October 2012

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Capitol Panteras Foothill Drive & Tour

Saturday, September 29th


The three of us were up early that Saturday morning to head out to breakfast in Lodi before we headed to the designated meeting place in Galt.  I say three because we were hosting our Australian AFS exchange student from 30 years ago.  Karl was in Rio Vista for his 30-year high school reunion.  We thought it would be best to eat breakfast on our way to Galt, so we had planned to stop at one of favorite local breakfast places in Lodi.  We arrived at Dee Dee's on Cherokee in Lodi only to find it closed!  We later found out that they had lost their lease and had to close down.  So we went on down the road to Plan B, The Richmaid restaurant.  This place has been in business since 1938.  It is a busy breakfast place.  We like the German bratwurst as a side.  How many places have bratwurst on the menu?


After a hearty meal we head north on Highway 99 to the meeting place in Galt.  The appointed spot was the It's a Grind Coffee Shop.  We were early so we decided to have some more coffee.  Karl had his double shot of espresso while I opted for the seasonal Pumpkin Latte.  Soon the others arrived.  It was a small diverse group.  Don and Kathy had invited a few of their other car buddies to join the drive.  The caravan was made up of a Pantera, a Cobra, a 1969 Mustang, a street rod, and a Chevy pick-up. Don outlined the route verbally and passed out a map as well. 


Our eclectic tour group



We headed out on Twin Cities Road going east.  All went well until the unexpected gas stop in Ione. Apparently Don has a broken gas gauge on the Mustang and has to calculate the need for gas from his mileage, thus the stop for gas.  That is when the group got separated.  We were in the back of the pack and were following the Cobra.  When they missed a turn we went a few blocks before we realized their error and backtracked to the appointed route.  After we were back on track we managed to make a couple of wrong turns on our own.  But since Jim did know the area we were able to create our own scenic drive to get back on the planed route and arrive at the end goal.  We never did see the rest of the group until we arrived at Gold Country Auto Restorations, and we were the first vehicle to arrive!


Once at the Mitch Alba shop, we were first greeted by the shop dog and then our tour guide Lance.  Mitch was tied up with a business telephone call and Lance did a great job as a substitute tour guide.  We toured the shop seeing the various restoration projects.  There were several very high-end projects in the works; Delahayes, Rolls Royce, Bugattis. The shop has the capabilities to manufacture any of the missing parts that they need to complete a restoration, if the parts are not available.  There were completed project cars and motorcycles in the showroom that were for sale.  One vehicle was a Cadillac that was said to belong to Al Capon's girl friend, complete with a compartment to store your Tommy gun.


This Delahaye was at Pebble Beach, but the owner thought it wasn't good enough,

 so it's in Mitch's shop for a "freshing up".  One picky owner!



Karl, Emilia, and Jim in front of Capon's girlfriend's car.

Note the machine gun compartment in front of the rear fender.


Mitch was free toward the end of our tour to answer questions.  He invited us back on October 27 to his "Donuts & Coffee with Mitch" swap meet in the parking lot.  It starts at 9 AM.  It would make a good drive following the map the next time.


Our next stop was a couple of blocks away for lunch a Hoot n' Annie's grill.  We enjoyed lunch then headed our separate ways home.  We went home via a stop at the Choate's in Wilton.  Sue and Garry had a local car show in their neighborhood that day so could not go on the drive with us.  Sue is also recovering from surgery on her right wrist.  She is doing well but is very limited on what she can handle comfortably.   We got a tour of the new addition to the garage, a car lift.  This creates more vehicle storage room and aids in maintenance.  Jim bought a used ham radio transmitter from Garry.  He had thought about getting his license, but came to the conclusion that he had to many irons in the fire.  He now has a little more storage space in his closet!  The radio is now installed in our Chevy truck.


We headed home after our stop in Wilton to get Karl back in time for his dinner date with some of his high school friends.  Jim and I were happy to stay home that night and relax after our fun day on the road.  It was another good day made possible because we own a Pantera, even if we did not drive the Pantera today.


Summary of the October 2012 Capitol Panteras Meeting


The October meeting had three club cars in the parking lot, so there was a drawing for "Driving for Gas Money".  John McNamee, Rick, and Ken were in the running with the DeLorean winning.  Attending this month's meeting were; Jim & Emilia Seiferling, Sue & Garry Choate, John McNamee, John Worsley, Rick Carlile, Paul Bowden, Ken Montgomery, George Potiris. 


Treasurer John reported that the Club is solvent.  The current balance is ~$1600.  John has worked out the problem with the bank account name.  The raffle made a $14 profit this month.  The winners were John Worsley - a DVD of "The Italian Job" and Sue who received the DeTomaso fleece vest from John McNamee's product line.  John actually won his own vest in the drawing, but gave it to Sue because she buys lots of tickets for John's items but has yet to win.


John Worsley reported that the Brunch at the Grand Island Mansion is a go for Sunday, November 4 at 11 AM. He has made reservations for 12.  Several people committed at the meeting; Jim & Emilia, Sue & Garry, John Worsley.  John McNamee and Rick Carlile need to check with their spouses, but hope to attend the Brunch.  If you plan on attending, please RSVP  ASAP to Jim at  If you have not attended prior brunches at the Grand Island Mansion, this is a class act in a beautiful setting in the Delta.  Please mark your calendar to save the date.  You can check out the website for the menu, directions and prices.


The main business for this month was the election of officers. Treasurer John has agreed to continue as treasurer.  Jim & Emilia will continue on as Newsletter Editors.  Ken Montgomery will continue as club Web-Master.  There was a lot of discussion about the office of President.  It was finally decided that we would put all POCA members names in a hat and draw for our new president.  It was agreed before the election drawing that other club members would step up to help run meetings and take notes if the President and/or newsletter editors were not able to attend the meeting.  Our lucky winner was George Potiris!  Thank you George for being willing to be president.  For those of you didn't know it, George was president in the early 1990's for several terms.  It was also discussed that Club members must be willing to step up and be in charge of various club activities for the year such as; tech sessions, scenic drives, brunch runs, and the Christmas party.  If this can be done George will have a good year as President of Capitol Panteras.


George's first action as President was to ask for car related tchotchkes.  He visits with the members of The Car Club at a middle school in Elk Grove.  The kids are excited about cars and he need auto related items to pass out.  He suggested stickers, key chains or other small items.  You can contact George at  if you have items for the kids.  We need to encourage kids who have an interest in cars.  They are the future of the car hobby.


Paul asked for some input for the Christmas party.  It was decided that the gift theme (~$20 value) will be Italian/auto (The gift exchange is voluntary).  Paul said that his mom is Italian, maiden name Benedet, so that was reason enough for the Italian theme.  It will be a BYOB, with the Club providing waters, soda and coffee.  The price will be $10 per person as an aid to getting a head count for the party.  The Club will reimburse Paul for the food expenses.  Paul can pretty much plan what ever he wants.  We talked about various ways the party has been handled in the past; entirely home cooked, catered, a planned potluck, a semi-planned potluck, Costco only food, meat loaf from Boston Market.  Whatever Paul decides will be fun.  Paul said he might have his sister be the party planner for him.  More details will be made available at the November CP meeting.


Jim reported that our black Pantera, #1575, has a new home.  It now lives with Randy & Linda Welch.  They are PCNC members, who now live in Stockton.  They were previous owners of a Pantera, so are not "newbees" to the marque.  Randy is mechanically able and has big restoration plans for 1575.  He hopes to have the project finished by Spring 2013.


Emilia reported that it is now 5 months since ordering a Fiat 500 Abarth.  Two weeks ago the Fiat dealer told us the car was "being built, even as we speak", at the plant in Mexico City.  We have missed out on at least three Italian car shows and a couple of drives this summer.  Maybe we will be able to drive it to the Christmas party!


Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter


If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth".



Capitol Panteras Events in Red


Capitol Panteras member, Rick Carlile, will be racing his TV in the CARGO Series.


Aug 11 - Oct 28 "Bust! The Cars that History Left Behind" @ The California Automobile Museum


Oct 20-21  Fall Classic, open track at Thunderhill.  Shelby Club.


Oct 20       Car Show, Mustangs Plus, Stockton.

Oct 27       Doughnuts & Coffee with Mitch - 9 AM  in Martel

Oct 28       EuroSunday, Sacramento @ The Pavilions, on Fair Oaks Blvd.



Nov 4    Sunday Brunch at the Grand Island Manson-Chairman, John Worsley

                Please RSVP to Jim @

Nov 2-4   CSRG Vintage Races @ Thunderhill

Nov 13   Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Nov 25    Euro Sunday, Sacramento @ ?


Dec 1     Capitol Panteras Christmas Party at the home of Paul Bowden, in West Sacramento.

Dec 7     PCNC Christmas Party


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.


Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras

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