a huge victory dinner, concert and fireworks display.

Building on what we learned from the inaugural event, we’ve decided to significantly reduce the amount of cars in each run group, enduro and the event overall to further improve the quality of the experience. Because of your past support of SVRA, you are among the first group to be approved, but participation is on a first-come first-served basis. When the run group is filled, we will no longer accept entries.

Thank you for the support you have given SVRA.  We appreciate having the opportunity to host this event again at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Should you have any questions regarding your entry, please contact Kathy Swinford at

Tony Parella
President and CEO
1598 Hart Street, Suite 100
Southlake, TX  76092

Rick and his TVR, at the Circuit of the Americas.


2014 Events Calendar

Capitol Panteras Events in Red


Nov 23      Euro Sunday, Sacramento @ Foreign AutoHaus, El Dorado Hills.



Dec 13    Capitol Panteras Christmas Party - Blue Prynt Restaurant

Dec 14     Dreams & Drivers @ K1 Speed Indoor Go-Kart




May 14 -19   POCA Lone Star Fun Rally, Houston, TX


Oct.  4           Serrano Concourse


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras

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