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October 2018 Newsletter


Blackhawk Movie and Talk – “Tucker”

September 20, 2018

By Emilia Seiferling


This was the first movie night that we had attended at the Blackhawk Museum.  We had been to movie nights before at the Cobra Museum where the evening was pizza and a classic auto movie in their theater.  This was a speaker, popcorn, drinks, and a movie.  The speaker was Steve Tremulis, nephew of Alex Tremulis, Preston Tucker’s chief stylist.


Steve is the keeper of his uncle’s automotive papers.  Alex had a long automotive history which included the Tucker automobile and then continued for many years. Alex also worked with Cord and General Motors. The classic pipes on the Cord were his. The movie was “Tucker – The Man and His Dream”.  We had never seen the 1988 film when it was originally released so this was a new film for us.  We enjoyed the film and the background information from the speaker.  The evening was made even more special by being able to view Tucker car number 3 up close.  This is the Tucker that was once owned by George Lucas and is now owned by the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  PCNC previously had a group tour a while back, but we were unable to participate.  Fortunately it is open to the public on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s; a future field trip seems like a must do!


Tucker #3


Plymouth Trailer Fest Rally

September 29, 2018

By Emilia Seiferling


It was a beautiful fall day and our schedule was open for a trip to Plymouth.  I’ve had an interest in vintage trailers for several years and I especially like the smaller trailers.  When we purchased our tent trailer several years ago, I was interested in a small vintage trailer at that time but Jim pointed out that towing weight was a big factor.  We got the lighter weight tent trailer.  When we changed to a “hard side” trailer due to easier set up, I again thought vintage but the towing weight factor was the same.  But this time we got a modern version tiny trailer.  Our MeerKat weighs in at only 900 lbs.  Enough of our trailer history and on to the trailer/car show.  There were over 200 vintage trailers at the rally.  The rally had out grown the space at Tower Park and the site in Plymouth was found.  The 49er’s Park is a large functioning RV park. This trailerfest also included vintage military vehicles. It was a pretty walk around the park viewing the trailer fest trailers.  People enjoyed speaking with visitors and answering questions.  Many of the trailers were open to walk inside.  Many of the participants were dressed in period clothing.  Just about everyone had their patio areas set up with vintage awnings and patio furniture. The insides were also period correct in decor, a real blast from the past. It was surprising the number of units where the tow units were also vintage and often color coordinated to the trailer.  It reminded me of the 1950’s Lucille Ball movie, The Long, Long Trailer. All in all it was a fun experience on an autumn day.  The drive was scenic and lunch in Ione was very good at Don Louis’s Mexican.



One of many with a vintage car to go with the vintage trailer



Meeting Notes, at Strings

September 11, 2018

By Jim Seiferling


We had 15 people at our October meeting at Strings. There were 2 Panteras in the parking lot.  We congratulate Ron Southern, Tom Leonard, and Mike & Lori Drew for their carpool drive in I-80 traffic to get to the meeting.  This also goes for Curt Hall and Peter Kovacs, coming from Modesto, fighting Hwy 99 traffic.  We kind of did nominations for club officers and Rick Carlile was railroaded into being vice president.  Both John’s will continue in their current positions.


We did firm up this years’ Christmas Party.  It will be in the same location as last year.  The party will be Saturday, December 15th at 5PM at Visconti’s Ristorante, 2700 E. Bidwell, in Folsom.  It will be held in their banquet room which accommodates 24 people.  We all thanked John for setting this up. If there is an early response of members that is larger than what the room can accommodate, we will have to consider moving the gathering to a larger location.   We forgot to set a theme for the gift exchange, but the recycled auto book was a good theme in the past.  Please RSVP to Jim for the Christmas party.


Rick volunteered to host our next meeting, Nov 13th, at his new race shop at 3951 Development Dr, #6.  This is off Norwood @ I-80 in the north part of Sacramento.  GPS coordinates; 38.639981, 121.461153   Rick will supply pizza, plates, utensils, etc.  Please bring munchies, a salad or a desert to share.   Please bring a folding chair and drinks will be BYO.  We will plan on eating at 6:30pm.  Please RSVP to Jim with if you’ll be attending and what food item you will be bringing.  So far Sue will be bringing a salad and Emilia will bring a desert.  If you get lost and need to be talked in, Rick’s cell is 916-712-2148,


We did our driving for dollars and John McNamee won the $10 prize.


We are waiting for articles about the various car functions that were attended by member: the Alameda Italian show, Cops & Rodders, Serrano, Ironstone.  Please send Jim you articles for the next news letter.


2018 Events Calendar



Oct 20       Donut Day, Mustangs Plus, Stockton, 8am to noon.

Oct 21       Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @ Exotic Auto Recycling, 3790 Omec Cir, Rancho Cordova 9am

Oct 27       EuroSunday, Sacramento @


Nov 2-4      CSRG Vintage Races @ Thunderhill

Nov 8         Cobra Museum, movie night, “Smokey and The Bandit”

Nov 13      Capitol Panteras meeting at Rick’s new shop.

Nov 18       Dreams & Drivers, Sacramento @ Mikuni - Elk Grove Location, 8525 Bond Rd, Elk Grove, CA 10am

Nov 24       Euro Sunday, Sacramento @


Dec 8        PCNC Christmas Party, San Mateo

Dec 9         Dreams & Drivers.  5th Annual Karts, Kids and Cars 2018, 8am

Dec 15       Capitol Panteras Christmas Party, Viscontis Ristorante, Folsom


Please keep us informed of other dates and activities


Jim & Emilia Seiferling

Newsletter Co-Editors, Capitol Panteras



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