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I’ve been cleaning up the house and I have back issues of the POCA Newsletters I’d like to pass on:

Newsletters from May 2001 to Dec 2004 & Dec 2009 to current.

All issues from 2005 to about 2008 were destroyed when a pipe broke (rusted out) outside and then flooded the basement.

I hope someone will take them for themselves or pass them along to a new(er) member.  I’ll even deliver them in the Northern California.  The newsletters contain tons of technical information, authored by Jack DeRyke and others.  Let me know.


Jim Seiferling


November 2017 Newsletter



Rio Vista Car Show

October 14, 2017

By Jim Seiferling


If it’s October, it’s time for the Rio Vista Bass Derby and Car Show.  There was the variety of cars at this year’s event, ranging from a Model “T” and an “A”, to a Ferrari 328 GTB and a Porsche 356A.  American street rods dominated the entrants with a few rat rods interspersed and one drag car.  The military truck below is owned by a member of our local car club, The Delta Drifters.  The Lions club has run the event for about the last 3 years or so.  This year they had the not so bright idea of upping the entry fee to $40, which is pretty high for a small city car show.  As a result the entrant count was way down, by at least two empty city blocks. When our Delta Drifters ran the event, a number of years ago, we had at least 250 cars registered, all the way from the river to in front of our house (6 blocks vs. 3.5 blocks).  All the show cars are cleared out around 3pm for a parade down Main St at 4:30.  It lasted a whole 16 minutes! J The day’s major events end at 8:30 pm with a 30 minute fireworks display, shot off from a barge in the river.  It’s pretty cool to walk down to the river’s edge and experience them virtually overhead; a perspective that you don’t get with any “normal” fireworks display.


A bit overkill for a soap box hauler



Don’t miss the door handle.


Soap Box Derby


The following day it was our clubs’ turn to put on the soap box derby.  A few years ago we were informed that we couldn’t use the words “Soap Box” by the official USA organization.  We then came up with “Rio Vista Downhill Racing” to appease them.  One of our members is a really talented mechanical designer and fabricator and built our towable “folding transformer” launch platform.  We all chip in setting up the platform and “race track” a block from our house at 7am.  With a bunch of guys it’s done in an hour and we all walk downtown to have breakfast.  The weigh-in and tech is from 9 to 11am and the racing is from noon to 4pm.


We started this event a number of years ago and encouraged lots of local businesses to sponsor a car, so we have big collection of cars.  This year we had 35 cars available and 31 drivers signed in.  We’re not that strict with the cars specs (like the national organization), but we do a weigh-in/ballast check and tech inspection to make sure they are mechanically safe for the kids.  One of our members’ has a son who is a professional videographer, and worked on the show “The Deadliest Catch”.  He had professional cameras and even a 4 rotor drone camera at our event this year, so we should have a really neat video after all the editing is done.


The Downhill Racer pits



And they are off


Blackhawk Speaker Series

November 5, 2017

By Jim Seiferling


This month’s speaker was a repeat talk by David Freeman.  You may remember he gave a talk previously on the early production days with Carol Shelby, as Carols’ personal photographer.  This month he talked about his real career as a Hollywood movie still photographer.  He started as an assistant cameraman, in 1964, on The Sound of Music.  He achieved Still Photographer Status in June 1969 and continued in this capacity for the next 20 years.  In 1986 he became the first and only Still Photographer to be voted into the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences.  He has authored or co-authored over 30 books on motor racing and on films.  You’d be hard pressed to name a movie star that Dave hasn’t photographed.  He had great stories on all the photographs he showed of the great movie stars and kept the audience entertained for a very quick 2 hours.   


Meeting Notes, November 14th

By Emilia Seiferling


We had 17 people at our November meeting at Mimi’s.  We certainly weren’t expecting this kind of turn out!  John Drago volunteered to be our president for 2018.  


John McNamee reported that we have $684 in our treasurary.  He asked permission to renew our membership in the ACCC for $75 and give a $35 donation to the Meals on Wheels program.  The motion passed.  John will continue as treasurer in 2018.


John Drago has arranged the Christmas party for us again this year.  It will again be at the Spaghetti Factory, in Rancho Cordova, Saturday December 16th, starting at 5:00pm to 7:00pm.  We may not be in a private room but the tables will be together.  If we get more RSVP’s the menu will be limited and not off the full menu.  This years’ theme for the gift exchange will be anything car related and/or a recycled automobile book.  The gift value should be ~$20.  Please RSVP to me ASAP.


We had a raffle at this meeting, and Ken Montomery won it, receiving a Pantera clock.  John Drago announced that our next regular club meeting will be Tuesday, April 10, 2018.  The location will most likely change to a restaurant off highway 50, from Howe to Sunrise. .We will continue to have our meetings on the 2nd Tuesday.


The Dreams & Drivers event for this month will be at Mikuni in Elk Grove, which benefits our local charity, Blue Heart International.  John McNamee is planning on going and would like other Pantera owners to join him.  The address is; 8525 Bond Rd. and runs from 10:30am - 2:00pm.



2017 Events Calendar

Nov 19      Dreams & Drivers, Mikuni’s, Elk Grove

Nov 24      Shelby Club at Laguna Seca

Nov 26      Euro Sunday, Sacramento @ Jake Tomlinson & Co, 13810 Lincoln Way, Auburn


Dec 8        PCNC Christmas Party

Dec 10      Dreams & Drivers toy drive

Dec 16      Capitol Panteras Christmas Party, Spaghetti Factory, Rancho Cordova (off hwy 50 @ Hazel), 5pm


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras



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