September 2009

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Monterey Weekend, 8/13/09

by Emilia Seiferling

Thursday morning we were off early for our weekend in Monterey.  Our route was Highway 12 east, to Highway 5 south, to Highway 152 west, then to Highway 1 south.  This is not the most direct route, but it was the fastest for us.  We were traffic free almost the entire way.  We arrived in Carmel right on time, maybe even a few minutes earlier than expected.  We decided to attempt to find a parking spot south west of downtown Carmel this year.  We thought it would be an easier flat walk to Ocean Avenue.  We did finally find a spot to tuck the Pantera into.  We ended up about 9 blocks away from "The Tour" display area, and it was a predominately flat walk to our goal of Ocean Avenue.  We wanted to have lunch at The Grill on Ocean Avenue again this year, since we have enjoyed it so much in the past.  We were about a block from the restaurant when Jim received a call from Mike Drew.  Mike had walked past our car as he was making his way to the display area and wanted to know what we were doing for lunch.  We told him and our plans for a table for two became a table for six.  Mike was with three other Pantera people; Yon from Nigeria, Jeff from England and Marcus from Monterey.  Jim said that he would try to get a larger table if possible.  At The Grill we were able to get the larger table, but it was toward the rear of the restaurant.  I told Mike later that if it had been just Jim and I, we would have gotten a window seat at the restaurant!  Mike and the group arrived a few minutes later. Then another phone call and another Pantera person joined the lunch group; Gray Gregory from Texas. The food was just as good as always.  I enjoyed a lobster bisque and crab cakes while Jim also enjoyed the soup and had duck ravioli.  The guys all had the burger and fries.  It was a very good large $12.00 burger.  After lunch the group went out to view the Pebble Beach Tour display.  I had snagged a program before lunch so we were able to identify the 100+ cars that were on display.

After viewing "The Tour" we headed out to the Los Laureles Lodge.  We were again fortunate to stay with the PCNC group.  We unloaded the Pantera and relaxed for a few minutes before checking out the hospitality room.  It was beautiful warm weather so a cool beverage was much appreciated.  We chatted with several people and were invited to join a group going to a new restaurant in Carmel Valley village called Volcano.  We appreciated the invitation but were planning to go for seafood at the Village Fish House.  We had been there before and really enjoyed it.  Jim is not much on seafood but he enjoys this place.  I was on a crab kick and ordered the crab combo of crab cakes and crab ravioli while Jim had the swordfish.  Both dishes were excellent.  The meal came with an antipasti tray and great bread, so no salad was needed.  We ordered a bottle of wine from a winery that a friend of ours produces the grapes for.  That too was very good.  When we arrived at the restaurant there was no one there.  Granted we ate early because we had not made reservations, but we had the patio to ourselves for almost an hour!  The weather was so nice we really enjoyed eating outside!  As we were getting ready to leave Terry and Sherry Morofsky arrived with 2 friends for dinner.  That gave us someone to give our remaining wine to.  We like to do that when we don't finish a bottle.  Whenever we do that, the recipient is always surprised and pleased.  We said our good-byes and were back to the Los Laureles to relax for the next days' event.

Friday morning we were off to La Dolce Vita.  We were a caravan of one.  No one else from the Los Laureles was going to that event. We had ordered our tickets early, when Tom Tjaarda was supposed to be a featured guest.  We wanted to show support for the marque.  Well as you all know Concorso then underwent a miraculous rebirth and ended up the dominant Italian show of the day, with Tom at that event.  We took the longer route back down Carmel Valley road to the event, in order to avoid congested traffic at Laguna Seca.  We did not go via the Los Laureles Grade and Highway 68, since the other Italian show and the track event were both happening on that road.  Traffic was light the entire way and we arrive at the event location in about 30 minutes.   It was a nice easy relaxing drive that early in the morning.  At La Dolce Vita we were the first Pantera to arrive.  We did have a prime display area at the event.  We were personally greeted by Kerry McMullen, the organizer of the event.  There would eventually be four Panteras at the event; Bill #7026, Chris #3855, Larry #4075 and Jim #7115. We got to drive the Pantera across the stage at the event.  Jim did really well representing Capitol Panteras!

Where is everyone?

The attendance would be about 150 cars, mostly older models.  Masserati and Alfa both had about 30 cars.  It was actually nice not to have a sea of red Ferrari's, there were eventually 9 of them.  Three of them came in very late stayed only about an hour and then left, rude behavior for a car event.  There was live music, food booths, and several hospitality booths.  The weather was cool and crisp and you needed a jacket.  We met one couple from Fresno with a Pantera, Susan and John Middleton.  They were just visitors this time but hope to bring their car in the future.  We were surprised that they didn't know Larry Finch.  We got their name and e-mail.  They are not POCA members, but we encouraged them to join.  We also spoke to Bob Westley, who was at the event with his Alfa.  He came over to look at the Panteras and told us his Pantera history.  Bob bought a Pantera in 1974, a used one.  He scared himself when he first drove it, but quickly got the hang of it.  It was his daily driver for the first month.  He drove it into Sacramento, for work, from Shingle Springs and parked in the private parking area of the company that he worked for.  He came out after work one day and thought he got off on the wrong floor so he tried another floor.  Then he realized that the car was gone.  The police told him that it was probably a contract job and that the car was probable already in a container headed out of the country.  He said it was a great four weeks that he had the Pantera.  Bob also knew Lamar from when Lamar was the "voice" of the high school football team in Placerville.  Jim also had several long conversations with the Pantera owners who had brought their cars to La Dolce Vita.  Two of them said that La Dolce Vita was an event like Concorso used to be, when it first started.  It was low key, relaxed and friendly.  We were even invited over to a post event "tailgate party" by the Maserati group.

Friday night was the PCNC dinner at the Los Laureles Lodge.  It was rather cool for the outdoor dinner. I wore long underwear under my muumuu. The grass around the dining area had about a dozen Panteras and Mangustas on display. The table decorations and peoples attire reflected the beach/Hawaiian theme for the evening. The food and fellowship was great.  Again thank you to PCNC for hosting the dinner.

Saturday was track day for us.  Once again we were off early to Laguna Seca.  PCNC hosted the Pantera corral.  When the now MIA PI hosted the Corral there was a great lunch.  Well there is now no lunch but the reserve parking area was great.  Porsche was the featured marque at the track this year.  Jim's first car was a 356A ,so he still has a soft spot for them.  He was impressed to see so many racing Porsches at the track.  He especially liked the 917s.  PCNC member Todd Glyer wasn't racing on Saturday and was not there early like us, so we didn't get to see his Lola.  We did get to see POCA member Gray Gregory's Chevron.  He was in the same race as racing legend Brian Redmond.  Gray finish sixth, after Redmond won the race.  We also saw Sir Sterling Moss race.  He still wears the same style helmet that he wore back in the day.  That made him easier to pick out of the crowd.  After a long day at the track, we headed back home.  The traffic control people wouldn't let us exit the way we wanted to go so we had a scenic drive back to the Lodge via Highway 1 and Carmel Valley road!  Once back at the Lodge we joined the PCNC group for dinner at the Lodge restaurant.  Again lots of good conversation.

How does Gray, with a helmet on, get into that car?

Answer; notice the Gurney bubble on the right side.

Sunday we slept in a bit.  Then it was time to load up the Pantera.  Once again we had to figure out how to fit all the stuff in the tub.  We knew it fit, we had only bought a t-shirt and a book at the track.  We should have taken a photo because we had the same problem when we packed the tub at home to start this trip!  Finally with every thing loaded up we were on our way home.  Our route home was over to Salinas for gas, then to Highway 101, to Highway 680, to Highway 242, to Highway 4, to Highway 160, to Highway 12, to Main Street Rio Vista and home!  Yet another great weekend made better because we drive a Pantera.

                        Wanted: Articles for CP Newsletter

If you have attended a car function of any type, please write about your car adventures and send it to   to be included in the next Capitol Pantera newsletter.  If newsletter articles are not received, then it will be more of Jim & Emilia's automotive adventures or "The Motoring Mouth"

Summary of the September 2009 Capitol Panteras Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Capitol Panteras had two Panteras and a 1966 Mustang in the parking lot of Mimi's. The drivers were Rick Carlile, John McNamee and Carl Stein, respectively. The winner of the "Driving of Gas Money" this month was Carl.  Those in attendance, but without their Club Car were; Jim & Emilia, John Worsley, Nancy & Chuck, and Duane & Darice,. The reasons for no Club car were; cracked tailpipe again, Car still in the shop, the Pantera project is progressing but not yet done, and no reason given respectively. 

Treasurer John provided the raffle prizes and ran the raffle.  The prizes were two Capitol Pantera hats and a Capitol Panteras polo shirt.  All these are custom made items available only at John's shop.  Thank you John for the raffle prizes.  The lucky winners of the hats were Carl and Jim.  John McNamee won the shirt, but gave the XXL shirt to a grateful John Worsley.

We reviewed past Pantera related events.  Please read our article about our Monterey weekend.  If you want to read about Concorso Italiano, someone who attended that event needs to submit an article for the newsletter.  Rick attended "Woof, Woof, Zoom, Zoom" and has agreed to write an article.  Dennis was not at the meeting but we will give him the assignment of an article about the "Fountains Display".  We could also get an article from John Worsley about "Quail Lodge".  So future CP newsletters have the potential of several articles from someone other than me!

The Thunder Valley Brunch on September 27 has been canceled.  John had contacted the Casino, but the person that John had worked with in the past no longer works there.  The new people could only provide reserved parking in the garage due to construction projects at the Casino.  This parking would be out of the way and away from public view.  A couple of members that were present also expressed a conflict and would not be able to attend.  It was decided to try again next year after the construction is complete at Thunder Valley.

Chuck brought the group up to date on the progress that he has made on the "Barn Find Pantera".  He has been asked to write a technical article on his rebuilding of the turn signal apparatus.  They are hoping to have it on the road later this autumn.

After the meeting we contacted Jim Nowlin about the joint CP- Reno Tahoe brunch.  He said that Oct. 4 was OK but that Oct. 11 was better for his group.  The location would probable be the Ice Lake Lodge, in Soda Springs.  That would be the same location as last year.  Jim & I and Mike Drew have committed to the Alameda Italian Car show on Oct. 11.  The October 4 date is the same as the Concours at Serrano, in Sacramento.  Several CP members are committed to that event.  We sent out an e-mail regarding the joint Brunch.  We feel that we need a minimum of 4 cars in order to have a decent showing for the joint brunch.  That is club cars or non-club cars if your club car is not operational.  We need everyone to respond ASAP so that we can do the final confirmation with the Reno-Tahoe Panteras.  So far we have received one no, one committed to Serrano, and one yes if their on-call work schedule allows.  Not looking favorable at this point.

The Rio Vista Car show is Saturday, October 10.  I will not be cooking breakfast at our house this year.  We will have coffee/tea and doughnuts.  Those that do enter the car show are invited to join us at "Foster's Big Horn" for a Dutch treat lunch.  Please use the link listed in the Event Schedule to register for the car show or you can register that morning on site.  If you wish to come a bit later in the morning to just walk the show and have lunch, please RSVP to Jim at  so that we have enough doughnuts and can make lunch reservations.

As mentioned earlier in the meeting notes, Jim and I will be attending the Alameda Italian Car Show on Sunday, October 11.  If you would like to carpool over with us please contact us so we can work out a meeting place and time.

Remember that October is officer election time for Capitol Panteras.  We expect a large voter turn out for this election!  I expect to see all of you at the October meeting at Mimi's.  Be on time or be elected.

We are looking for a host for the 2009 Capitol Panteras Christmas Party.  As we have done for the past few years, the host can select a date that works best for them.  All attending will pay a nominal amount and the club picks up the difference of the cost.  Please check your calendar and see if you might be able to host this years Christmas party.

                                2009 EVENTS CALENDAR

Capitol Panteras Events in Red

Sept 20       EuroSunday, Stockton @ Peet's Coffee on Pacific Avenue

Sept 27       EuroSunday @ Peet's Coffee, Granite Bay

Oct 4           Serrano Concours  - Sacramento

Oct 4           Joint Brunch with Reno/Tahoe Panteras

                    - -Subject to cancellation if not enough CP participation

Oct 10         18th Annual Car Show, Rio Vista - Chairman, Jim

                     Coffee & donuts at the house and lunch at Foster's Big Horn


Oct 11         Italian Car Show, Alameda.  A benefit for Special Olympics. No entry fee for exhibitors.

Oct 13         Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Oct 18          EuroSunday, Stockton @ Peet's Coffee on Pacific Avenue

Oct 17-18    Fall Classic, open track at Thunder Hill.  Shelby Club.

Oct 25          EuroSunday, Sacramento @ ?

Nov 10       Capitol Panteras meeting at Mimi's

Nov 22       Euro Sunday, Sacramento @ ?

Dec. ?       Capitol Panteras Christmas Party -  Hosting duties available

Please keep us informed of other dates and activities.

Jim & Emilia Seiferling
Co-Presidents, Capitol Panteras
#1575 [JHSTBAD]
#7114 [JIMS CAT]

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