Derby Day 2004

Saturday, May 1 was Derby Day.  It was a beautiful Spring day in the country. We had better weather than the actual Kentucky Derby at Church Hill Downs!  This Charity Fund Raiser is held every other year at Lucchetti  Ranch, in Wilton.  Capitol Panteras has the good fortune to have member John McNamee serve as the Chairman of the  Derby Day Car Show.  John made sure that we were all aware of the date for this affair early and reminded us to get our applications returned in a timely manner.  As we arrived at the designated display area, we were given a welcome basket which include goodies and a half bottle of Murphy-Goode wine. There were eight members of CP at Derby Day.  There were five Panteras: Carl & Leslie Stein, Rick & Marsha Carlile, Dennis & Patty Gacutan, Henry Kirk & Karen Kimball , Jim & Emilia Seiferling.  Three CP members brought their other collector cars.   George Potiris brought his red 1966 E- type Jaguar.  John McNamee brought his red 1965 Mustang.  Ken Montgomery was in his 1982  DeLorean and provided transportation for John Worsley.  Where is the Bricklin?  The cars were positioned next to the private lake, across from the main activity area.  It was cooler there with the light breeze that came up in the afternoon.  Truly a beautiful setting for some beautiful automobiles. This lovely setting gave webmaster Ken an opportunity to take some photos of the cars in attendance for the club website. Thank you Ken.  One of the three live bands was playing next to the lake.  While none of our group won the trophies, which were voted on by the attendees of Derby Day, we were all winners.  All the cars were running well and looked great.  We were able to clean the bugs off from the drive with the aid of borrowed Windex from Ken.  Jim then helped to remove road bugs from Rick's yellow Pantera.  Both Rick and Carl's cars were very attractive to the bugs in the display area.  It must be the yellow color because the bugs ignored our black car completely.  We hope that Derby Day 2004 was able to raise a lot of money for the selected charities: Ronald McDonald House Charities, Sierra Adoption Services, and WIND Youth Center and Shelter.  This is one classy affair!



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