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November Newsletter 2016


Niello Concours

October 2

 By Rick Carlile


President John did a terrific job of starting in early 2015 extracting commitments from all Pantera owners to enter the 2016 Niello Concours at Serrano with the DeTomaso Pantera as the featured marque.  He made it all come together.  Congrats, John!!!  It was a rare sight of 24 Panteras positioned all together on the green that bright Sunday morning under skies of cobalt blue.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast was for rain and snow at higher altitudes which prevented another 10 Reno-Tahoe Club Panteras from making the journey over the summit to the event.  For the record, there were actually 36 Pantera paid entries which would have tied a record set at Monterey a few years ago.


Nevertheless, in short order Carl Stein and I were having beers and snacks at the “Entrants” hospitality area.  Initially, we had tried to enter the “Niello VIP” hospitality pavilion where servers were dishing out hot food and ample adult beverages.  However, we were abruptly halted by Event Security and redirected to the lowly “Entrants” area where we were served cheese cubes, bruschetta, a few micro brews, assorted nuts, and bottled water.  Carl and I fondly reminisced about the Children’s Charity Derby Day events of yore where the Pantera folks shamelessly ate all the shrimp, drank all the liquor, and won all the raffle prizes, only to be banished forever from future Children’s Charity Derby Day events.


Regrettably, the Serrano Concours focus shifted from the cars to the weather fairly quickly.  The weather forecast was for rain showers beginning at 11 am through 4 pm.  Shortly after noon Marcia called me, saying that rain was starting to fall in downtown Sacramento.  A few minutes later, Lesley called Carl to warn that it was now raining in Carmichael.  Carl and I grabbed our beers and started scanning the western horizon only to see dark ominous rain clouds quickly approaching.  We actually made it until 1:15 pm before the raindrops started to fall.  And then the bottom dropped out.  Everyone suddenly made a mad dash for the Niello VIP pavilion and quickly overwhelmed Event Security to get under the cover of shelter.  The hot food and adult beverages were hastily put away now that the marauding masses had breached the gate.  Most people simply waited patiently and chatted anticipating that this storm cell would soon pass and we all could resume our Concoursing.  However, at the height of the blinding downpour, three of our Pantera brethren, with obvious mental defect, decided that this would be the absolute perfect moment to make their stealthy getaway from the event.  As expected, big horsepower, giant tires, wet grass, and zero visibility are a less than ideal formula for slipping away unnoticed.  No matter.  It provided superb entertainment for the captive audience of spectators.


After about an hour the sun reappeared and everyone hurriedly grabbed their chamois and towels making quick work of wiping off the rain drops that had beaded up on their highly polished and cherished collector cars.  And as a sweet bonus, the rainstorm had caused all of the Niello VIP’s (mostly wine-sippers and bed-wetters) to abandon the event, so rather than be forced to throw all of their delicious hot food  and adult beverages into the trash bin, the kind and cordial Niello sponsors opted for a “Come one, come all.” approach.  So, Mike & Lori Drew and I wasted no time in taking advantage of their gracious hospitality.  Garry Choate soon arrived, got on his cell phone to put out the word to the Pantera mob that there was free hot food available, and then the rampage was on.


At 4 pm the prestigious “Best” awards were presented to their proud owners.  The “Best Modified Pantera” deservedly went to our own Jeff Budelli and his Red Hot Chili Pepper Beast.  The “Best Stock Pantera” went to a fine and friendly fellow from Stockton in his bone-stock orange Pantera, complete with 40+ year old Goodyear Arrivas that had sidewalls so cracked, split, and sun-checked that we thought those “may-pops” might actually explode as he made his way to the Awards Presentation.  This poor guy confessed that he has to trailer his beloved Pantera everywhere.  So sad.  Never to be able to put your foot into the cat’s ass, hear it roar, and feel it ferociously claw the pavement in anger.  And then the event was over.  Another Niello Concours at Serrano neatly inserted into the chronicles of Pantera history.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  There were lots of other really shiny cars there, too.




24 Panteras in one place. a rare sight.

As a calibration point, Ferrari made more 308’s then DeTomaso made in the entire life of his company


Mustangs Plus Car Show

October 22

By Jim Seiferling


Jim and I drove over to Stockton to check out this years Mustangs Plus sponsored car show.  The weather was really nice and there must have been about 100 assorted Fords on display.  We have been to this show in the past and have seen Panteras, Cobras and Bricklins along with numerous Mustangs.  While the cars were beautiful, this must be the ugliest venue ever for a car show.  Just goes to show you that a car guy can have a good time anywhere if they have cars, music and food.



Maybe a panther on your Pantera decklid?


Blackhawk Speaker Series; Tom Cotter “Author of Barn Finds

November 5

By Jim Seiferling


We made the drive over to Danville on a Saturday morning to attend another of their automotive speaker presentations.  The speaker this time was Tom Cotter, automotive author.  His current book, Route 66 Barn Finds was the topic of his presentation.   Tom and his photographer friend drove his 1948 woody from the start of Route 66, in Chicago, to the end at the Santa Monica Pier.  They located and took photos of barn finds in each state along the route.  They had many unique photos and related the stories associated with each photo.  There were over 100 people in attendance.  This was the day that we finally became members of the Blackhawk Museum.  That means we won’t have to pay the museum entrance fee in order to hear the speakers.  Our new membership is good for a year and will gain us entrance to the museum for all the future speakers.  If you are a senior, it is a great deal.  We will be attending the next speaker next week, Bobby Rahal.  If any of you meet up with us there, we can do lunch.  We have a BBQ place in Alamo we want to try for lunch.  Hope to see some of you there.


November Meeting Notes

By Jim Seiferling


The November meeting of Capitol Panteras was held at Mimi’s. We had 6 people attending.  John McNamee drove his Ferrari; Ken Montgomery drove his Mini; and Jim & Emilia were in the Abarth.  Also attending were Rick Carlile and George Potiris.


Elections of club officers

John McNamee was nominated as our continuing President & Treasurer and Jim & Emilia as newsletter editors.

There were no objections from the three members present and the nominees were enthusiastically elected by a unanimous vote.

There was great jubilation around the table of 6 people!


Club Meeting Schedule

Because of the low attendance in the past year, we discussed how we would proceed in the future.  We decided to have no meetings in January, February, and March.  We will then have monthly meetings from April to November and have a Christmas party in December.  The winter months have always had low attendance, because of normal winter weather (rain and fog).


A message from webmaster Ken Montgomery

Now that the car show season is over Ken would like to collect as many photos from club members and their cars so he can revise and update the website. If you took photos of the Niello Concours, please email them to Ken at;


November Lunch Run

Jim and Emilia have put together a November lunch run to the Delta.  You may remember that the late CP member John Worsley, used to arrange an annual autumn Delta Run for the Club.  We are honoring John’s memory with this lunch run.  We will be going to Peter’s Steak House in Isleton.  Peter was the chef at the Del Rio Hotel until it closed.  He now runs his own place in a restored 1800’s grocery store.  The date will be November 19 (Saturday) at 12 noon.  If you can make it, please contact Emilia or Jim at There is plenty of room for a large group.  The RSVP is so we can make sure everyone that RSVP’d has arrived at the restaurant, before we place our orders.  Everyone will order off the restaurant menu.  This isn’t a car show, so drive what you are comfortable in, considering the changeable weather in mid November.


Capitol Panteras Christmas Party

John Drago has arranged to have our Club party at The Old Spaghetti Factory, Nimbus Winery, 12401 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova.   The date is Sunday, December 4.  The time will be 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Everyone will be able to order off the menu.  We will have a gift exchange, as in previous years.  Our “theme” this year is “Automotive Books”.  Any book, about any car, or auto related topic is fair game.  Even gently used books will be OK.  Try and keep the price at $30 or less.  Please RSVP to me and I’ll get a head count to John.


PCNC Christmas Party

Jim received an invitation to the PCNC party.  It will be on Friday, December 9th.  It will be at the Hilton Garden Inn, in San Mateo.

See their website for complete details.


Blackhawk Speaker Series

Jim reported going to the last Blackhawk Museum speaker series.  See the story above. There are several future speakers listed in the calendar below.


Rally4Kids, December 4th.

(I received the following from new Pantera owner Mike Ritenour).


You are likely aware that I have been putting on the Rally4Kids Toy Drive at the Shriners Hospital in Sacramento for many years. This is our 10th year, and as a new Pantera owner, I thought I would ask you if the Pantera club would consider attending. I know it is the same day as the club Christmas party, but it would give everyone another place to drive their cars together. 


The event is free, other than donating a new unwrapped toy, we have a DJ, the hospital provides refreshments, it is a fantastic social environment for the local car community and their families, and the Shriners Hospital often offers amazing tours of the facility during our event.


Over the years the event has grown to include many car groups and clubs from throughout the region. Last year we had cars from well over a dozen clubs join us, and I would love to see the Pantera club join the fun. I ask groups of 15 or more cars to contact me in advance to schedule an arrival time (typically on 30 minute intervals) so that I can separate out the large groups and minimize the wait to cross our "Finish line" and donate the toys. Groups of less than 15 cars and individuals are welcome to arrive anytime.


Mike can be contacted at 916-677-7249.  Also see;



2016 Events Calendar


Nov 12       Blackhawk Museum Speaker Series; Bobby Rahal

Nov 19      Delta John Worsley memorial lunch, Peters Steakhouse, Isleton, noon.

Nov 20      Dreams & Drivers, Elk Grove @ Mikuni’s

Nov 25      Shelby Club Laguna Bowl @ Laguna Seca

Nov 27      Euro Sunday, Sacramento @ Pavilions Sacramento, 563 Pavilions Lane, Sacramento


Dec 3       Blackhawk Museum Speaker Series; Vic Elford

Dec 4       Rally4Kids, Shriners Hospital in Sacramento

Dec 4       Capitol Panteras Christmas Party; The Old Spaghetti Factory, Nimbus Winery, 12401 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova

                Time; 5:30 to 7:30.  Everyone orders off the menu.  Gift exchange theme; Automotive Books.

Dec 9        PCNC Christmas Dinner.

Dec 10      Blackhawk Museum Speaker Series; Raffi Minasian, automotive designer


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras

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