October 2006
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Joint Brunch Run with Reno-Tahoe Panteras, September 10th.
by Emilia Seiferling
Last year our first joint brunch with the Reno-Tahoe Panteras was held at the Rainbow Lodge. Jim Nowlin, President of R/T Panteras, organized that event.  It was now CP's turn to arrange this year's brunch.  Karen Kimball volunteered to take on this task. The goal was to find a good restaurant with adequate parking equidistance between Reno and Sacramento.  This was a real challenge.  Karen and Henry made a test run to the Nevada Queen Inn in Nevada City, California to check out the food and the parking.  It passed her inspection and we had the location for our second joint brunch!
The Sunday of the outing found the weather to be much cooler than it had been.  The expected high was in the mid-80's.  Jim had prepared the Pantera for the trip.  It was fueled, polished and ready to go.  This would be our longest day trip since we purchased the car in July.  Jim had not yet had the opportunity to get the air conditioning operational, so the cool weather was a very good thing!  Part of the CP group was to meet  at Mimi's in Sacramento at 11 AM and then head out to the restaurant.  In order to be in Sacramento on time, we left our home in Rio Vista at 9:30 AM.  The trip north was very pleasant.  We had next to no traffic on Highway 160.  This is a road that gently meanders along the Sacramento River from Antioch in the South to Sacramento in the North.  The sky was clear blue and the Sacramento River was like glass, due to the absence of the usual Delta Breeze.  As usual, we were the first car to arrive at Mimi's.  After about 10-15 minutes we were joined by PCNC President Gary Kono and his wife Mary Ann.  We now had two Panteras.  We waited to see who would arrive next.  Tom & Kathy Vona arrived in their Corvette.  Their Pantera did not get out of the shop on time to drive to Nevada City.  The next  to arrive was Mike Drew.  Mike was in the "Scirocco of Doom".  It was making an awful noise when the brakes were applied.  The guys tried to check it out as best they could in the parking lot of Mimi's.  The general consensus was that it could be a stone caught in the backing plate of the braking system.  Mike decided it was safe to drive, so the "Scirocco of Doom" would make the road trip.  The last to arrive was John Worsley. Those of you who know John, know that he is always early.  His being late made us wonder what was wrong.  A call to his home got no answer.  John has no cell phone.  Right after the phone call attempt, John drove into the parking lot in his wife's Honda.  The Bricklin had broken down that very morning!  John still needed gas, so after he returned from the service station we were off to Nevada City. We exchanged a few cell phone numbers, every driver go a map that Jim had prepared.  We were now about 15 minutes behind schedule and ready to depart! 
Our mixed caravan headed out with Jim in the lead; Highway 80, to Highway 49, to Highway 20.  This was not an exciting drive but the traffic was flowing smoothly and no one got separated from the group.  Maybe a more interesting route could be used in the future.
Once in Nevada City, it was a simple exit and a short trip to the Nevada Queen Inn. There was a Chevron station located at the off ramp on the way to the Nevada Queen Inn.  This was a good thing, it would make the return trip with a full tank an easier thing to do.   We proceeded the short way down the road to the Inn.  There was a large parking lot that wrapped around the Inn and restaurant.  We followed it to the very back looking for other Panteras.  We found them all parked together in the furthest back lot.  The Reno/Tahoe group had arrived a few minutes earlier. Their group consisted of; President Jim Nowlin, Jerry Brubaker, Larry Stock and his son Richard, Norma and Gene Elliott, Julian Kift, Gail and Bill Midtgard.  They had all driven their Panteras!  We were joined by CP member Greg Armitage.  Greg drove over from his home in Penn Valley in his BMW.  His Pantera is in pieces since he got back from Monterey.  Greg was unable to stay for lunch, but wanted to say hello to everyone.  The last of the CP members to arrive was Henry Kirk and Karen Kimball.  Henry had his Pantera.  They had planned to arrive earlier, but that was not to be.  While the group chatted and inspected cars, we were jointed by Lamar and Toni Fairchild of Placerville.  Lamar is our newest POCA recruit.  Mike Drew met him in the Long Beach airport the week before.  Lamar's son noticed the DeTomaso logo on Mike's luggage.  You can all imagine the rest.  Lamar's Pantera is almost road worthy.  The recent diagnosis of a rear wheel bearing/axle problem has the car waiting for repair.  One more couple joined us just before we walked to the restaurant.  Friends of Tom and Kathy, from their Corvette Club.  They live in the area and were free to join us for lunch.  The more the merrier!
We made our way to the Trolley Junction Restaurant in the Nevada Queen Inn for our 1 PM reservation.  They gave us a private room.  All 23 of us were seated at one table!  I think the restaurant did a fine job for such a large group.  They did not restrict our menu choices.  We were able to order off the regular menu.  My salad, smoked salmon and spinach, was very good (with no ill effects from the now known e. coli problem with packaged spinach).  Jim had a prime rib dip sandwich with melted jack cheese.  It would have fed two!  Some people managed to save room for dessert!  The common justification for dessert was "I'm not eating  for the rest of the day".  The restaurant didn't even have a problem with doing separate checks! There was lots of conversation and sharing of Pantera information between everyone.The only quiet time was when everyone was eating.  This was the first time since we joined POCA that we had been at a day event with three POCA Chapter Presidents in attendance.  By chance, all three were seated in a row at the table!  The lunch ended with thank you's to Karen for organizing the lunch.  We hope that this will become an annual event with the Reno/Tahoe Panteras.  Norma even has a location in mind for the next time.  How does the Happy Apple Kitchen near Colfax sound?  Sounds like another scouting expedition is needed!
The drive home went well.  We filled up the tank at the aforementioned  Chevron station.  It was 115 miles from Rio Vista to Nevada City.  We got 15 miles to the gallon.  Jim decided to take a different route home.  We wanted to avoid the afternoon traffic in the Roseville area of Highway 80.  We went home of Highway 20 to Marysville, then Highway 70 south to I-5.  The traffic flowed well for most of the drive, only the occasional "Sunday Driver" slowed us down.  Gary caravanned with us to Sacramento then we parted company.  The mileage home for us was 130 miles and took us about 2 hours.  The mileage on that part of the trip was 17 mpg.  This was our longest day trip so far in #7114.  The weather did warm up a bit in the Valley.  Without functional AC, we drove with the windows down.  The resultant airflow loosened the head liner on the driver's side.  Add one more thing to Jim's to-do list.  It was a good test for the Recaro seats.  Jim's back did fine.   My back was a bit sore after we got home.  So the debate over which seats to keep is not yet settled.  Will it be the Recaros or the C4 Corvette seats?  A couple more longer trips may still be necessary to decide on which seats to finally install.
We hope to have even more people and cars at the third annual joint Capitol Panteras - Reno/Tahoe Pantera Brunch Run next year!  What better excuse can there be to get out and drive your Pantera?
A Full Automotive Weekend
by Emilia Seiferling
The fourth weekend in September turned out to be a busy automotive weekend for us.  It started Friday evening with a drive to Sacramento to the Towe Auto Museum to attend the silent movies, presented by the Sierra Chapter of the American Theater Organ Society (ATOS).   As is our usual custom, we tried a new restaurant prior to the movie.  This time we headed to West Sacramento to the Cafe Vienna on Merkley Avenue.   Jim had found it listed in the Best of Sacramento Review of restaurants.  It had come in second for the last two years, in the German restaurant category.  We arrived in West Sac at about 5:30 PM.  We found Merkley Ave. and the tiny, older strip mall that contained several small ethic restaurants.  We entered Cafe Vienna to find it void of people.  We considered the Indian restaurant next door as plan B, but we were soon greeted by the young waiter and lead to a booth. The lack of people makes us a bit nervous about any place, but we were there so why not give it a try.  The menu and wine list are both interesting and reasonably priced.  Dinner came with soup or a European salad.  We had one of each and enjoyed them.  The soup that night, chicken and rice, was definitely homemade.  It was thick and full of shredded chicken. The breads; rye, black, and wheat were very good and came with a pepper cream cheese spread instead of butter. The salad had five different mini salads on one plate. We ordered two different veal dishes; Champignon Schnitzel and Rahm Schnitzel.  Both were very good and came with great spatzle and sweet & sour red cabbage. The portion size was large, so a box was required to take part home. This is definitely a place to return to in the future!  They should have gotten first place in the German restaurant category! (The Sudswerks in Davis got first.  They make great beer, but their food is no where near that of The Vienna Cafe.)
We were then off to the Towe.  We toured the current exhibits.  This month the featured Car Club was the Capital City Mopars.  They had on display: a 1964 Dart convertible, a 1961 Newport Station wagon, a 1964 Imperial, and a 1964 Dodge 880 CHP patrol car.  If CP wants to do this at the Towe, we need a local member to coordinate with the Museum.  The movies were three comic shorts.  "Hot Water" (1924) Harold Lloyd, "One Week"(1920) Buster Keaton, "Two Tars" (1929) Laurel & Hardy.  Our favorite short was the Harold Lloyd movie.  All the things that got him into "Hot Water" are still laugh out loud funny over 80 years later!  All three movies had automotive scenes as part of their plots.  The Laurel & Hardy movie wrecked too many cars to count!  It was like an early version of "The Blues Brothers" final crash scene.  The evening was even more of a bargain than usual.  Remember you can get $1 popcorn with free refills.  There was also free cake and punch!  The guest organist, Ken Double of Houston, is the new ATOS  national President. The cake was in his honor! Ken in his other life is the announcer of the Houston professional hockey team.  While walking around the museum looking for new additions, we spotted a Bricklin SV-1.  Our club member, John Worsley (who has a Bricklin), always says that the car just doesn't get any respect, considering there were only 2,854 made.  There are only 973 cars listed in their club registry.  We now have photographic proof that they just don't get any respect!  Some prankster strategically placed some fake dog poop under the rear tire.  When we saw that, we were just short of rolling the floor laughing.  Poor John.
The poor Bricklin just doesn't get any respect.  Note the fake dog poop in front of the rear tire.
Saturday had us driving the Pantera over to Sears Point to watch the Shelby Mini Nats.  The drive over went very smoothly.  We found Rick Carlile's area and were able to set up our chairs in the shade.  Carl Stein was not racing this time. Jim took Mike Drew out in our Pantera to do the Parade laps at noon. We watched several races from the shade of the grandstand and Jim was able to get a ride with Rick in the Mercury Cyclone.  Rick was very busy giving rides!  He managed to finish in eighth place after starting tenth in the Vintage race group. All in all it was a good day at the races.  We headed toward home at about 5 PM.  We decided to stop for dinner at Jonesy's at the Napa airport.  It was the usual great meat lovers meal. (We have reviewed Jonesy's in an earlier CP newsletter.)
Jim & Rick getting ready "to launch".
Sunday was an early day!  We needed to be in Sacramento at 8 AM for the EuroSunday event.  This was the second time this event had been held.  Last month it was in Elk Grove.  We were not able to check it out last month.  This time it was at the Pavilions on Fair Oaks Ave, just east of Howe.  That meant we needed to be on the road by 7 AM.  Well, we tried but it was closer to 7:20 AM that we started.  The drive up Highway 160 was the usual pretty drive.  We arrived at the Pavilions to find CP member John Worsley already there. He had called the organizer for the OK on the Bricklin since it is made in Canada.  We were joined a few minutes later by Henry and Karen, in Henry's Pantera.  So the deTomasos were not longer on the "missing list" for this all European event.  We don't know if there had been a DeLorean at last months event or not.  If not then Ken needs to attend next  month.  During the almost two hours of the display there were over 50 cars that came and went.  Among the car marques on display were; Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Citroen, Lotus, Mercedes, Alfa, Fiat, Rolls Royce, Bricklin, and of course deTomaso.  The BMW club was sponsoring a drive to Tahoe, so a lot of them left about 9 AM to join the drive that left from Folsom at 9:30.  The drives are open to everyone.  Maybe we'll think about joining the drive another time.
Photos of the event are at; 
At about 9:45 AM our group decided it was time for more than Starbuck's coffee.  We headed a couple of blocks away to Ettore's for brunch.  We were fortunate to have Karen to suggest this place!  The weather was perfect for setting on their patio.  We all had different entrees; Quiche, an eggs benedict type dish, & breakfast burrito. All entrees came with a pastry basket.  The food was very good.  While we finished our meals, we heard, then saw a red Pantera drive by the restaurant .  We all stood up and waved at the car. It turned out to be Tom and Kathy Vona.  They were headed to the EuroSunday event.  They didn't realize that it was an early morning event!  They eventually joined us at Ettore's for coffee.  It was over coffee that we discussed some of the past and future events of Capitol Panteras; the November Sausalito Drive and Lunch,  the up coming club elections, the Club Christmas party.  It was discussed that if club members will step forward to chair one event/outing each  per year, we can have a very full schedule of activities.   If you're willing to set up one event that you enjoy and want to do, it isn't that difficult and it provides a lot of variety to the group. This will be discussed more at the October CP meeting.  While we finished coffee, Tom & Kathy offered to host the Club Christmas party!  What a wonderful plan. I really like it when someone offers to do something for the club.  I don't like to draft people.  Tom will be cooking Italian food for the party.  Now we just need a theme for the gift exchange.  We have already done German (ZF & relays), British(Lucas electrical), Italian(the car itself).  There are still several countries that are represented in the Pantera that we have not "honored" in the gift exchange. A choice just needs to be made. Will it be American (351 Cleveland), French (wheel bearings) or Australia(engine on later years).
The show at the Pavilions and brunch at Ettore's
Our automotive weekend ended with a drive home on the Sacramento River. We stopped in Clarksburg to check out the "Old Sugar Mill" to see how that project was progressing.  The buildings of an old sugar beet processing plant are being converted to a winery/event complex. The project is open and there is tasting from one winery . There is an antique shop and winery tour.  Some special musical events are scheduled for the future.  I think that they need a few more wineries to make this more than a short rest stop while driving down the River.  There was a Corvette club visiting the place and they made the mistake of leaving one parking spot open in their lineup.  We just had to uphold the "bad boys of Italian cars" reputation and park next to them!
Upcoming Lunch Run, Saturday November 4th
Tom Vona will lead the lunch run on Saturday, November 4.   The plan is to meet at 8:00 am and leave Starbucks at 8:30 am.  That should put us at Spinnakers at about 11:00 am.  After lunch we can leave the cars and shop a little or do a side excursion around the west side of Golden Gate bridge.
The planed route will leave from the Starbucks at Reed and Stillwater in West Sacramento.  From there we will head west to Davis and take Hwy 113 to Covell in the town of Davis. We will then go west to the town of Winters and Lake Berryessa.  For your information, if you want to meet us at Hwy 505 and the exit to Winters, it will take us approximately a half hour to reach there. After going around Lake Berryessa, we end up in Napa, wind around some fun roads, and come out by Sears Point raceway. It is all freeway to the restaurant from there.
Spinnakers can seat up to 80 people and 40 cars.  They will give us preferred parking at no charge
Lunch will include a choice of either Soup of the day or House salad.  You will a choice of three Luncheon Sandwiches:
1) Spinnaker Hamburger
2) Crab, Shrimp & Avocado Clubhouse Sandwich
3) Quesadilla with Crab, Shrimp & fresh Basil.
Cost will be $25.50 per person which includes coffee, ice tea or soft drink, tax, & tip.
Please RSVP to Jim at
Meeting Notes, October 10, 2006
by Emilia Seiferling
The October meeting of the Capitol Panteras was held at Mimi's.  We had 2 Panteras and a Bricklin.  There had been heavy rain in the Folsom, Placerville and Sacramento areas, so some members did not drive their cars.  We're just glad they came at all.  Personally, our drive up from Rio Vista was beautiful in our P car.
The attendance was good. Ken Montgomery, John Worsley, Rick Carlile, Jim & Emilia Seiferling, Jeff Budelli, Henry Kirk, Tom & Kathy Vona, Carl Stein, Dennis Gacutan (in his P car), Lamar Fairchild, Duane & Darice Harlan, and first timer Mark Hermann.  Mark is looking for a Mangusta, but if he can not find one, then it will be a Pantera.  Welcome Mark!
The Sausalito Lunch Run is set for Saturday, November 4.  (See detailed story above.) This event is a go, rain or shine.  If you don't drive your P car in the rain, come anyway in your daily driver. So far we have the following people signed up for the drive: Jeff & Linda, Rick & Linda, Mike & Nancy Haney, Henry & Karen, Jim & Emilia, Tom & Kathy, John W., Lamar & Toni (if Toni's wheel chair fits in the Pantera). We have a maybe for Duane & Darice.  We have contacted PCNC to invite their members to join us.  So far we have only heard from Nancy & Mike.  We're glad to have them join us.  We hope that other PCNC members will also join us!  Please RSVP to Jim at   We need to give the restaurant a head count for this event. 
We have a host for the CP Christmas Party.  Tom & Kathy Vona will host the group on Saturday, December 9.  Tom plans to prepare Italian food for the party.  Dennis had come to the meeting ready to volunteer to host us again as he and Patty had done for the past couple of years.  Thank you all for being willing to host the group.  Details as far as time, directions and cost will be announced at the November CP meeting.  We will also announce the theme of the Pirate Gift Exchange.
The CP are still in first place for the POCA article contest.  Thank you Chris Difani for the article in the last POCA newsletter.  Chris said that he will be writing more articles.  Remember there are bragging rights and money at stake.  So please think about writing an article about your automotive adventures or a technical item.
Emilia's offer to provide breakfast to anyone who joined Jim at the Rio Rendezvous Car Show on Oct. 14th still stands.  It will be at the Lions Club Pancake breakfast.  It looks like Lamar and Tom will try to make it to Rio Vista.  Lamar has to get his new rear axles into the car to be able to make the journey!  Good luck Lamar.
It looks like the Capitol Panteras will not have a display at the Towe Auto Museum in January 2007.  We have no local club member (Sacramento area) willing to coordinate with the museum. 
The next EuroSunday will be held  October 22 at the Pavilions in Sacramento.  Depending on how many Panteras show, there may be a Brunch group after the show.  Details to be decided by those who attend.
CP held their annual elect of officers.  Jim & Emilia will continue on as Co-Presidents for another year.  We forgot to vote on the Treasurers position, so John McNamee, you're elected/appointed in absentia for another term of office! That's what happens when you miss the annual election meeting!  There was one major proviso before we said we would serve another term.  We want the members of CP to continue to suggest and organize events for the club.  CP is a small POCA chapter and we need to distribute the work among the membership.  This past year several members stepped up and organized several different events.  Thank you!  The Club needs this to continue, in order to be an active and healthy organization.  We will work out a rough schedule of activities for the coming year at the next CP meeting.  So if you have any ideas please bring them to the next meeting or e-mail them to Jim. 
Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth".
                                                 2006 EVENTS CALENDAR
Oct. 14        Rio Rendezvous Car Show, Rio Vista.
Oct.  22       EuroSunday The Pavilions, 8 AM with Brunch afterwards
Oct. 27        Silent Movie "Phantom of the Opera (1925)" with Lon Chaney,
                     at Towe Auto Museum  8 PM
Oct 28-29   Shelby Club, Fall Classic 2006 Open Track, Thunderhill
Nov. 4         Sausalito Drive and Lunch at The Spinnaker,
                    Tom & Kathy Vona tour leaders.  
Nov. 14       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's.
Dec. 9         Capitol Panteras Christmas Party - Tom & Kathy Vona hosting.
Jan.  9, 2007 Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Jan 2007      Capitol Panteras on display at the Towe Auto Museum ???
Aug 16      "The Tour", downtown Carmel @ Noon.
Aug 17        Concorso Italiano,
Aug 18-19  Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca
October 7    Italian Car Show , Alameda.  A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.
Suggestions for other activities in the coming year include;
Blackhawk Museum in Danville
Sporting Clays/Lunch at Birds Landing (near Rio Vista). 
Great Pantera back road getting there through the Montezuma Hills!!
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Panteras #1575 & #7114