September 2005
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Concorso Italiano/Monterey Historics- August 19-20, 2005
by Emilia Seiferling
Day one

It all started out well enough, for our trip over to Monterey.  We allowed for the commute traffic on our route to thin out before we left in the morning.  Well, like the best laid plans, it did not work out as planned!  First, we were slowed way down in Antioch, on Highway 4.  Then we moved smoothly all the way to San Jose.  It was there that we totally fell behind schedule!  The traffic on Highway 101, at about Capitol Expressway, ground to a stop!  The one good thing was that the Pantera handled the stop and barely go traffic in fine form and did not over heat!  We were eventually forced to exit off Highway 101 at Hellyer.  What  an appropriate name for a street.    It seemed as if we did drive to hell and back before we were back on the freeway!  We later found out that it was a wreck with an acid spill that closed down the entire freeway.  All of these travel problems lead to an hour and a half addition to our travel time to Carmel.  We arrived too late for the lunch in Carmel, that we had planned, but we did get to view the Pebble Beach Concours cars when they were on their tour and parked on Ocean Avenue. ( Note: the best public restroom ever is located at the corner of the park where the Tour has lunch!) There were a couple of special sightings on Ocean Ave.  We saw Sir Sterling Moss and his winning Mercedes #722 300SLR. The car was on the original factory carrier.  We also saw the Batmobile driving around town.  We then headed to the Las Laureles Lodge, where we had a room with the PCNC group.  We stopped for gas in Carmel.  The cost was $3.05 for 91 octane.  We later saw it for $3.11 in Carmel Valley.

Once at the hotel, we checked out the hospitality suit.  We munched and drank our missed lunch.  While we were there, we were joined by CP members Rick Moseley. and Carl Stein.  They were staying with the PI group in Marina and had come over to Carmel Valley to see what was happening with PCNC.  At that time there was nothing happening at PI.  What no hospitality suit at PI?  We learned that they had an easy trip from Sacramento.  In fact, they stopped for lunch early in San Juan Bautista since they had made such good time.  Carl especially enjoyed telling us about his great Mexican lunch after he learned that we had missed lunch!  
Jim and I went to an early dinner at a new restaurant for us, Cafe Rustica, in Carmel Valley.  We had a wonderful meal!   We dinned outside. Jim had the lamb filets and I had the pork loin medallions.  We shared a heirloom tomato salad with pesto and goat cheese that was huge and delicious.  The Monterey county wine that we enjoyed was Logan. There was ample free parking for the restaurant.  After dinner we returned to the hotel and the hospitality suit for a night cap.  Then it was time to get some sleep, since tomorrow would be an early day.

Day Two

It was up at 6 am to be showered and dressed  in order to be ready to leave with the group for Concorso Italiano.  There were 8 cars that were ready to leave at 7 am.  It was an impressive line up of cars on the road.  There was fog at the top of the Laureles Grade that limited visibility and required both head lights and wipers!  I was very glad that Jim was not one of those guys who had removed the windshield wipers!  The drive into Concorso went smoothly for us, but the organizers still need to fine tune traffic control on the entry and exit route.  Once parked in the DeTomaso area, we began our quest for the "free coffee" for the exhibitors.  In the process of trying to find the exhibitor hospitality tent we bumped into several people all doing the same thing! Steve & Merry Dalcino, Linda & Randy Welsch, and their neighbors from San Ramon Gary & Sue .  Gary and Sue have had their Pantera for about 6 months.  It turned out that they were parked right next to us in the show. (There was no map and the event volunteers didn't have a clue where the hospitality tent was).  The weather was cold and foggy for most of the day.  The sun came out only very briefly in the afternoon.  During the course of the day we met up with several CP members; John Worsley, Carl Stein, Rick Moseley, Linda & Jeff Budelli, & Glen Cramer.  There were four Panteras, from our club, at the event and three of them won awards!  Jeff -Best Engine, Carl-Third place touring Class, Glen- Best Interior and Best Modified Car!  Very impressive for our small CP group.
Glen, Carl, & Jeff
A note for the ladies and those who buy them jewelry.  I spoke to Jo Snyder of Jo's .  She designs truly beautiful automotive inspired jewelry.  I have purchased a different piece of deTomaso jewelry from her each of the first three years that we attended the Concorso.  Well, this year I didn't buy anything, but I sent three ladies to her and I know that two of them were happy buyers of Jo's beautiful automotive designs.  Jo is cutting back due to some past medical problems and some wonderful grandchildren.  If you want one of Jo's pieces, she can be reached at P.O. Box 3013, Orange, Ca. 92857.  She made one of my pieces up custom, to match the earrings and pendant.  Her gold work is really distinctive.
Carl was selected to drive his Pantera on the stage during the deTomaso marque part of the program.  Carl has had the car for 27 years!  John got to ride in the passenger side during the podium drive and was thrilled!  After the podium drive and the trophy, Carl said that he almost did not bring the Pantera for the weekend, since he had to do some last minute fixes to it!  Carl also ended up parked next to a newer Pantera owner,  Randy McAyeal from Loomis.  So we all spoke to him about the Capitol Panteras. Hopefully Randy will come to our next meeting!  Rick and Carl also found that the owner of the hotel, where the PI group stayed, has a Pantera and lives in Stockton.  Maybe we'll get a couple of new members!  It was long cold and foggy day, so we headed out a bit early for the lodge.  We wanted to rest up and warm up for the PCNC "Good Times" dinner that evening.  The weather was pretty good for outdoor dinning that night.  If you had layers of clothing on you were fine, since there was no wind and the fog didn't roll in until later.  We had nice group of people at our table for dinner; Tom Galli, Bob Benson & son, Al Chelini & friend Judy, and Diane Dean.  Since PCNC President Bob was at the table, it became the "head table" and we got to go through the buffet line first!  The buffet line was filled with lots of good food. So it was a fun evening of conversation, food and DeTomaso automobiles.
Carl & Keith Martin, with John Worsley in the passenger seat, on center stage
Day Three
Yet another early morning!  This vacationing requires getting up earlier than a workday!  We arrived after an easy drive in light traffic at the PI corral at Laguna Seca.  Then once again we were off for the quest to find that first cup of morning coffee.  The stand where we have gotten coffee in past years was not open on time!  Talk about a poor business move, lets sell coffee and rolls and have the first stand that the race fans go by and not be open on time!  We had to go all the way over the bridge to find coffee, passing many stalls that were not ready to open at the appointed 8 am.  After we did find coffee, we were ready to start walking the exhibits.  One good thing about being early, the crowds were small and very considerate of people taking photos.  We figured the diehards are the ones who were early for the event.  We started at the Chaparral exhibit.  This is where Jim really scored.  He had saved a program from Laguna Seca 1967 with the winged Chaparral on the cover.  He brought this with him and was aiming to get it signed.  Well, Jim got it signed by Jim Hall and Vic Elford who were both very gracious.  Mr. Elford said to Jim that he "wasn't there in 1967, but I was there in 1966".  I was so excited for Jim that I forgot that I had my camera, until it was too late, I snapped quickly and cut off both Vic's and Jim's heads off in the photo!  The second shot was not as good but they have heads!  You can read more on the significant contributions Jim Hall made in the racing world at the following web link,   We always have an eye open for celebrities, but take what I call stealth paparazzi photos.  We don't ask to pose with them and try not to be in their face with the camera.  We also saw Brian Redman and Phil Hill at the Chaparral exhibit.  We also watched the Speed Channel crew film a couple of segments, one with Alain de Cadenet and one by Mike Joy.  While we watching them film with de Cadenet, we struck up a conversation with an older gentleman who was quite knowledgeable.  Our conversation went on for about 45 minutes. Little by little he told us more about his automotive background.  He said no one would know him, as he was "behind the scene".  Well, it turned out that he was the factory Mercedes mechanic for Sterling Moss's #722 300SLR, in 1955.  He had a long and varied career for Mercedes and has been a judge at Pebble Beach.  Jim started asking him some technical questions on how the valves were adjusted on the Mercedes desmodromic valve engine.  Yes, he was the real deal, because he explained precisely how this procedure was done.  He finally told us his name was Erwin Benner, but that was not the name that he was known by early in his career.  He is originally from Iceland and the surnames that people use change.  Whoever this mystery man was, he was very knowledgeable and it was enjoyable to speak with him.  He said that he would be at the Historics in Sonoma next year and would look for us.  We will be looking for Erwin too.
Our mystery man, Erwin Benner & Emilia
The rest of the morning was spent walking the pit areas.  We didn't catch some of the early sessions, but did hear that there were some weather delays due to fog.  They had to be able to see from one flagman to the next flagman, but the fog was still present on part of the course, so delays resulted.  We started back to the corral area for the PI luncheon.  This year the luncheon was again catered by Tarpy's. The food was really good and plentiful.  If you haven't done the PI Corral package at Laguna Seca, you are missing out.  It was the best lunch of any that we saw in the corral areas that we saw.  It would be very difficult to go back to regular parking and food at the races, after you have done PI.  After lunch it was back to finish walking the pit areas.  Then we headed to the start/finish line to watch the afternoon sessions.  There were several highlights to the afternoon. There were parade laps for only the Chaparrals.  The highlight of which was seeing Jim Hall's famous 2J vacuum car, on the course.  Later in the afternoon, Sir Sterling Moss, with passenger Jay Leno, drove the last laps ever for Mercedes #722.  It will be retired to a new museum in Germany and never driven again.  Jim Hall drove a couple of laps in the winged 2E Chaparral.  All the cars that he brought out are in the Petroleum Museum, in Midland Texas.  We saw Bobby Rahal drive a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT to victory in his session.  We also saw Brian Redman come in second in a 1958 Scarab Mk III.  That session also had Ol' Yeller ll from 1959 (note; it is owned by a dentist).  This car was recently featured in the 1-hour program "Behind the Headlights", on the Speed Channel.  We stayed for the last race, which were the Can Am cars.  Then we began the long walk back to the car.  Luckily the trip out of the corral was a very easy one.  We were directed onto a road that we were not familiar with, but we didn't care because it was free of traffic and going downhill.  There was just us and a Corvette ahead of us on the road.  We snaked around the backcountry and ended up at the main entrance where the police just waved us onto the main road!  Once back at the Lodge, it was time to have a beer and dinner.  We were too tired to drive anywhere new for dinner, so we decided to have dinner at the Lodge.  We had a bad meal there our first stay at the Lodge four years ago, so we had tried to avoid the restaurant.  We hoped that there would not be a repeat and decided to give it a try.  We are happy to report that our dinner was very good, the service was good and the setting at sunset was very calming.  We both had the mushroom bisque soup. Jim had the Veal and I had the Calamari. We shared a bottle of Merlot, by Scheid.  We know one of the partners in the winery, so we needed to try his wine!  The servings were ample so we were too full to finish everything and sorry to say left no room for dessert.  As we were finishing dinner, a group of PCNC members were seated.  As we exited, we offered the first table our unfinished wine. They were not too proud and didn't turn down left over wine!
Day Four
Finally a day to sleep later than a workday!  We slept into 7:30 am!  Everyone was doing the same, because we didn't hear a single Pantera leave early!  After a quick shower, a cup of coffee and repacking the Pantera we said our goodbyes and headed home.  I was not anxious to go through San Jose again, so Jim planned a route home via Hollister and San Luis reservoir.  We topped up the gas tank in Salinas for $2.97 per gallon.  We had light traffic all the way home and were cruising with the flow at 75 to 80 MPH.  We stopped at In-N-Out Burger in Stockton, for an early lunch.  It hit the spot for a good burger on a road trip.  The car weekend was coming to a close.  The Pantera preformed very well.  Having this car has opened a lot of doors for us and introduced us to a lot of new friends and people we never thought we would ever meet.  So get out there and drive your car!
Meeting Notes, September 13, 2005
by Jim Seiferling
We had 15 people at Mimi's for the September meeting of the Capitol Panteras! The weather was very nice all day and actually got cool once the sun set.  There were six Panteras, a deLorean, and a Bricklin in the parking lot!   Members at this month's meeting were: Jim & Emilia Seiferling, John Worsley, Jeff Budelli, Rick Carlile,  Henry Kirk, Carl Stein, Rick Moseley, Ken Montgomery, Jeff Budelli, John McNamee, and Terry Erikson and his girlfriend Kathy.  Terry was in a wheel chair, with casts on his left arm and leg.  He was an innocent victim of a motorcycle accident.  He was stopped at a railroad crossing guard, with the gate down, when a lady decided to run around the gate, but hit Terry from the rear, launching him and his bike on and over the railroad tracks.  He was able to crawl off the tracks before the train arrived.  He will loose part of his left foot, but still expects to play golf and drive the Pantera again.  We're all pulling for you, Terry!
We also had one visiting POCA CHPIE member, Joyce Bernatzke, who was in Sacramento on business.  Paul Bowen and his friend Ernie also joined the group.  Paul is the owner of Pantera #1459, with twin superchargers.  It is a totally wild looking engine.  It is probably the same setup that was on our car, #1575, a long time ago, done by Steve Wilkinson.
Jeff Budelli entered the Chico Concours, on September 11th, and took home a second place prize.  Where are you going to put all the trophies that you collect?  Maybe Jeff will write an article for the CP newsletter!  We're sure that he has photos of his red beauty for an article.
Capitol Panteras is in a tie for third place in the article contest at POCA!  Lets see if we can get a podium finish in this years contest. We need several members to write article that could end up in a POCA publication.  It is worth some bragging rights and cash for the treasury!  John McNamee reported that we had $941.00 in our treasury.  It's probably a record high for Capitol Panteras.
We have set a date of Sunday, October 23rd. for our annual Fall Delta Brunch Run.  We still need to pick a restaurant, but will have that taken care of within a few weeks.  I'll send out a special email, when we have final information.
Ken Montgomery reported that the Brunch/Tour of the Winchester mystery house was a go, on October 30th.  All Capitol Pantera members are invited to join the deLorean club on this outing.  Tentative plans call for brunch at 10 AM at a restaurant next the Winchester house and then tour after brunch.  For announcements on this event see the following link.  I'm sure Ken will have final information for us at our next meeting, on October 11th.
Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter
If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to  to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures.
                                                 2005 EVENTS CALENDAR
Sept. 16 - Silent movie, "Peter Pan, 1924", with Wurlitzer organ accompaniment at the Towe Auto Museum, Sacramento; 8 PM
Sept. 17 - Car Show, 1927 to 1972 cars, Suisun City, 9 AM-5 PM.   Contact:  Dan Matthews  552-2115
Sept. 23-25 -  Shelby Club Mini Nats XXII, Sears Point
Oct. 2 - Concours at Serrano, Gold River
Oct. 9 - 18th Annual All Italian Car and Motorcycle Show - Alameda, Contact Jim Rogers, 805-924-0223
Oct. 11 - Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Oct. 15 - Rio Rendezvous Car show in Rio Vista, Chairman Jim 
Oct. 15-16 - Shelby Club,  Fall Classic Open Track @ Thunderhill
Oct 23   - Delta Brunch Run, Chairmen Emilia & Jim
Oct. 30 - Join the DeLoreans at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Chairman Ken
Nov.  8 - Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's
Dec. ??   - Capitol Panteras Christmas Party, Chairman Dennis
May ??, 2006  -  Foothill Wine Country Tour & BBQ, Chairmen John McNamee. and Jeff Budelli
Aug. ??   2006 - Festa Italiana, Sacramento, Chairmen Jeff and George
Suggestions for other activities in the coming year include;
Blackhawk Museum in Danville
Sporting Clays/Lunch at Birds Landing (near Rio Vista). 
Great Pantera back road getting there through the Montezuma Hills!!
Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.
Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Pantera #1575