October 2005
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A Note from Rick Moseley
Just a quick note to all those who have been writing and offering their condolences to say thank you and hopefully answer some of those questions asked. There were just too many to respond privately with the way my head is right now. My wife of 17 years mother to my soon to be 20 year old daughter died unexpectedly from a brain hemorrhage last Saturday, the 24th of September. A very close subset of deTomaso forum knew the events and facts thanks to the efforts and discretion of Mike Drew. Others heard by word of mouth.THANK YOU to all who have sent condolences, flowers and donations to the SPCA. A special thanks to my car buddies who actually attended the services this past Wednesday. I've always said it's the people that make these groups what they are, not the cars... this week has proved that for me yet again.Over the years I've only seen Mikey in his military jump-suit or jeans and his large collection of car T-shirts. Although we tried to let folks know it was casual, Mikey showed up in a very nice suit (he really cleans up well) and was repeatedly mistaken for "the gentleman who works at the funeral parlor..." I didn't tell them how many of your cars he has killed. Besides Mikey, the other car guys/Pantera owners who attended were my race partner, big brother, drinkin' buddy and Mexican food finder Carl Stein, Jim Seiferling, Rick Carlile, John McNamee, Gary and Greg Umphenour, Mike Coffman, and the Awesome Aussie - Roger Andreisse. This event will delay the next batch of relay kits which so many have asked for and I have been promising... but this batch will be very special as all the wires for this next bunch were cut by Finny for you folks.
Fun Ford Sunday, Sept. 11, 2005
Our plans for the weekend changed and the weather was very good, so it seemed like a grand idea to finally check out the Fun Ford Sunday at the Solano County Fairgrounds.  We have lived in Solano County for 25 years and never been to the fairgrounds!  Since we had not signed up for the show, we did not take the Pantera.   We drove over in our other Ghia designed car, the Mercury Capri.  Traffic was light on highway 12 as we headed across Solano County.  We decided to stop for breakfast at the Blackbear Diner in Fairfield.  It may technically be in Suisun City, but anyway it is right off Highway 12 with plenty of parking.  At one time, it was a Denny's.  From the moment you drive up to the place, you have a smile on your face.  The carvings of bears that adorn the place look like they escaped from Bear Country at Disneyland!  We had recently been told by friends that the Blackbear Diner served a good breakfast, so today was the day to check it out.  I had seen one of these diners up in Willows when we went to the Thunder Hill race track to watch CP members Carl Stein and Rick Carlile run at a Shelby event.  The menu was extensive.  Unlike Denny's we were not able to order off the senior menu.  The age to be a senior at  the Blackbear Diner is 60 years old.  Our meals were very good and too plentiful!  We both had variations of the Portuguese breakfast.  Jim had Linguisa and eggs, while I had the linguisa omelet.  Next time I think we will split an entree.
The drive to Vallejo took us about 45 minutes, plus the breakfast break time.  We arrived at the fairgrounds, paid our $3 parking fee and entered the event for no additional charge.  The Solano County Fairground is a wonderful place for a car show.  There is plenty of shade for both the cars and for folding chairs.  Once you have your car positioned, you have a very pleasant setting to enjoy the event.  The cars are grouped according to type. There was food available as well as plenty of restrooms.  There were some vendors, but not so many as to have a carnival atmosphere.   We wandered around the area looking for the deTomaso section.  It turned out the deTomasos were next to the Cobras and the Cougars.  There were only two cars present this year.  PCNC member Steve Leibenow brought his 1969 Mangusta.  Carl ?? brought his blue 1972 Pantera #3527.  Carl was out of San Pablo.  While chatting with these people we were joined by PCNC member Rich Welling.  Rich said that his car was still in pieces, but that he had almost all the parts that he needs and is mainly delayed by paint before he can reassemble the car.  We enjoyed seeing a Mustang similar to one that my brother had owned many years ago.  After walking the entire show, we decided to check the entry rules to see if our Capri would qualify for next year.  There were some Mercury's in the show, but none like ours.  Either way, if our schedule works out for next year we will have at least one car, and maybe two, at Fun Ford Sunday!
The Mangusta always draws admirers
"The Bells"
The Towe Auto Museum will be having another Silent Movie on Friday, October 28 at 8 PM.  The movie will be "The Bells" 1926.  It was inspired by the poem by Edgar Allan Poe.  It stars Lionel Barrymore and Boris Karloff.  The film will feature live musical accompaniment on the theatre pipe organ.  The cost is $10 per person, $5 per student, $20 per family.  This event is sponsored by the Sierra Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society.
We have given reviews of other silent films, after the fact, in earlier CP newsletters.  We are doing this one now in the hopes of more public awareness of these events.  This should be a fun Halloween weekend outing.  And as always the ticket price includes entrance to the Towe Auto Museum.  So plan to come earlier in order to view the auto collection.  The hot, fresh popped popcorn is great at all you want for a buck!  Hope to see you at the movies!
We attended "Peter Pan" (1926) in September.  It was a fun evening.  The film ran for about two hours.  The musical score had been re-created from the original organist cue sheets.  The music was thought to be 98% of what you would have heard in the theater in 1926.  The special effects were quite good and the costuming was very cute.  It was a very different style from what you would see today.  It was a very pleasant evening out.
The featured car club at the museum was Citroen.  We need a local CP member to work with the museum to make deTomaso the feature in the club car section!
Shelby Mini Nats, Sears Point, Sept. 24
The Pantera was clean, a full tank of gas ($3.05 a gallon) and a thermos of coffee,with travel mugs, no cup holders.  So we were off to the Shelby Club Mini Nats at Sears Point.  Our plan was to watch CP members Carl Stein and Rick Carlile.  Carl brought his 1966 Shelby Trans Am Mustang and Rick had his Mercury Cyclone.   It was an easy trip to Sears Point from Rio Vista, 50 miles one way.  For those of you that have not taken the recently completed section of Highway 37 through Vallejo, it is wonderful!  You no longer have to crawl through the traffic lights!  It is a much smoother drive than it use to be. 
As we drove into Sears Point, there was Mike Drew greeting us and directed us to Roger Andriesse's compound.  We unloaded our chairs and cooler under their tents.  Thank you Roger and Rosemarie for your hospitality.  While there we met several other CP members: Leslie Stein, John Worseley, and of course Mike Drew (yes he is a CP member as well as a PCNC member).  Bob Benson  from PCNC had his Pantera in the garage area and was racing it, though with some mechanical problems. Steve Liebenow of PCNC drove his Mangusta over to the event.
Rick was gracious enough to be giving rides in the Mercury.  It was the first time for John W. to get out on the track.  Jim also got to go out with Rick, later in the afternoon.  His helmet got to go out twice since,  Jim loaned it to Norm, the husband of Rick's new office manager.  What a surprise that Rick would hire a car person as his new office manager.   Norm drives a vintage BMW Alpina and his wife has a Porsche 912.
After the lunch break, the track is opened up to any car that has seat belts to drive on "parade" laps with an escort car keeping the pace under control.  I had been out on the track before, so Jim took John Worseley out in our Pantera.  Another first for John.
John reconsiders his ride in a 550 HP car that doesn't have a steering wheel!
The weather was perfect for a day at the races.  Warm, not hot, no wind to speak of, clear skies.
On our trip home we stopped for dinner at the Vintage Cafe in Mankas Corner.  It is a very nice Italian restaurant. That seemed appropriate since we were in the Pantera.  There is a nice outside dining area, but since we had been outside all day we opted for the main dining room.  We shared a tomato, mozzarella and basil salad.  It was way too big for one person, but perfect for two.  Then we both had veal dishes, Marsala and Piccocta. We had a bottle of Terra d'Oro wine from  Montevina winery.  After we ordered it, we realized the Pantera connection.  That was the name of the Pantera club at the time we got our car.  The name was later changed back to Capitol Panteras, which was the original name of the club.  We ended the meal with decaf and a shared  panna cotta.  That was a new dessert for us.  It was delicious!  I think I like it better than a crème burlee.
We are thinking this would be a good end destination for a Brunch Run in the spring.  There are several interesting factory tours in the area: Budweiser, Jelly Belly, Thompson Chocolate.  There is also the Flight Museum at Travis and the Western Railway Museum.  We will have to work on scheduling this next year.
Meeting Notes, October 11, 2005
by Emilia Seiferling
We had 17 people at Mimi's for the October meeting of the Capitol Panteras! The weather was very nice all day and actually got cool once the sun set.  There were five Panteras, and a Bricklin in the parking lot!   Members at this month's meeting were: Jim & Emilia Seiferling, John Worsley, Jeff Budelli, Rick Carlile,  Henry Kirk, Carl Stein, Rick Moseley, Ken Montgomery, John McNamee, Mike Drew and friend HP, George Potiris, Glen Cramer, Dennis Gaucatan, Duane & Darice Harlan.
Elections were held for the Capitol Panteras.  There was a unanimous ballot cast to keep the current officers.  We added a V.P. who will be in charge of running the meeting in the absence of the President.  He is also in charge of the parking cones.  The officers will be Emilia & Jim Seiferling:Co-Presidents, John McNamee-Treasurer, John Worseley-V.P.
Capitol Panteras is still in a tie for third place in the article contest at POCA!  Lets see if we can get a podium finish in this years contest. We need several members to write article that could end up in a POCA publication.  It is worth some bragging rights and cash for the treasury!  John McNamee reported that we had $984.00 in our treasury.  It's probably a record high for Capitol Panteras.
Ken Montgomery reported that the Brunch/Tour of the Winchester mystery house was a go, on October 30th.  All Capitol Pantera members are invited to join the deLorean club on this outing.  Tentative plans call for brunch at 10 AM at a restaurant next the Winchester house and then tour after brunch.  For announcements on this event see the following link.  I'm sure Ken will have final information
for us at our next meeting, on October 11th.
Dennis has agreed to again host the CP Christmas Party.  He will consult with Patty and give us a date.
Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures.
Editors Note:  We apologize for the tardiness of the October CP Newsletter.  We have been very busy with moving Jim's 86 year old mother to a nursing home here in Rio Vista.  With the sudden change in her physical condition, it has been hectic getting the move set up and completed.  So the newsletter was put on hold until today.  We hope to be back on schedule for November.  Thank you for being patient.
                                                 2005 EVENTS CALENDAR
Oct. 30 - Join the DeLoreans at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Chairman Ken
Nov.  8 - Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Dec. ??   - Capitol Panteras Christmas Party, Chairman Dennis
May ??, 2006  -  Foothill Wine Country Tour & BBQ, Chairmen John McNamee. and Jeff Budelli
Aug. ??   2006 - Festa Italiana, Sacramento, Chairmen Jeff and George
Suggestions for other activities in the coming year include;
Blackhawk Museum in Danville
Sporting Clays/Lunch at Birds Landing (near Rio Vista). 
Great Pantera back road getting there through the Montezuma Hills!!
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Pantera #1575