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October Newsletter 2015


Serrano Concourse

October 4, 2015

By Emilia Seiferling


We had to leave very early in the morning to arrive in El Dorado Hills on time for the event.  The drive on Highway 160 was beautiful.  We got to watch the sun rise while we drove on a deserted levee road next to the Sacramento River.  The lack of traffic continued for the rest of the hour plus drive.  The worst traffic was at the gate to get into the event.  We must have been in the entrance line, of only 4 cars, for 15 -20 minutes before we were let into the event field.  The Pantera does not like to idle like that!   We made it fine, but John Webber’s Pantera was one of the Panteras that couldn’t take the wait and over heated, and then was pushed into the Pantera area.  It appeared that the fans quit running.  The problem was diagnosed by fellow Pantera owners and fixed during the event.  We assume that he made it back to home in Wilton O.K.  Once parked in the designated display area, the rest of the event was super easy and convenient.  We were close to bathrooms, the food trucks, and the commercial booths.


There were 13 Panteras at the event.  The group was a mixture of both Capitol Panteras and bay area Pantera owners. There was even one car that came down from the Reno area.  While our Pantera is special to us, it is not a “special” car.  The other cars present were indeed cars worthy of being displayed.  This was the most “up scale” car show that we had every attended, other than Concorso Italiano!  The event was very well run.  DeTomaso will be featured next year, October 2nd, 2016, for 45 years of the deTomaso Pantera.  So for those of you who were not in attendance this year, you need to plan now to attend next year!  I’m sure that President John will keep us all informed on next years Concourse.


Not the preferred way to enter a high class car show.



More Panteras in one show in a long time



21st Annual Rio Vista Car Show

October 10, 2015

By Jim Seiferling


The weather was very nice for the Rio Vista Car Show.   This was the first time that the show was run by the local Lions club.  The event drew over 175 cars, mostly street rods.  We were once again the only Italian car in the show, but it did draw a lot of people looking at it.  Unfortunately, there was no category for best Italian car, although we have won the Mayors Choice Award in the past.  Too bad the old Mayor is no longer in office.


We were very happy that Jim’s cousin Rich and his wife LeAnn were able to come to Rio Vista and spend the day with us.  Rich is the person who helped Jim get the Pantera back on the road.  The two of them spent a week in May, at Richs’ home in Placerville, working on the car.  They got several of the bigger projects completed.  Jim still has a couple of jobs to finish up on the car.  Jim and Rich walked the car show while LeAnn and I spent some time checking out shops and different festival booths, so a good time was had by all.


Maybe we’ll have a few Panteras at the 22nd Annual Rio Vista Car Show next October.  Mark your calendar now.



All Italian Car Show, Alameda

October 11, 2015

By Emilia Seiferling


The All Italian Car Show, in Alameda, was the day after the Rio Vista Car Show.  We had made arrangements to meet up with Mike and Nancy Haney at the Red Top Road Jack in the Box and then caravan to Alameda.  Mike and Nancy arrived first at the designated rendezvous spot.  Once there we discovered that Nancy’s red Pantera was not ready to depart for Alameda.  Her 14 year old battery was dead.  But in a way it was her lucky day, in that we were in the Fiat and we had jumper cables.  After several attempts the little Fiat was able to generate enough energy to turn the Pantera starter over and we both were on our way to Alameda.


The trip on Highway 80 was a fast one with Nancy in the lead.  After about 4 miles we lost sight of the Pantera, but we both arrived at the Alameda off ramp at the same time.  Welcome to bay area traffic, even on an early Sunday morning.


Once at the show location, we ended up being parked next to each other.  There were about 125 or more Italian cars and over 50 Italian motorcycles at this years show.  There were five Panteras, one Mangusta, and one Ducati motorcycle, all owned by POCA members at the show this year.


This is a great low key car show, with no entry fee for exhibitors.  The show, organized by the Alfa club, is a money maker for the Special Olympics.  The weather is usually very mild and held up to tradition this year.  This is another yearly event to mark on your calendar.




Some of the Pantera owners gathered around Nancy’s Pantera and Emilia’s Abarth



October Meeting Notes


The September meeting of Capitol Panteras was held at Mimi’s. We had 8 attending.  Those attending were; John McNamee, Rick Carlile, Jim & Emilia Seiferling, John & Beth Drago, Carl Stein, and Dave Lommori.  We were also visited by Hans Schultz of Stockton.  Hans is a new Pantera owner.   We had 2 Panteras (John Drago and Rick Carlile) in the parking lot.  The “Driving for Gas Money” was won by John. We did have a raffle, with an auto parts store gift card as the prize.  John Drago won the gift card.


The Capitol Pantera Christmas party is set for Sunday, December 6, at 5:30 PM.  The party will be at The New Old Sloughhouse Inn.

There will be a Gift Exchange, but no theme has been set.


Dreams & Drivers will once again be at Mikuni’s in Elk Grove on Sunday, Nov. 15th.  There will be a raffle to help raise fund for Prostate Cancer.  Our late member John Worsley died of prostate cancer.  The Club voted to buy some raffle tickets with club funds.


The group voted to make a donation to Meals on Wheel.


After the newsletter editors (Jim & Emilia) got home they remembered that they forgot to mention “Lunch in the Delta”.  Late member John Worsley would always arrange a fall drive and meal for the group.  We would like to continue the tradition and have lunch at 11:30 AM in John’s honor at Peter’s Steak House, Saturday, November 21st, in Isleton.  Please contact Jim at if you will be joining us for lunch that Saturday.


Please note the Matt Stone lecture at Blackhawk is this weekend.  Jim & Emilia will be attending.  Matt is a former POCA president.  See the museum link below to learn more about Matt.


2015 Events Calendar


Nov 7          Matt Stone lecture at Blackhawk Museum, 10:30 AM

                  Matt was a former POCA president.

Nov 10        Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Nov 13        Dinner at the California Auto Museum with Lynn St. James.

Nov 15        Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @ Mikuni’s Elk Grove 11:00 to 2:30

                  Pantera’s wanted.  This event honors John Worsley enthusiasm for all sports cars.

Nov 21        Pantera lunch at Peter’s Steak House, Isleton, Ca.  11:30 AM

Nov 22        Euro Sunday, Sacramento @ BBVA, 1490 Stone Point Blvd, Roseville, CA.  8-11 AM


Dec 6         Capitol Panteras Christmas Party, 5:30 PM, at The New Old Sloughhouse Inn, Sloughhouse, CA


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras

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